Editorial – The party in the sewers and the coming rebellion

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The leaks and the hustles and bustles on the replacement of the current Government Secretary minister Antonio Imbassahy gave continuity to the PSDB1 getting off from the Temer management, which was initiated with the dismissal of the Cities minister.

These episodes are part of the internal crisis of this fraction that at the same time it makes the morality speech, it keeps a ruffian of the motherland in its leadership. Without a definition on the current political atmosphere but its generic liberal "bla, bla, bla", PSDB is a strong candidate to lose the "market" sympathy, since Bolsonaro starts to give liberal touch to the national-fascist speech.

The ministerial reform, which was announced by the corrupt and eternal leader of all the governments Senator Romero Jucá (PMDB2), indicates the possibility to open up to 17 vacancies in the Ministries Esplanade. So all the types of burglars, scoundrels and thieves, specialists in a vast menu of cheating and corruption in retail or wholesale, present themselves with their filthy curriculum to occupy the vacant offices. The sewers was partying.

Such Ministerial change is another attempt of the unburied political corpse Temer to approve the most barbarous attack against the social security rights in the end of the "second half" of his management

The votes to approve Meirelles projects to sell Brazil, putting the workers and the people in general at the sacrificial altar, are each time more expensive.

The scum is insatiable and once he learnt the path of robbery, he will go through it step by step until the end. The budget amendment liberation became small thing: it was used to bring down the first denounce against the swindler. The bargaining chip changed into the constitution changes, laws and decrees to cut the rights of the workers, of the indigenous and quilombola3 peoples and taking all the public lands in detriment of the poor peasants, when the second denounce came.

Obstinate Meirelles imposed Temer to pay the new robbery using the ministries as bargaining chip aiming to approve the assault at the workers social security rights. But the voracity of the guests is too much that it threatens to turn the sewer party into a big quarrel, because the noble deputies acting as ministers want to stay until the compatible date, and then it would not be 17 vacancies any more.

The so called centre ("centrão") wants to expel all those from PSDB from the ministry, but senator Aloysio Nunes does not want to leave – one less vacancy. And so Temer comes and says that he wants first the vote and after he pays. So the quarrel is settled, after all Temer does not benefit from any credit in his "allied base", fact once more proved in the emptied dinner in November 22 at Alvorada Palace. Beyond that, "word of honour" or anything connected to this saying is not his strong point.

All this happening in the daylight, in a show that the moral and political crisis – reflex of the deep national and imperialism economical crisis – had been trivialized.

The trivialization of this crisis situation is so much that it reached the point of the ruling classes betting that the tiny and manipulated indicatives about the economy supposedly getting out of the hole, added to the holding of the electoral sham in the next year will make everybody believe that everything will return to be like it was before. The reactionary summit of the Armed Forces does not believe in this and threatens to intervene.

In this moment when the parliament shows itself in a raw form, without its make-ups and revealing all the filth of its nature, expressed in its most bandit riff-raff components having a field day in a real affront to the people and the nation, opportunism and revisionism reveal their umbilical link to the old order, essaying abroad the old tragedy without even changing their outfit. With the failure of their mediocre project, it will not take long to announce their death bells.

Not only the parliament and its Single Party, from which the bigger fractions entered in senility crisis, but all the putrid political system and all the power structures of this rotting old semicolonial and semifeudal State dominated by individuals whom criminal record is measured in kilometres – noble representatives of the latifundium, financial system, big bourgeoisie and imperialism, mainly Yankee.

It's completely mistaken who sees turning away and passiveness of the popular masses on their apparent political indifference in face of so much shameless excesses, so much abuse, so much cynicism and lack of shame of the official politics, and even in face of the shows and exhibitionism of the "Lava-Jato" Operation, handled by the Yankee. What happens is something that only the masses under oppression, social control and brainwash – like the situation the Brazilian people is submitted – are capable to operate. By any chance would not be in its own way reflecting and deducing that all the traditional forms that has the politics and even the protests been characterized are leading nowhere? It is not what the masses have been experimenting for decades and concluded that all these parties are the same thing and the dominant struggle forms does not change anything?

The revolutionary situation that develops in the country – objective situation that do not depend by the will of anyone – has been responsible and will be more in propelling the masses to come to blows, to escalate its fury. For how long its rebellions will be still called isolated, such as the recent protests in Humaitá, Amazonas, and Correntina, Bahia, or many other uprisings around the country in the last five years, in the countryside and in the cities? The brazier from which these flames has arose crackles around the whole country and depending on which wind blows it, powerful flames will rise to seize the countryside and the city.

It is up to the revolutionaries only to intensify the struggle to strike fierce blows, each day more, against the landlords, big bourgeois and imperialism and, inseparably, combat revisionism and all opportunism relentlessly. They are paper tigers, however tactically its monstrosities need to be taken down through iron and fire and only a protracted revolution can put an end to them.

All the crisis lingering in the country is an expression of a very grave crisis of this rotten exploitation and oppression system. The struggle for land to the poor landless peasants or with little land, to the indigenous people and the quilombola reminiscent communities; the worker's struggle against the trampling of their rights, for better salary and more employment; the struggle of all the people for more education, health, housing etc.; the struggle of the youth for free and public education in all levels, for the right to work; the struggle of the people's women for equality of rights and against all kinds of discrimination and violence against them etc. are all current and necessary struggles. However these just demands cannot be anymore minimally achieved without the open and organized struggle for political Power.

Everything is illusory, except for Power, everything else is only opportunist deceiving to save this rotten exploitation and oppression system of its inevitable ruin.

But only the Democratic Revolution can free our people and the Nation from the three mountains of exploitation and oppression: semifeudality, bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism. Only the Democratic Revolution could end with them, and turn them to dust and sweep the away from the face of our country step by step, constructing the People's Republic of Brazil. The New Brazil.

1 PSDB – Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira (Party of the Brazilian Social Democracy)

2 PMDB – Partido do Movimento Democratico Brasileiro (Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement)

3 Quilombola – from the quilombo, areas of resistance against slavery

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