Editorial – Defeat plan by plan the offensive of the reaction

Editorial – Defeat plan by plan the offensive of the reaction

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The reactionary ‘reforms’ against the people have been launched; the financial capital adjustments prevail. Were the police force killing not enough, the Army troops attack and shoot the people and the president himself is in charge of the servility to imperialism. These are facts of the counter-preventive revolutionary offensive of those who sow winds.

Such an offensive has become step by step the shape of a military coup d’Etat. It was planned during the large people’s uprisings in 2013/2014, taking a first step hidden by the so-called “Operação Lava-jato”. This one, as a way to save from the discredit and demoralisation the institutions of the old landownership-bureaucratic State, attempting to make a cleaning in the summits of the official parties in the government and their bases. Nevertheless, it was only able to aggravate the political crisis, expressing the acute fight between the power groups of the fraction of the local ruling classes of great-bourgeois and landlords, subservient to imperialism, mostly Yankee.

The material base of such a crisis was the serious economic crisis of the backward bureaucratic capitalism in the country under the impact of the imperialist crisis which began in USA, in 2008, and spread all over the world. However, the official political world reaction to “Lava-jato” culminated in Dilma’s impeachment pouring more petrol on the crisis. By taking an advantage of the PT’s mistakes and blaming it of everything, the counter-revolutionary offensive lifted a “national moralistic crusade” against corruption as if it were the cause of the evils of our country and not the semicolonial and semifeudal nature of this rotten secularly current oppression and exploitation system.

In such an atmosphere crisis, the manipulations of public opinion gave rise to the hysterical anticommunist  breeding-ground. The counter-revolutionary offensive has taken advantage and given the second step, imposing Temer’s government as something unavoidable. The far-right wing of this offensive has grasped it to lift the head to stir Temer’s overthrown. Then it apppeared the dispute for the offensive leadership. The electoral farce procedure in 2018 could not be demoralized and discredited any further.

The attack for killing Bolsonaro was the third step as a conter-revolutionary offensive in order to create social turmoil and, blaming the left-wing, stop the election so that the Armed Forces would be legally involved. That would be requested by the Supreme Federal Court, the chief justice, Dias Toffoli, already tamed and under the tutelage of a general. It failed and Bolsonaro survived, being elected without campaigning. However, those were the more repudiated elections in the republican history, with the boycott of 56 million citizens ( 42 million abstentions, mostly blank and void ballots besides the 14 million youngsters from 16 to 18 years old who refused to be recorded as voters).

The fourth step of the counter-revolutionary offensive was to grasp Bolsonaro’s government. The far right-wing, with his election, started disputing the leadership of the counter-revolutionary offensive with the hegemonic right-wing of the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFFAA). If not for this alone, such a dispute has imposed to Bolsonaro, in the composition of the palace ministry, the “Haiti Group, with generals Augusto Heleno and Santos Cruz, among others, because of their prestige with the troops.

This has ensured conformity to a reactionary government, voted in the polls and supported by the ACFFAA. Bolsonaro is not only playing the leading role but his government is in fact the one for the “Wednesday meetings of the generals” as shown in Bebianno’s crisis who was summarily dismissed by the captain for openly starting the policy of demanding something in return, the only possible modus operandi in this agonizing political system. This action would unmask at one time and in a few days the whole bolsonarist verbosity of the new policy.

Consequently, the first question to have in mind is that, as a matter of fact, step by step, a preventive counter-revolutionary offensive is ongoing, in the shape of a military coup. And such an offensive moves through coalitions and fights between the far right-wing and the hegemonic right in ACFFAA. However, in a certain moment, one of them will submit completely the other.

In the current situation, the far right-wing, mostly Bolsonaro as its representative who holds the position of  President of the Republic, has partnership in Senate and Chambers, people’s support ( although declining), support of civil fascist militants and police troops all over the country, besides the endorsement of the Yankee imperialism and Zionism. The hegemonic right-wing in the Armed Forces has the military power – as much for being the High Command as for the ties with the ruling local classes and national subjugation to the main structures of the Yankee imperialism – and has the support of the major part of the political forces of right and centre-wing in the country, besides the support of most of the governments in the continent.

The preventive counter-revolutionary offensive has been unleashed by the compelling need to face and give solution to the three reactionary tasks for saving and preserving the oppression and exploitation semicolonial and semifeudal system, in crisis and decay. They are : 1) Bring the country out of its crisis and impell the bureaucratic capitalism. 2) Restructure the old State to impose a corresponding political regime necessary to maintain the old order and 3) Conjure the danger of Revolution through a maximum restriction of freedom of organization and demonstration of the masses. And as well the increase of criminalization laws of the people’s protests, criminal hardening and the climbing of the violent action of the enforcement agencies of the State witht the intervention of the Armed Forces, besides the desfigurement and demonisation of the combative class organizations of the people’s masses. In case the Revolution is triggered, crush it at all costs as soon as possible.

Although the bolsonarist far right-wing and the ACFFAA hegemonic right-wing are like hand in glove  in the americophilian anti-communism, there is still a long and tough struggle between them. Despite the appearances of just quarreling it is a bloody fight. What has been Bolsonaro’s attack? It was part of the dispute by the leadership of the preventive counter-revolutionary offensive and which outcome to give to the ongoing coup. Namely, what kind of regime is supposed to be conformed in place of the demoralised and agonising current political system. Bolsonaro’s far right-wing only believes in the fascist military regime and seeks to accumulate forces to consummate it. He and his cronies do the math of the deeper is the crisis the stronger are the chances for their project to  succeed and gain the majority amidst the militaries. The hegemonic right-wing  in ACFFAA has also been fighting for a regime with more centralization of power in the Executive, maintaining however the Legislative and Judiciary submiss and with a minimum preservation of civil rights. It is the lesson shared from the recent history by the ACFFAA whose conclusion is that Bolsonaro’s way cannot be sustained for a long time and, imposing itself, would enlarge the opposition and resistance field to the government which would have very difficult tasks to implement it.

The second question to have in mind is that the plan for the preventive counter-revolutionary offensive, through the military coup, done step by step, is part of the imperialist plans to expand and deepen than ever before the militarization of the South-american continent with greater emphasis in Brasil. After all, which objective does the increase in pressure on the Venezuelan nation and people pursue? To overthrow a government to hand over sacredly the most important of their natural wealth, the oil. Why did they, at this very moment, hurry up to provide a “scientific cooperation” exactly in the Alcântara Base? Bolsonaro at least without mincing the words has crudely exposed that the objective in Alcântara is to establish a military Yankee base. He went to USA to sign a traitor agreement and received in turn the flattery that Brasil has been considered their ”Extra-OTAN strategical ally”. Such a status corresponds to take the precedence to have military equipment, a situation that will take an intense movement of Yankee military personnel on the Brazilian ground and military unities. Yet for all this, doesn’t it mean the nomination of a Brazilian general for taking a set at the “South Command of the Armed Forces” of the USA? Further considering that Admiral Craig S. Falter, the South Command commander, was hosted last February with a due pomp and circumstance at the Army’s Airborne Infantry Brigade, in Rio de Janeiro.

There is also the fact that, the more the economists of the financial market tergiversate, the more one can see that the bureaucratic crisis in Brasil is serious. Within the general crisis of imperialism and the growing worldy disorder, the local and foreign capitalists suspect it has entered into a stage of general crisis too. Brasil has the most explosive situation below the Equatorial line, exactly when all the fundamental contradictions become accentuated in the whole world, mainly the contradictions between nations/oppressed people to imperialism, with the increase of predatory wars and the successive uprising of the oppressed countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. And when people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Siria, Palestine and some others repel through the use of weapons the invader imperialism, in India, Turkey, Peru, Philippines the people’s wars raise high their flags of the New Democracy Revolution and in the imperialist centres the masses struggle in defence of their most elementary rights that have been stepped on and also for their liberation. Precisely when the fight for a new world partition has become more acute and the USA, the hegemonic superpower, has its world domination menaced. Is the USA, by any chance, going to attend unmoved the fire to spread to the rest of its ‘backyard’?

The third necessary question to remark and being very clear is that, although one cannot know immediately which forces will be imposed by reaction in a certain moment, only the revolutionary struggle will be able to face any of the regimes that prevail. Neither Bolsonaro nor Mourão, down the reactionary Armed Forces! Even more, one must be sure that only with the protracted revolutionary struggle most of the masses from the countryside and the city can be united and carry out the Agrarian Revolution, distributing the land to the poor peasants or with no-land peasants, confiscate the bureaucratic capital and wipe off the map the imperialist domination. Hard though the fight may be and hard it can last, the New Democracy will triumph, our heroic people will stand up and build the real New Brasil!

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

Quero apoiar mensalmente!

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