Editorial – the general rehearsal of the General Strike for the National Resistance

Editorial – the general rehearsal of the General Strike for the National Resistance

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The demonstrations that have marked the general strike against the “ Social Welfare Reform”, the cutting back on Education and for the revocation of the “Labour Reform” have been the clear proof of the exacerbation of the contradictions and class struggle in the country. Above all, they have demonstrated the aspiration and willingness of the working masses in the country and city of not to continue living up to then. They want back their slaughtered rights and decades of their confiscated sweat and work. They want changes, repudiate the rotteness the politics has reached in the country, rotteness of those who stole and are stealing and rotteness of those who affirm being corrupt hunters. The Brazilian people want a New Brasil!

The General Strike was a great triumph! Those who have always had a low anti-people instinct and wagered on the strike failure are disappointed. They have done it frenetically through the social networks expelling their bile and yelling “it was a failure”. The media monopoly, pretending impartial, announced it along the day and at the prime time, without great noise, booking for the next day its “ordinary vomiting”. The Captain’s government and his generals pretended being deaf, mude and blind. Take it easy, gentlemen, you have not seen anything yet!

Considered any type of sabotage of the tradeunion mafia, all the lack of material resources of the working class organizations, all the threats of fines and criminalisation by the “justice”, all the apparatus and abuse of power from the police hords with pression, intimidation, all the manipulation of the media monopoly (that only print what they want), plus all the prevailing anguish and fear situation among tens of millions unemployed persons, we can affirm: the General Strike has undeniably been a great triumph!

Under such conditions, the General Strike was the confirmation that the broad working masses are looking forward to the struggle since they do not count on anything to defend themselves of the continuing mutilation of their rights that have been painstakingly achieved in decades of struggles and combats. Many of those who worked on June 14th did not even know of general strike call; many others did not know its demands and reasons as well as others who did not feel confident about confronting their employers and the threats and blackmailing of the reaction embedded in the State high bureaucracy.

The paralysis before the serious economic and social crisis of a bully-boys government who boast of  realizing things, as well as the recent leakage that unmasks the advocates of the “Lava Jato” Operation, has contributed for the mass adherence to the general strike, besides the coward blows against the workers that have already been announced and sanctioned. The growing disenchantment of those who voted for Bolsonaro, the lack of trust in the old democracy from those who voted against him and even more the population revolt who did not vote or voted blank and void during the greater electoral boycott in our history are evident.

The workers’ national resistance against the cutback and confiscation of the people’s rights by the “reforms’ of their anti-worker, anti-people, landowner, obscurantist and country-traitor government is also expressed in their patriotic feeling, repelling the Yankee imperialism’s and the terrorist Zionist Israeli State’s agreements and caresses. It expresses the most authentic people’s feeling and not the manipulated one, a feeling against the preventive counter-revolutionary offensive to the growing people’s protests. An offensive implemented as a coup d’État, bit by bit, by the constitutional path that unmasks itself, providing the Armed Forces to intervene for saving the old order of exploitation, oppression, corruption and genocide in crise of decomposition.

The General Strike has been as well a clear answer not only to the reaction who, amidst the colluding and fights, plots to impose to the people and the nation the most oppressive regime. It has been a very contundent message and answer for those that, among the masses, do not believe in them and their disposition and capacity for organization and fight. It has been a response to those that only stake in the narrow limits of the legality and electoral manipulation for they fear to start a volcano of repressed resentments by a system that lives in the masses and are afraid of the awakening of its fury. Either they correct themselves or are damned!

By joining with the press monopoly, opportunism as always tries to pool the wools over the people’s eyes concerning which is the main contradiction in the country, and the answers they present are contradictions between the power groups and the ruling classes. As before, the false left-wing wanted to make believe the main contradiction is between the “left-wing” versus right-wing, between PT and PSDB. They center now in the contradictions between Bolsonaro versus Mourão, Bolsonaro versus the National Congress, Bolsonaro versus PT, as if those were the expressions of the fascism contradiction versus democracy, when all of them are only secundary contradictions, inside the ruling classes, between a tendency to fascism versus the old and corrupt democracy.

What expresses the main contradiction in the country – the contradiction between this exploitation and oppression system, its old landownership and bureaucratic old State and its agonizing corrupt political system of the old democracy versus the people’s masses – takes shape as a contradiction between, on the one hand, the ongoing preventive counter-revolutionary offensive ( whose nucleus are parts Bolsonaro, the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA) and other small parties of the group of Pharisee pastors, social climber police agents and military officers versus the New Democracy Revolution. The disputes between Bolsonaro’s fascist group ( that preaches a military regime) and the ACFA ( that in words and promises advocates the legality but in practice leads step by a step a coup d’État , working for a regime of maximum concentration of power in the Executive, mutilation of the people’s rights and sovereignty of the nation via “reforms” of the current Constitution) are tactical transitory differences of which is the best way to save the exploitation and oppression system threatened to collapse.

The counter-revolution only faces disputes for the leadership in its offensive. To the revolutionay working people’s movement only interests to take advantage of the temporary division of their deadly enemies for launching tactical offensives. Nothing else. Bolsonaro attacks the Congress and the Federal Supreme Court to gain people’s support, trying to manipulate their feeling of discredit and contempt for those institutions to impose the military regime as the only possibility to save the system of exploitation and oppression, servant to the Yankee imperialism, whom he so greatly loves and for whom he strongly crawls. Nevertheless, this people’s feeling of contempt to the wrecked institutions and the mass willingness for its suppression can only be achieved by means of the New Democracy revolution with the overthrown of all this old order, and not by a fascist coup that aims to save it from a crash as Bolsonaro plans.

The General Strike was the first chapter of something tremendous that is still to come. It was the general rehearsal of the general strike for unlimited time and as a national resistance. It announces the unification all over the country of protests everytime more massive and violent. Protests that will result in a powerful mass uprising that will shock and address upfront with all those “reforms” and the anti-worker, anti-people and nation-traitor policies of these corrupt party governments and Congress of the right-wing generals who think they are the owners of the Republic, government who defend the landownership and the big bourgeois, servants to the interests of imperialism, mostly Yankee. So violent protests that will sweep away all the electoral political rubbish, untruthful, demagogic and deceiving, waging, as it has never happened in the country’s history, the great and pending New Democracy Revolution.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

Quero apoiar mensalmente!

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