Editorial: Military coup d’etat as a precaution against the just rebellion of the masses

Editorial: Military coup d’etat as a precaution against the just rebellion of the masses

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The arrest of Luiz Inácio after the Supreme Court’s (STF) denial of a habeas corpus under Article 5 of the Constitution – which guarantees the presumption of innocence until the case is “final” – is a flagrant violation of the very constitutional framework of the local reactionary ruling classes and lackeys of imperialism, principally Yankee. It completely unmasks the tale of the independence of the “Powers of the Republic” and makes clear the subservience of the members of this Court to the High Command of the Armed Forces (FF.AA.).

To a State whose institutions find themselves in an advanced stage of decomposition, striking their own Constitution in the name of the “end of impunity” – as it happened in this case – is only a continuation of so many other acts committed by a Court which reflects, in its actions and decisions, the desperate struggle of the groups within the power of the ruling classes to seize ever larger portions of power in that same old state to decide who rules the most. Nor is it any more surprising that judges like Moro and Bretas are given as much power as they enjoy.

In this old state of big bourgeois and landowners serving imperialism, principally Yankee (a bureaucratic and rotten state), whose modus operandi is corruption – well-hidden or unbridled – and whose political system is based on the electoral farce, the parties and politicians are naturally going to hijack the public coffers.

Having reached such a stage of inevitable rotting, the alarm bells of the establishment only went off in the face of the disrepute and lack of legitimacy shown by broad sectors of society in obvious demonstrations of repudiation. In this context, Operation “Lava Jato” was launched as a general disinfection of the institutions of the old state in order to save its system of exploitation, which is decanted as a “Democratic State of Rights.” Assuming a prominent political role, the “Lava Jato” began to act selectively to meet the interests of imperialism, certain power groups of the fractions of the local ruling classes, and the upper ranks of the armed forces. However, the situation is out of control, due to the gravity of the structural crisis of this prevailing bureaucratic capitalism, reaching all spheres of official politics, further exacerbating the struggle for control of the state machine among its power groups.

This is all happening within the process of a resurgence of reaction throughout the world, driven by the deepening of the crisis that plagues the capitalist system, which seeks to amplify the exploitation of the masses, both in the imperialist metropolis and in its semicolonies, as a Salvationist attempt of state institutions. Hence, to choose Luiz Inácio and the PT as the target of the day is justified by the fact that in a very distant past this party defended positions of the left, albeit from a point of view of petty-bourgeois radicalism. But it is argued that reactionary beasts – carrying on their “anti-corruption” crusade and at the same time hiding their own tail – are serving to escalate war against the people who rebel against exploitation and oppression.

The pronouncements not only from the “barracks” but from generals with command positions in the Armed Forces, especially while pointing the bayonets against the squalid STF, are the demonstration that intentions have turned into gestures. A concrete step was taken to promote the military intervention in Rio de Janeiro as a laboratory for a “probable enlargement” for the whole country.

Looking at the failure of the cleaning operation in the face of the appearance of the wormy institutions of this old, semicolonial and semifeudal bourgeois order – the condemnation and imprisonment of Luiz Inácio and of a handful of thieves, the latest caught in flagrante crime, having not saved this rotten system of its bankruptcy, but on the contrary, greatly aggravating its crisis – the reactionaries are setting off their counterrevolutionary coup against the inevitable and violent rebellion of the masses in the face of increased exploitation, inequalities and oppression carried out by this system and its old state. Just like the coup military intervention, the flames of popular rebellion will spread throughout the country. Who lives will see!

The massive rejection of the electoral farce that is coming, the expression of a revolutionary situation that is developing in the country, will be the greatest proof of the disrepute of this old state of these ruling classes, the backward bourgeois and landowners, lackeys and servants of imperialism, principally Yankee.

Not believing in the electoral farce, the masses of the countryside and the city come with growing explosions of revolts, revealing within them the creation, formation, and forging of a serious revolutionary movement, which in its fermentation is creating increasingly favorable conditions for the reorganization of the proletarian vanguard, the only thing capable of taking the fight to the end, endowing it with a program, strategy and tactics to fight without quarter to put down all this old order and construct the New Brazil through the Democratic, Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Revolution, by the Power of New Democracy. It is against this that the reactionaries tremble.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
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