Editorial – The inevitable social upheaval and the need for revolution

Editorial – The inevitable social upheaval and the need for revolution

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Through the severity of the political crisis, the plan of the reactionaries is to use Temer (already quoted a thousand times in the testimonies) to do the emergency dirty work to apply by iron and fire all evil against the people and the Nation in in order to “balance” the economy, giving free rein to the greater exploitation of the workers and plundering of the country’s natural wealth. The uprising has succeeded in introducing Alexandre de Moraes into the Supreme Court (STF), in charge of controlling the bomb of the “Lava Jato” processes, but even this can not save them if they do not comply with the dictates of imperialism. The political crisis has already reached such point that, when it is least expected, new testimonials and revelations pop up, striking directly this government sham without any legitimacy and authority.

At the end, totally unreliable, Temer will be thrown into the gutter of politics as a scapegoat and a target of people anger, but would have guaranteed the “resumption of growth” by making the country a paradise even bigger for the bankers and other leeches of our people and the Nation. The establishment of imperialism, especially yankee, calculates that in the 2018 elections, someone is elected as honest and efficient, as if he had nothing to do with all these crimes and other swindles, selling the idea of policy sanitation and turned page, with the renewal of credibility in the institutions of the old state.

It will not be as easy as imagined and plotted by the reactionaries monitored by imperialism. But neither imperialism nor the bunch of politics has a choice. As a threatened corporation, they will not throw in the towel and all their actions will only throw more fuel into the fire of the crisis and people´s revolt. The country has long been drawn into a reactionary civil war, in which everything is increasingly solved through violence.

Let’s see that the publication of the official data of 2016 on the country’s economy threw buckets of cold water on the deceptive publicity with which government and press monopolies were working to generate a false optimism, with the objective of changing the expectations of the national public opinion and especially of the speculators whom they solemnly call foreign “investors,” while government and congress rush to approve nefarious policies against the workers and for the benefit of the exploiters of the people and plunderers of the Nation, brazenly and cynically under the pretext of resuming growth and generating jobs. The social indicators are even harder and dissolves like smoke all of the demagogic “end of misery” propaganda.

The grave and profound economic and social crisis in which the country sinks, far from being a mere result of “PT(Workers Party) incompetence” – as the traditional right-wing manichaeism and its press monopoly try to create consensus, making preventive electoral campaign -, is product of Semicolonial and semifeudal nature of our country, its backward, bureaucratic capitalism, endemically diseased economy. Moreover, it is the acute manifestation of its inevitable crisis amid the advanced general crisis of decomposition of world imperialist capitalism.

It is on this real basis that the political crisis of dispute between the power groups representing the different fractions of the ruling classes, which had been developing along the PT management and exploded in 2015, develops. To attack and weaken the PT and its opportunist electoral front, at the time of its eclosion, the PSDB and its counterparts followed the usual primer, creating the Petrobras Parliamentary Commission of Investigation (CPI). This soon was dismantled by the government-workers party articulation. But the crisis deepened, as the so-called “Lava Jato” Operation came on the scene and this was something much more ambitious than the customary and demoralized CPI’s

It obeyed the “Bigger Plan” of the US establishment and interests, concerned about the demoralization degree in the country that official policy and the institutions of the “Democratic Rule of Law” had reached, as extolled as the “democracy” and ideal government system. Behind this are far more powerful hands than imagined. Let us say that all the planning of the investigations, their structure and method, were prepared by the FBI, having selected sectors of the Federal Police to operate under the military high command centralization of the Armed Forces as a de facto operation. As legal facade a staff of the Public Prosecution Office “imbued” with the cause of the moralization of political and public life of the country was prepared. Otherwise, how would such a plan begin, and especially how could it get to where it has reached? The political history of the country knows innumerable similar attempts architected in this objective and that were crushed before even taking its first steps.

Operation “Lava Jato”, far from the illusion that nourishes most of its components, is a ploy to save the old order by passing on the idea of ​​moralizing the political and public life of the country, demonizing the politicians and, for this, sending to hell part of them, separating them from the institutions of the Three Powers to save and renew the credibility and legitimacy in them before society, especially its middle classes, forming a conservative and anticommunist culture broth. It is the preventive action of the reactionaries fearing the outbursts of people revolts within an increasingly stormy world. And all the official opposition parties to the PT front, thirsting for votes to usurp the posts it had occupied 14 years ago, threw themselves demagogically and frantically into the anti-corruption crusade, certain that, as it always was, an agreement would soon reach an end to the crisis. When they realized that they would all be in the sights of such an “operation,” the crisis fell apart. Public opinion revolted with such rottenness, especially the middle classes, were in hundreds of thousands on the streets demanding an end to corruption in the vain illusion of it to be realized. Judge Moro, who does not spend a month without visiting the USA, was elevated to the figure of a great patriot, the greatest symbol of honesty and savior of the Nation.

With the worsening of the economic crisis, the dispute between the ruling classes fractions became radicalized in the struggle for greater control of the state machine. The interests in this struggle have taken over the political crisis which, in its radicalization, is expressed through the struggle between the so-called Three Powers of the Republic, in which its representatives are installed. To take the contender in felony flagrant and to subject him to the rigors of the law (prisons, investigations and processes) is the means to destroy politically with opponent parties or politicians and at the same time serves to deceive the people with the tale that the corrupt are being punished and so everything follow as before.

The arrest of so many powerful people (something unprecedented in the country) is the ultimate proof of the radicalization degree of the struggle between the different fractions of the ruling classes, and its only explanation. In order to see how far the sharpening of these strives have gone, two facts involving the PSDB (Brazilian Social Democracy Party) are exemplary. Its situation was already very deteriorated and pointed to a complete debacle in 2014 (which was one of the main reasons for the electoral successes of the PT). Arriving at least for the second round in the 2014 presidential elections was a matter of life and death for the PSDB. And the candidacy of Eduardo Campos had become an obstacle for Aecio to arrive at least to the second round and coincidentally the aircrash that victimized it appeared like the solution that left clear path for him. Most recently, the appointment by Temer of Alexandre de Morais (also of the PSDB) to the STF(Supreme Federal Court) because of the vacancy left by the Operation “Lava Jato” proceedings draftsman Teori Zavascki also killed in an aircrash (and with this protecting the names of the PSDB and allies ) has become as intriguing as it is identical to the Eduardo Campos case, death by aircrash, in the same type of environment (coastal, where weather conditions are more harsh to flight operations). That is, situation in which air crash can be easily explained by these conditions.

It can also be deduced that Dilma’s impeachment was not necessarily part of the “Major Plan”, since she had been applying all the policy dictated by imperialism and that her palatial staff, according to Delcídio do Amaral’s confessions, benefited from the actions of “Operation Lava-jato” and let them run loose, in that they neutralized PT’s own figures, favoring their strengthening as a group in control and command in the party. Dilma´s impeachment was due to the aggravation of the political crisis that sharpened the contradictions. As Sérgio Machado’s telephone calling to Renan Calheiros recordings revealed, in which he assumes to be terrified that the plea bargain testimonies of the executives of the contractors (Odebrecht, Camargo Correia, etc.) handed over everybody, people from all parties, and that this operation had to be stopped and that the means to do this was to appease the popular outcry expressed by the mass demonstrations of the middle class. That is, it was necessary to “give blood to the lions,” and how the press monopolies threw water at the traditional right-wing mill blaming PT for all crisis, unemployment and corruption in the country (when PT and its allies, as part of this old and rotten brazilian State, are no more than one of the participants) people´s anger was launched against PT and Dilma government. Hence the impeachment was only the institutional way of removing her (even if it had to force the bar in the configuration of alleged crimes committed by her). However, impeachment did not quell the anti-corruption sentiment and the crisis became more acute, and especially PMDB and Congress summits became the central target of the “Lava Jato”.

Therefore, more than a crisis of the political system, the crisis Brazil is undergoing is a State crisis, symptoms of a revolutionary situation in increasing development. The stench exalted by the testimonies and how they are treated strikes so called Three Powers of the Republic. Nothing escapes the degenerate minds of those in power groups in strives to achieve the control of the old state to serve the voracity of imperialism that drives them and the anxieties proper of these groups and their chiefs. Bribery, prefabricated testimonies, suspicious deaths, and even collusion so they do not sink all together.

What imperialism most fears, the local ruling classes and their power groups expressed in the different right, center and “left” acronyms of the Single Party are social upheaval, revolt and revolution. Lingering maneuvers promoted by agents of the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, in addition to draconian policies against the rights of the people, can only have the effect of inciting even more the anger of the masses. The millions of Brazilians who, in the last elections, repudiated the Single Party with all its acronyms, no longer accept the pitched discourse of a false polarization between “right and left”, nor accept the discourse of the necessity of their sacrifice to take the country out of recession and crisis. The people need and want a revolution, because they already know very well what they do not want and every day their protest is more bellicose.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

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