Editorial – Bolsonaro’s despair threatens masses with fascism

Editorial – Bolsonaro’s despair threatens masses with fascism

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Bolsonaro tries to maintain his ‘anti-system’ image while aiming at taking up the counter-revolutionary offensive ( military coup and preventing the people’s uprising), still in the of hands of the pro-coup generals of the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA) who try to manage this offensive from inside the legal order on behalf of a regime of maximum centralisation of power in the Executive. This will avoid the society resistance to be wider as it would certainly be in the case of an open military coup planned by the bolsonarist far left-wing. 

As a matter of fact, the government continues being the secret military ACFA’s government; however, the fight between them and the far right-wing, that tries to raise its head, is becoming acuter. The delirious bolsonarist guide, Olavo de Carvalho, mentors Bolsonaro to close the Congress and says that the people and the Armed Forces must be united to the president. Later the fascist guru affirmed that, if the government does not “shut down the political parties” of the electoral left-wing, “he will be overthrown in six months”. Of course, Bolsonaro’s followers say nothing about the obscene overexploitation they impose to the people, since it would be the end of their alleged alchemy.

The extreme right-wing offensive expresses itself blatantly in the mouth of others but not in the president’s because they know that the more they delay to impose their real government – so far tutored – the more difficult the plan becomes, for Bolsonaro’s political capital is sliding away, day by day.

In the last episodes of this pathetic soap-opera, Bolsonaro and his extreme right-wing group have exploded the crisis inside the Partido Social Liberal (PSL) (Liberal Social Party) with the objective to get rid of the acronym president, Luciano Bivar, taking over and seizing the gigant amount of money from the immoral electoral and party funds. In the meantime, Bolsonaro tries to manipulate the masses and comes over as a lonely and wronged hero by the “political world” and for the “country’s salvation” fights against his own cohorts. A ridiculous story of an extreme lumpen that has been a mediocre military and enriched wallowing in the parliament.

The first one to decide to quit the reactionary PSL was Bolsonaro himself, breaking up with the leader of the House of Representatives, Chief Police Officer, Waldir; at the same time he imposed his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, to substitute him. As he lost the dispute, he affirmed he could be a “ President without a party” – a populist appeal – being independent in the “political world”.

In response, the Chief Police Waldir said he would “implode Bolsonaro”. After those threats he affirmed he would disclose what the Bolsonaro family had done “last Summer”. Fabricio de Queiroz’s messages ( the “rachadinha” man) fearing the inquiries and the creation of the Comissão Parlamentar de Inquérito de Fake-News(Fake-News Parliamentary Investigative Committee) (CPI) that could expose the scheme of messages illegally paid by Bolsonaro followers of the big bourgeoisie and landlords are added up to the heap of trash.

The “militiaman” fight is so helpless that even death threats are exchanged by this moneyed lumpesinato. The representative, Joice Hasselmann, scared to death (from the civil right-wing who has turned to bolsonarism), received a similar message with a butchered head of a pig and a blond wig.

First and foremost, Bolsonaro seeks to control the PSL so that he can manage the money from the old State and propel candidacies aligned with his fascist project. Secondly, to establish a fascist party, a “thoroughbred party” which would apply mobilization, organization and corporativation to the masses besides the militarization ( a version of the Nazi SA, a civil Nazi Army). And today PSL is far from being it. Most of the PSL representatives and even PSL leaders are civil right-wing persons – like Joice Hasselmann – or even centre right-wing ones that have surfed the electoral bolsonarist “wave”.  

Moreover, the disclosure that the ones accused of murdering Marielle Franco (the paramilitaries Élcio  Queiroz and Ronnies Lessa) were in the area where Bolsonaro lives and one of them had talked on the interphone to a president’s relative in the very day the coward execution of the councilwoman, – directly involving Bolsonaro’s group in the political crime –, can rush the public explosion of the fight for leading the ongoing counter-revolutionary offensive. Nothing can guarantee that behind this leaking it is not the military and civil right-wing, handling their cadres, everything coordinated by ACFA and combined with the media monopoly, just considering the right moment to wear out  Bolsonaro’s image and perhaps push him into capitulating on the whole to the generals’ plans of a coup” through the constitutional via”; or even to create political conditions to move Bolsonaro away and substitute him by general Mourão.

Marielle’s case can be taken to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and its outcome for the military cris  is unpredictable. Bolsonaro – as an intimidated animal – can rise his lumpen troop and go on the offensive although not having enough strength to impose himself to the ACFA right-wing and their bases in the Armed Forces are being dismounted because of the “military Social Welfare Reform” that favours generals instead of the troop (by the way, this has always been the primary demand of the generals, not by accident). How big is the general crisis of the rotten Brazilian State!

Conversely, the general predicament of the reaction as to the large people’s uprisings in Ecuador and Chile became outrageous. If the false electoral opportunist left-wing is not able to see – or does not want to see – the revolutionary political potential of the masses, the reactionary do not doubt as to it. From the people’s revolts in 2013/2014, as a preventive action and under the direct leadership of ACFA, the reaction planned and implemented a counter-revolutionary offensive by a military coup, step by step, inside the legal order, through the miliary intervention (Guarantee of Law and Order/GLO) and constitutional reforms to establish a regime of maximum power centralisation in the Executive under the veil of democracy.

Bolsonaro, at the head of the extreme right-wing, in contrast to the generals that move in silence, do not get tired of showing off his intention. Following his guru, Olavo de Carvalho, who emphasises the need to use forceful measures against the self-determined left-wing parties, Bolsonaro announced that the Armed Forces will be triggered in case there is an uprising of the masses in Brasil and his kid, Eduardo, threatened with a new Institutional Act 5 (AI-5).  

Tremble, gentlemen! Such an upheaval will inevitably explode, sooner than later, because of the whole situation of exploitation and oppression that has secularly been accumulated and the last straw is in the cuts of rights as the imposition of the crooked “Social Security Reform” by an occasional majority of a rotten demoralised parliament. Do not lack reasons for that social explosion to occur, far from this, there are plentiful mishaps that make miserable our people and are promoted by this system. The opportunists of the false left-wing have not done anything whatsoever against these crimes and have even agreed with them before the coup-oriented offensive, calling themselves justice paladins of the “Democratic State of Law”, a ridiculous defense of a political regime that assures and legalises the decaying system of exploitation and repression. 

The ACFA hegemonic coup-oriented and anti-communist, in turn, has been acting out carefully for tutoring Bolsonaro’s group and wearing it out in the shadows, without becoming clearly a protagonist. However, this force has still to manage with the center right-wing political power handling and opportunism that intend to put a stop in “Lava Jato”. The explosive material is accumulating and just one sparkle can blow up everything.

At the Supreme Federal Court, the voting for deciding if it is constitutional or not the prison at the Court of Appeal ( a decision which will determine the future of “Lava Jato” itself since all the “trophies” may be released) as far as the ministers’ spontaneous positioning is concerned, an outcome may be contrary to the Operation, as long as the composition of the institution tends to centre right-wing, although there is a countertrend to the right encouraged by ACFA ( Luiz Roberto Barroso, Edson Fachin, Luiz Fux,etc). Dias Toffoli has been quartered by the generals who are moving themselves and menacing STF(Supreme Federal Court), driving the institution to follow the plans for the counter-revolutionary offensive and covering up as “legality” and “ constitutionality” the military coup, little by little, unleashed under the form of Operação “Lava Jato”.

Dias Toffoli said recently that his position is not similar to any minister because as he is the president of the Supreme Federal Court he must have “responsibility” with the political effects of his decisions, implying that he can vote against his own convictions. It is one more step in the coward attitude towards the pressions of the right-wing generals, comproving that this ‘little republic’ and its mimicry of “democratic institutions” has been supported by and goes wherever the bayonets order.

ACFA right-wing wants to save “Lava Jato” as long as it is a strategic part of its preventive counter-revolutionary plan of “washing up the façade” of the political system, which main purpose is to “disarm the bomb” that the demoralised institutions have become before the masses. On the other hand, the generals want to prevent the public opinion, manipulated by a false anti-corruption morality, agglutinated in defense of “Lava Jato”, to turn radical seeing it lifeless in the hands of STF and finding the bolsonarist fascist speech as an outflow for its history what would boost the support to the coup “ in the old fashioned way”.

In the meantime, through the GLO, the generals and Bolsonaro send the Brazilian Army soldiers to surround the combative peasant movement camp in Rondonia, with the excuse of fighting the fire in the region in which there is not even a fire outbreak. It is a proof that the fascist bolsonarist right-wing  hyenas and some others converge in the attempt to massacre the sacred fight of the Brazilian people.

The people’s masses as well as all democrats and revolutionaries should not fear the disorders,  concerned of favouring one or other group of reactionaries in clash. It is necessary to have a clear understanding that while the masses do not impose their utmost interests materialized in the People’s Republic of Brasil, they will go on suffering the worst disgraces, stressed by every crisis of imperialism and this anachronistic bureaucratic capitalism. At every concrete resistance struggle by their trampled rights, the masses will find a counter-revolution ahead that tends to be more sadistic and furious. Faced with this, it is also a crime the scary screams and appeals by a “unity at any price” in defence of this putrid democracy, of this despicable system. Nowadays, only a Great Democratic Revolution can sweep away and bury forever the reaction, either in the form of a blatant fascism or a disguised one.

The people’s unity can only be real in the destruction of all this old and degenerated order. There is no other road but the Revolution whose march is a protracted one. Many persons that now shout scared at bolsonarism may argue: “Not violence but respect to the Constitution!”. Is not it what affirm Bolsonaro and the generals that tutor his government? Brasil marches towards large pending and lagging historical ruptures; our revolution of a complicated gestation is knocking on the door! And there is nothing compared to it! It is necessary to prepare the subjective conditions so that this formidable upheaval that will blow in the country leads the painful and so much expected birth for a new and luminous Brasil.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
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