Editorial - 'Political reform' is salting rotten meat

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In search of more salt for the carrion of the Brazilian political system, the banditry of the three rotten powers square articulates seeking to maintain the privileges and to prevent imprisonment, preserving their positions.

When it appeared that the summit of the electoral fractions had already succumbed in the swamp of the Single Party, more mischievous plots are hatched by their decrepit minds, which only make use of public money for their own benefit, while they collude to ensure, at the level of the three Powers, the policy of exploiting the people and delivering natural wealth to foreign corporations.

Contrary to the mystifications of bourgeois economists, in which IMF agents and heralds of the old Brazilian state try to insist that we are experiencing a crisis of imbalance in public finances, the country sinks in the general crisis of the decomposition of its bureaucratic capitalism, based on semi-feudalism and bound to imperialist domination.

They mystify exactly to justify, as always, the application of the dictates (adjustments and "reforms" of labor and social security) of the international financial oligarchy, in order to suck more blood from the people and the Nation to face the general crisis of imperialism. And it is this anachronistic and rotten nature of our society, devoid of the triumphant Democratic Revolution and complete sovereignty, that derives the endemic corruption, expressed in the spheres of politics, economy, culture, morality and ethics.

Once the crisis has come to such an extent, the crisis is not only of the government political system but the crisis of the state system, of the system of power.

The political system is the form that the State system, or Power system, presents itself and operates. The fractions of this political system harbor the representations and power groups of the different factions of the exploiting and parasitic ruling classes of the people and the nation. Lackey classes to imperialism, mainly Yankee.

Meetings such as that between Temer, Aécio and Gilmar Mendes are the sample of the banditry of the three powers square: a gangster meets with a corrupt parliamentarian and a "fickle" minister to adjust the "Political Reform" and save the foul Brazilian political system. There can be no more accurate picture of the bankruptcy of such a political system. What can you do, if not put some perfume, to give a new facade to the dung? Whitewashed sepulchers!

Proposals such as semi-presidentialism, co-opting presidentialism, coalition presidentialism, parliamentarism, ‘distritão’(Single Non-Transferable Vote), mixed district, list voting, private funding, public funding, end of coalitions, barrier clauses, performance clauses or whatever the consensus between scoundrels of the Single Party, is mere confabulation of how to salt rotten meat.

The ruling classes, lackeys of the big bourgeoisie and landlords, as well as their representatives of various party fractions, can act only in the form of this old rotten State, managing corruption as a secular modus operandi, in the implementation of what is imposed by imperialism.

Just like the recent episode of the electoral farce in Amazon, in which the boycott outnumbered the most voted candidate, the people will continue to repudiate, and soon will collect all the salt so that it does not remain to imperialism, to the buyer and bureaucratic bourgeoisie and to the latifundium another exit but to swallow their own carrion.

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