Editorial - The military crisis and the complete failure of the institutions

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A gangster president, a “make-believe” Defense Minister, a talkative  military, those are the ingredients of the military crisis that adds up to the profound economic, social, ethics and moral crisis which characterizes the developing revolutionary situation in Brazil.

Promoted and spread out by brownish entities like masonry, Lion’s club and Israeli associations, besides sinister web pages, general Mourão statements - despite a possible military intervention, lighting up the reactionary fire of civil and recalcitrant, headquarters’ widows – have shown that, more than the statement of a big mouth person, those are the expressions of the Armed Forces leadership and sectors. By confirming it, we have the indulgent reaction of the Defense and Army Ministers, and needless to say, Temer’s alienation.

The tiring and shabby talking, pretending place themselves above the true and pure national feeling of our people, has been the same clucking since the landlords’ republic was set up in the country.

Such a civil-military colluding repeats the tentative to show the Armed Forces as vestals and make people forget that corruption, surrender and submission, and misrule had been adopted by the military regime. They advocate the senseless thesis that the institutions are good, the politicians are the ones who have been derided them and a military intervention would be necessary to create asepsis on the institutions.

In the meantime, the moral, ethics and shameless crisis would have the wind in its sails, led by the parliamentary scum in colluding with Temer’s gang.

On October 4th , the monopoly newspapers reported the Senate session which has been discussing the maintenance of the PMDB Senator Aécio Neves’s mandate who claimed the privilege to keep his position, despite all evidences of his crimes, arguing he should ”not  be treated as any public employee”.

Among the speakers notorious bandits were detached who still have the title of congressmen, protected by the privilege of “not being treated as any public employee”, a situation guaranteed by cases under the buttocks of his ‘excellencies’, the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF).

As members of the Only Party’s names, the scoundrels would take turns on the microphone to defend the rascal’s untouchability, like Romero Jucá/PMDB, yelling:” What can we see in Brazil nowadays? One looses the respect” . Further on they accused the Judiciary Branch to be cometem “an attack against democracy and the Brazilian people”.

Collor de Mello, agreeing with Jucá, complained that the Judiciary Branch would be “deriding” and “criminalizing” the parliament and proposed an insurgency in Senate. Along the same vein, Renan Calheiros/PMDB found out “We have been living in Brasil a State with repressive practices”. At this point, Jader Barbalho could visualize persons dreaming of dictatorship. 

Trying to shield their privileges, those oligarchs, similar to their predecessors, the slave lords, or the Old Republic barons, defend their crumpled democracy, shielding themselves on the Brazilian people. They are the main responsible by the diminishing of parliament and approval of laws that have deepened the reactionarism of the Brazilian State, transforming it into a police State, a situation that the people suffer day by day.

On the same day, April 10th , confirming the characterization of the State by the ”excellencies”, the site UOL announced that, from January to August, the police killed 712 persons in Rio de Janeiro, proving the nature of the Brazilian State not only as repressive and police but secularly genocide.

It is the old order at service of landownership, big bourgeoisie and imperialism, cosmetic and sanitized, defended by the Armed Forces for maintaining people under oppression and exploitation.

Every day the ruling classes manifest their rottenness and flare up within the people the reasons to prepare their great Democratic Revolution.

NÃO SAIA AINDA… O jornal A Nova Democracia, nos seus mais de 18 anos de existência, manteve sua independência inalterada, denunciando e desmascarando o governo reacionário de FHC, oportunista do PT e agora, mais do que nunca, fazendo-o em meio à instauração do governo militar de fato surgido do golpe militar em curso, que através de uma análise científica prevíamos desde 2017.

Em todo esse tempo lutamos e trouxemos às claras as entranhas e maquinações do velho Estado brasileiro e das suas classes dominantes lacaias do imperialismo, em particular a atuação vil do latifúndio em nosso país.

Nunca recebemos um centavo de bancos ou partidos eleitoreiros. Todo nosso financiamento sempre partiu do apoio de nossos leitores, colaboradores e entusiastas da imprensa popular e democrática. Nesse contexto em que as lutas populares tendem a tomar novas proporções é mais do que nunca necessário e decisivo o seu apoio.

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