Editorial - The Old State’s Vestals

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Behind the words "law" and "justice," the old and rotten Brazilian state hides a bureaucracy covered in privileges guaranteed by providing the ruling classes with the proper support to run the state according to their most perfidious interests.

We live in times of war. Wars unleashed by the general crisis of capitalism in its decaying phase, imperialism. War that in Brazil is manifested, on the one hand, as a reactionary civil war against the people and, on the other hand, as a struggle between the power groups embedded in the fractions of the Single Party of the exploitation and oppression old order. Representatives of the ruling class fractions - by seizing increasingly large portions of the results of the Brazilian people’s labour - climbing into higher positions of command in the three spheres of the old state, placing them at the service of the latifundia, the big bourgeoisie (comprator and bureaucratic) and imperialism, especially the Yankee.

In this strife, power groups put their agents to make public revelations on each other's criminal practices, which leads us to conclude that all about this is true. Concealed in times of collusion among the ruling classes, but long known to the people, victims of the judicial practices.

After so much rotteness of the Executive Power exposed, in which "presidents of the Republic", although caught in flagrante delicto as heads of gangs assaulting the treasury, cynically disdain of the Legislative, whose denunciations have been already nauseating us by the recurrent and endless scandals, and can not prevent the decay of this reactionary fiefdom, which is the Judiciary, from being exposed. We are obliged to hear loud and indignant voices complaining about offenses against the "dignity" of the institution and "honorability" of its members.

Do you want to know what the Judiciary is? Ask: who placed more than 700 thousand poor and black Brazilians behind bars in an inhumane regime? Who promoted thousands of evictions in urban areas, leaving millions of people in the streets? Who determines the eviction of the peasantry from the vacant lands usurped by landlords? Who turns a blind eye to the police genocide of slum and peripheral neighborhoods populations, especially young and black? Who practices the sale of sentences and injunctions always in favor of the ruling classes members to the detriment of the poor? Who, under the pretext of asking for examination, delays the processes in the interests of the great economic groups for up to 10 years? Who maintains connivance with the great law firms, often, linked to ex-magistrates? Who refuses to apply the salary ceiling law in public careers and that takes advantage of the public importance of the position that occupies to charge for lectures and pocket up to 10 times the salary for each one? That, just mentioning what is public and notorious.

This old state, rooted in the ancient semi-feudal and semicolonial nature of the country, where the ruling classes have always devoted a deep affection to law courses - which teach that the state is above classes and watches over the common good and that no one is above the law, as the Attorney General Rodrigo Janot has consistently affirmed - which are nothing more than the instrument of the great bourgeoisie and landlords to play the role of executioner of the people and an instrument of imperialism to plunder the nation.

It is not new that the kind of assertions: "everything for the friends, the law for those indifferent, and the rigors of the law for enemies" or "if the law disrupts us, we change the law", - quite ordinary assertives, both in parliament (who elaborates the laws) and in the judiciary (its "guardians" and fiscales) - shows the intentional flexibility of the decadent legal-political system of our country.

The fractions of the Single Party (those of the right, center or false left); the members of the Judiciary and Legislative and the armed forces summit, as well as the press monopolies, repeat to exhaustion the fallacy that the corruption problem in the country is a culture that affects certain people - in short, the problem is dishonest people, corrupt - and that with exemplary punishments the country's public life will be corrected and moralized. With this litany they intend to throw sand in the eyes of the people to conceal that the problem is this anachronistic, semicolonial and semi-feudal economic system, secularly maintained unchanged in its structure, in its property relations and its culture, from which this bureaucratic and genocidal state and its phony political system were erected and reproduced, having corruption as its modus operandi.

The political system has failed, there is no one who does not recognize this fact. But proponents of this exploitation and oppression system can not extend such recognition to which the power system, the old state, sinks into a general decomposition.

Moralizing campaigns can only seem a solution for a very short time, because it is only with such old state that this exploitative and oppressive system can be maintained and supported.

No political reform that could be approved by this congress can save it from its bankruptcy, nor can military intervention planned as the final solution of imperialism in the name of "order and patriotism", as the Armed Forces are the backbone of that genocidal state. And it will not take long for the vast majority of our people to be convinced that only with the complete destruction of this old state, at all costs, will it be possible to establish a New Democracy, a New Economy, a New Culture and New Brazil. This revolutionary process will advance on the basis of the radicalized class struggle of the coming years and decades, which will forge its instruments and strategy.

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