Editorial – Imperialism provokes turmoil, but the people’s struggle doesn’t stop

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At the end of another year is up to us to make an assessment on the international and national situation following the historical march in it’s unequal development, through advances and setbacks, victories and defeats, but certain that, for the people, there is no definitive defeat.

We can affirm that the year of 2017 on the international level had the increase of the reactionarization of the State propelled by imperialism in the whole world as a characteristic. A process which is in conformity with the laws established by Lenin as the continuity and direct development of the laws of the capital discovered by Karl Marx, according to which imperialism is capitalism in it’s superior and particular phase in which the monopolist, parasitical and decomposing and agonizing capital, the reaction in all the line.

In order to maintain the old domination order, the imperialist bourgeoisie can only do it through the subjugation of the peoples, increasing more and more the oppression to extract the maximum rate of surplus value of the labor force, energy and raw materials to demean prices and also secure the captive markets to its corporation’s goods. In order to do this, they improve the war of plunder over whole nations and promote a new repartition of the world between its superpowers and powers.

The world is at war, a war carried out by imperialism into the territory of the colonies and semicolonies, mainly in the area known as the Extended Middle East, focused mainly in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Palestine and with provocations in the Extreme East, which is the case in North Korea. Also in Africa, both north and the zone below Sahara. In Latin America, imperialism unleash the Armed and repression Forces of the puppet states in a reactionary war, extermination war against the poor people..

All these disturbances thought did not go without violent answer. The national resistances, each one according to its ideological limitations, imposed heavy losses to imperialism at the same time it brought war into their own homes.

The apparent muddles of Trump serves to mask the USA – as single hegemonic superpower – attempts to submit Russia – atomic superpower – completely and this way open the path to a world total domination. To do this, it is necessary to put the Middle East under its absolute control. The illusion Trump sold to his electoral base, being unilateral, underestimates the resistance of the oppressed peoples and mainly the new wave of revolutions that rises under the banner of marxism-leninism-maoism with the People’s Wars in Peru, India, Philippines and Turkey, which proves to be the most advanced – and irreconcilable with imperialist domination – path because it is the result of the leadership of the most revolutionary class, the proletariat.

The revolutionary situation that develops in unequal way in the whole world and particularly in Latin America has shown clearly the semicolonial and semifeudal character of its countries and their senile, corrupt and genocide States – be them under leadership of opportunists like Luiz Inacio, Morales and Maduro or declared reactionaries like Macri and Kuczynski that kept and still keep their countries in situation of national subjugation to imperialism, mainly Yankee.

In Brazil, the bankruptcy of the petist1 opportunism created the situation for an overwhelming attack by the latifundium and the big bourgeoisie, both the comprator and the bureaucratic, through a “rubber stamp” for imperialism who, riding a venal parliament, advanced over the workers rights and over theunclaimed lands, indigenous and quilombola lands.

Such initiatives only contributed to provoke the wrath of the workers who resist in an increasing violent form, as was the case of Humaitá (Amazonia state) and Correntina (Bahia state) that, although still isolated, started a new wave of popular protests that keeps going on with road, avenues, street blocks and seizure of latifundium lands.

Everything indicates that Trump provocations against Palestine and North Korea, on the international level, and the schemes of Temer and Meirelles gang to seize the Social Security in Brazil will be highly inflammable material in order to initiate 2018 under the bellicose sign of the popular protest.

1 Related to PT (Workers Party)

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