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The Brazilian ruling classes have already produced countless bragging politicians such as Jânio Quadros, Collor de Melo, Paulo Maluf and Luiz Inácio. Everyone has used and abused presumption and exhibitionism to deceive the masses who have distinguished them with the epithet of a rascal.

None, however, reaches the feet of Michel Temer. His statements, made in apparitions preceded by a steep posture as of wearing a corset, is of an unique presumption. Even when he tries to make his defense, he does not enter into the center of the matter, dissimulating, using generic terms, spilling his verbiage into accusations, supported by the old jargon that the best defense is the attack. It dodges as if the denunciations of receiving a bribe and attempting to obstruct justice were against the Presidency of the Republic Institution and not against the bandit and gangster Michel Temer.

Formed in the most blatant parliamentary cretinism, acting under the shadow of power in the last forty years, as a shock troop of shift managers and nourishing the parliament lower clergy to maintain its influence on it, Temer is more for a criminal record than properly a curriculum when it comes to trajectory.

As a man of the shadows, he approached partners in his image and likeness as Eliseu Padilha, Geddel Vieira, Moreira Franco and Romero Jucá, to use the mannerism and the aplomb, to reach posts like the Presidency of the Chamber, the PMDB Presidency , Government leadership, vice-manager of the Republic and manager of turn by cheating.

By assaulting the shift management ahead of its dangerous gang, which has climbed from Baixada Santista and obscure business in the port areas, passing through spheres of public administration of São Paulo and whose clutches are extended over the National Congress, the Superior Electoral Court and The Federal Supreme Court, associated with Henrique Meirelles, head of another gang as dangerous as his, as servants in the execution of the plunder of Brazil at the behest of international financial capital.

Having assumed the management of the old Brazilian State with the intention of taking the country out of the crisis and resuming the path of "order and progress" by liquidating the barriers to the unlimited exploitation of workers and the total looting of the Nation. With more than a year of its management, the political, economic, moral and ethical crisis deepened, increasing the disorder in all segments of the population, while Brazil plunges downhill with the track that Temer says has put the country.

Giving up on attending the G-20 meeting, avoiding the embarrassment of his trip to Russia and Norway when he received treatment at the height of his smallness, Temer seeks to get closer to the elements he has nourished to secure the votes necessary to prevent his annulment . Since they are as venal elements as he, the possibility of a massive betrayal is not discarded considering the best proposal is offered to them. The fact that Temer is, according to polls, repudiated by the overwhelming majority of Brazilians also weighs for this possibility. Repudiation that manifests itself in an ever more violent way.

The question is: who will expose the face on TV, live and color, to say that will keep a bandit in the management of the nation?

There is no doubt that in the streets the people will exact, as we saw last 30, in an increasingly violent way, the heads from those who defend the project of enslavement of the workers and the subjugation of the nation. With Temer or Without Temer the crisis will continue to deepen and the masses will rise with more fury and more bellicose.

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