Boycott to the electoral farce gains control over the entire country!

Boicote à farsa eleitoral se robustece em todo país: pichação registrada em Campinas, SP
Boicote à farsa eleitoral se robustece em todo país: pichação registrada em Campinas, SP

Boycott to the electoral farce gains control over the entire country!

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A few weeks away from the implementation of the electoral farce, people’s movements, activists and mass in  general have launched a national campaign for boycotting the election.

Boicote à farsa eleitoral se robustece em todo país: pichação registrada em Campinas, SP

The campaign was opened by a great upheaval in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais capital, on August 31st. A large red banner with the mottoes: Neither election nor military intervention! Revolution now! was signed by the Revolutionary Front of the People’s Rights (FRDDP) and it was displayed at the Station Square, downtown.

The Women’s People’s Movement (MFP), the Students Revolutionary People’s Movement (MEPR) participated in it; and supporters of the Poor Peasants League (LCP) and Union of the Civil Construction Workers of Belo Horizonte and Region (Marreta). The upheavel activists have distributed old copies of the newspaper AND.

A revolutionary activist did an open performance showing the false character of the election and the so-called “democratic system”, in which the economic monopolies and power groups determine the country’s courses manipulating, with their economic power, the politics, maintaining the nation dominated by imperialism, the great bourgeoisie and landownership, imposing to the masses the most draconian measures of exploitation and oppression. The election, the militant affirmed, only serves to provide a gloss of legitimacy to all that rottenness  before the people.

Another militant affirmed that a proof for the absence of democracy for the people is that “ the military coup officers, who are the Yankee imperialism boot-licking, have been engineering an intervention inside the ‘constitutional legacy’ and trying the people’s appeal betting on the inefficiency of the institutions”. He also mentioned that, however, the military intervention has proved to be the same, as the experience in Rio de Janeiro has demonstrated.

In Campinas (São Paulo countryside) many grafitti could be seen in strategical city places. Near a viaduct, a large one complained: Election No! People’s war Yes! with the sickle and hammer, the communist  symbol. Other walls have been grafitted as well with the slogan: Election is farce! It is just to rebel!

In Porto Velho (Rondonia capital) the Committee for Boycott to the Electoral Farce was launched and the first great activity was at the Federal University of Rondônia (Unir) campus, on September 10th. The MFP and MEPR have participated. In Belem, the committee for the boycott has also held a distribution of leaflets in front of the Federal University of Pará restaurant and in Maraba the same has happened.

Grande agitação em BH convocando ao boicote eleitoral, MG

In Curitiba, Parana capital, militants from the People’s Sunrise Movement have also performed boycotting activities. The slogan Do Not Vote, Struggle! was written on the walls near the Central Restaurant of the Federal University of Parana, at the beginning of September.

At the Agreste of Pernambuco, Lagoa dos Gatos, more than 100 families who marched on August 21st  for the defence of their occupied lands have joined de campaign calling on the peole to boycott the electoral farce. A pamphlet showed the slogan Do Not Vote, Struggle for the Revolution! A banner with this consign was raised by the workers.

The FOB, an anarchist organization, has also joined the campaign under the slogan Do Not Vote, Struggle! stickers have been seen in Rio de Janeiro as well.

Peasants arrest secretary

Tired of endless promises and of being deceived during the electoral season, approximately 50 peasants from the extractivist reserve of Rio da Liberdade have arrested the state Environment Secretary and his entourage, up to the time of conclusion of the construction, started two years ago. The agents have been detained by near 8 hours and the peasants were in the mood for burning out the tractor in case their requests would not have been fulfilled.

After 4 hours a peasant commission was organized to accompany the secretary to the City Hall in Cruzeiro do Sul to fetch another machine for channelling the work, while the technicians remained on custody. This victorious attitude has resulted in the effective accomplishment for the improvement of the extension.

The trigger for the revolt was when, after being pressed by months, the “authorities” sent them an old machine for the work that has finally broken down. The workers felt disrespected and, afraid of being again deceived, decided to charge the Environment Secretary of an immediate solution for the problem.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

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