Editorial – The ‘social welfare reform’ is the trigger of the Revolt

Editorial – The ‘social welfare reform’ is the trigger of the Revolt

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The more Bolsonaro tries to dissimulate the buying of votes of congressmen to have the “Social welfare reform” passed in Congress, and the more he tries to hide himself behind the past laws, the more it is impossible to deny the outrageous bargaining accomplished so far with power groups from the ruling classes fractions of this decrepit bureaucratic capitalism in its decaying general crisis.

To conceal the “give and take” practice which condemns the rethoric, Bolsonaro and the liberal generals government have provided the funds of R$1.5 billion, on the eve of the “Reform” votation day, in parliamentary amendments which answer to the interests of the mentioned power groups, the regional lobbies and oligarchies.

Benefits to the landownership (agribusiness) have also been granted through the fiscal renunciation and debt relief with the Social Welfare, thanks to the government and corrupt Congress “commitments”. In accordance with the text adopted during the first round, on July 10th, which it is already a procedure, not being charged the social security contributions on the landownership exporting. Furthermore, making further inroads into writing off the landlords’ debts to the Assistance Fund of the Rural Workers (Funrural) with a value greater than R$17 billions! Not surprising, anyway, as Bolsonaro have affirmed to the Rural bench: “ This government belongs to you all”.

Some other maintained prerogatives, intended for the Armed Forces and the whole policial repression system, sectors which constitute its main social basis formed by persons who have a guaranteed employment, high salaries and privileged retirements; persons free from the obrigation to provide service at 55 years old while the workers shall labour up to 65 and 62 years old, respectively, having contributed to their retirement with absurd 40 years.

Such a puppet congress has bargained with Bolsonaro, besides the amendments, the distribution of more than one thousand comissioned posts and the fascist captain has offered the “Bible bench” the nomination of a minister for the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in his own words: “a terribly evangelical one”. Needless to say the benefits for the “Bullet bench” achieved by law projects to be voted subsequently. In their eagerness to gain more provileges the deputies, rascals and profiteers, seek to insert amendments which would add more advantages to their interests and their bosses’, in a hideous evidence of the filthy negotiation market that place is.

The big bourgeoisie and the landownership monopoly debt with the Social Welfare, which payment would guarantee its functioning without the need of apalling cuts over the rights of the poorest people, is the portrait of the class character of the government for the richest people. A government that is able of so many ploys to mislead part of the population with their siren calls.

The General Strike, acomplished by the large demonstrations against the “Social Welfare Reform”, despite the lack of interest of the electoral opportunists and the tradeunions, was the announcement of the people’s upheaval in the countryside and the cities, the beginning of a rebellion to maintain the workers’ rights under the watchword “General Strike of National Resistance”. The opportunists, for their turn, are keen to preserve their sinecures. Nothing new. This brings us, once more, to the real truth: the battle of the masses for their rights does not occur and does not depend on the  rotten Brazilian parliament which plenary is crowded with greedy vultures for hijacking the boot that belongs to the people acknowledged as the true producer of the national wealth.

Excluding their political riot troop – composed by militaries of low officership, soldiers, military and civil policemen and some privileged persons of the high bureaucracy and local ruling classes  of  bourgeois and landlords, subservient to imperialism principally Yankee -, the mass of workers who still resist in support to the government will abandon it as soon as they experience the effects of the “catastrophic” reform.

It is not in vain that in less than six months of government, Bolsonaro’s popularity is falling dramatically compared to Collor de Mello, another deceiver of the masses with his siren call of “war against the maharajas”.

All of this and the approval of the reform happen with the development of the preventive military coup. A counterrevolutionary offensive to accomplish the three reactionary tasks to impell the bureaucratic capitalism with its weak recovery from the crisis, restructuring of the old State and imposing a maximum centralization regime on the Executive power, for conjurating the great explosion of the masses struggle that is coming near, and the danger of revolution, evidenced by the upheavals in 2013-2014 that opened a new peak of the mass movement in the country.

The government tutelage by the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA) has been confronted resistance from the far-right wing. Bolsonaro’s group stakes on the chaos and uses the events that aggravate the demoralisation of the eroded institutions to agitate their bases in the troops and the reactionary public opinion, aiming at pressing an ACFA sector to be engaged in their plan before the growing of its influence on the troops. Its plan is to conform the largest possible public opinion as the rethoric of “the fatherland salvation”. Actually, Bolsonaro is persistent with his idea that it is necessary to replace the present political system by a corporative regime, as the only possible way to save the exploitation and repression system which is threatened to collapse. Everything will be done to favour still more the landlords and the local big bourgeois and he keeps crawling as ever before the Yankee imperialism.

For the far-right wing there is no possible solution but the enforcement of a military regime. For the ACFA right-wing such a solution is not necessary yet and it is dangerous for creates the instability and enlarges the resistance field. This deadlock and struggle between the two reactionary sides is unsolvable and it will only finish when one subjugates the other.

Although one cannot ignore a violent solution for this struggle, for the moment the most probable is that the ACFA, working for the “slow, gradual and safe” wear of the retired captain, take no measurements since the generals are afraid of provoking a deep crack in the military forces and precipitating a large military crisis. This is their greatest fear after the masses rebellion. The attacks from the Bolsonarist far-right wing to the Supreme Federal Court and the National Congress are involved in this political fight, seeking to justify the complete subjugation of these institutions by establishing a fascist and corporative regime.

Only a Revolution of New Democracy will be able to defend the interests of our people, whose humiliated rights are on the brink of barbarism. Only the Revolution of New Democracy can release the Motherland of vandalism and plundering of its wealth and oppression under imperialism, principally Yankee. Only the Revolution of New Democracy will create the Revolutionary People’s State and build up a New Brasil.

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