AmazonLog: Yankee Army training in Amazon is a high treason crime!

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The semi-colonial management of Temer / PMDB / PSDB and its gang takes another step towards ending what remains of our national sovereignty and further deepening the country's subservience to the yoke of US imperialism. This is the AmazonLog, a joint operation between the troops of the Yankee and Brazilian Armies in the heart of the Amazon forest. As part of this military exercise, between November 6th to 13th, a multinational base will be set up in the Brazilian territory of the Triple Frontier between Tabatinga (Amazonas / Brazil), Letícia (Colombia) and Santa Rosa (Peru), which will store ammunition, shooting and communication equipment.

Ianques estiveram no Forte Caxias-DF e no Comando Militar da Amazônia em março (Agência Verde-oliva)

AmazonLog, according to the Brazilian Army's own command, was inspired by a similar exercise conducted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Hungary in 2015, in which Brazil took part as an observer. In the Eastern European country, the multinational base, initially presented as temporary, has become permanent. It is important to remember that USA has more than 800 military bases spread throughout the world and that, in recent years, the Yankee military presence in Latin America has grown, such as the bases being built in Argentina and Colombia. In Brazil, we highlight the preparatory activity for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last year, held between the US and Brazilian navies, focusing on "anti-terrorist" activities, as well as the maneuvers of the aircraft carrier that sailed along the coast of Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul for training with the Brazilian Air Force in 2015.

All of this has no humanitarian character, as the press monopolies claim to deceive, but they are important political facts that express the growing reactionary character of the old Brazilian state at the service of US imperialism.

Not coincidentally, the Yankee "training" in Amazon occurs at the same time as the reactionary Brazilian Army troops occupy the streets of Rio de Janeiro and the disturbances provoked by the Yankees in Venezuela, in order to deepen their semicolonial dominion and neutralize the Growing influence of the Russian atomic superpower in that country and on the continent.


AmazonLog is the most outrageous of the recent attacks on our national sovereignty, in the case of military agreements between Brazil and the sole hegemonic superpower USA, but it is not the only one. It is the tip of the iceberg of a series of measures set behind closed doors by high-ranking bureaucrats and military.

Tabatinga, região em que ficará a base militar da AmazonLog (Senado Federal)

In March of this year, US Army Southern Command Chief Clarence KK Chinn was decorated in Brasilia with the Military Merit Medal by the Brazilian Army Commander, General Eduardo Villas Bôas, and visited the facilities of the Military Command of Amazon, where the exercises of the AmazonLog will be realized.

Also in March, the day before the US Army inaugurated a technology center in São Paulo to "develop partnerships with Brazil in research projects focused on innovation" 1, on March 24, the Ministry of Defense Brazil and the US Department of Defense signed the Master Information Exchange Agreement (MIEA).

In April, Brazilian company Bradar Savis, of the Embraer Defense & Security group, specialized in radars for defense and remote sensing, reached an agreement with Rockwell Collins of the aerospace industry.

The military exercise itself in the Amazon is part of a larger project, called Operation ‘Culminating’, which involves five years of joint maneuvers between the two armies, culminating in a training involving large numbers of soldiers from both countries. Brazil is to send a battalion of between 300 and 500 soldiers to join a US Army brigade at the Joint Readiness Training Center, a training center located in Fort Polk, Louisiana, in the second half of 2020.

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