Democratic Revolution against the electoral farce

Democratic Revolution against the electoral farce

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For an analysis that indicates the real political situation in Brasil, we have to localize the principal contradiction on the ongoing process.

The media monopoly, the judiciary bureaucracy and the Single Party provide an appearance of seriousness to a political system that exhales a carrion smell into which it has converted.

In fact, as an assembled system for the reproduction of the old State does not work anymore, the politcs evolved into a war as a means of resolving the contradictions. The reactionary civil war against the poor and black people held by the old State has strengthened itself with the military intervention in Rio de Janeiro ( to the point of being found in the rotten institutions as the “Public Security” in Rio). Some examples of how the politics have been operating through the violence are, for instance, the assassination of the councillor Marielle, the shooting against PT camping and, more recently, the stabbing in the fascist, Bolsonaro.

As it has happened worldly with the imperialism crisis in which the violence replaces the diplomacy, the same has occurred with the bureaucratic capitalism crisis in Brasil ( defended by fire and sword by the landownership bourgeois State serving the imperialism, mostly Yankee, besides its electoral farce).That is, the resolution of the contradictions in the society which are class contradictions and tend to be resolved everytime more by violence.

This situation mirrors the failure of the institutions founded in the old semifeudal and semicolonial order to which the masses have been opposing with a strong resistance rejecting the electoral process and an increase of people’s protests in the countryside and in the cities.

Many cannot see, others do not want to believe and the reactionary minority opposes its preventive resistance to the changing process that will inevitably bear fruits in Brasil. This process is very different from one more electoral farce and as a matter of fact it opposes to it: the Anti-imperialist Agrarian Democratic Revolution.

A revolution that is anchored in the resolution of two great contradictions that chain down our country to the semifeudal and semicolonial backwardness: the New Democracy and the National Independence.

To solve the agrarian question by seizing the landownership and the improdutive lands’ distribution to the landless or with a little land peasants, and allocating a measurable portion of the public debit interests seized by the banks for investing in machinery and equipment that may contribute to increasing the productive forces in the countryside, transforming the archaic production relationship ( a large part of them hidden or concealed by the forms of ‘modernization’, the so-called ‘agrobusiness’).

The Agrarian Revolution as key basis and part of the Democratic Revolution, moreover, will have the wand to destroy the electoral feuds maintained by the old local and regional oligarchies, a foundation of the corrupt Brazilian electoral system. The Revolution will be carried out with the worker-peasant alliance, basis of the single front for the people’s classes, providing the People’s Republic of New Democracy.

The September 7th celebration performed by colonized minds, in the style of masters’ exchange ( as they consider that Brasil has to be under the tutelage of a colonialist country, with regard to England or imperialist, with regard to USA) they accept it naturally and are the supporters  of the imperialist policy for the national subjugation.

The nation is fed up with so much oppression and exploitation and it is increasingly opposed with more awareness and decision to a rotten State whose Army Forces close their eyes to the robbery commited by the mining companies of our wealth as, for instance, the niobium, gold, iron, diamond and so many others; and the State that closes the eyes to the devastating rage of the oil companies to the pre-salt oil fields. In a very subservient manner they justify the handover of Alcantara Basis to the USA Army Forces South Command, even after the cruel sabotage which murdered tens of Brazilian scientists, engineers and technicians, in 1997. Not to mention the bloodletting which has been done every year by allocating more than 40% of the Union’s budget – more than one third of the tax collection – for the payment of interests and services of the public debt ( over R$ 5 trillions) generating  fabulous profits – a thing that the Army Forces also pretend not to see.

Speaking of a democracy in Brasil it is necessary to solve these two great contradictions and by the burden they impose only a Revolution will be able to achieve it.

A New Brasil will never emerge from the electoral farce. It suffices to look at the programmes of the old State management candidates with their proposals that solidify the subjugation and, for a change, with proposals that can only be realised with the violent rupture of the domination.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
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