Editorial - Imperialism and all reaction will be swept away from the face of Earth

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“A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies”. This was expressed in the text of the Communist Party Manifesto of 1848.

What was a spectre, when merged with the living worker movement, converts into a mighty material force capable of changing the ways of humanity. The old Russia, euroasiatic feudal empire – prison of peoples – is the stage of the democratic and socialist revolutions, which resulted from the workers and peasants alliance which – under leadership of the Bolsheviks – put an end to the old order of exploitation and oppression, opening the New Era of the Proletarian Revolution, of transition from capitalism to Communism.

When introducing the scientific foundations of the transformation of the old society – of its destruction and construction of the new society through Socialist Revolution and its viability as Dictatorship of the Proletariat – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels lay the basis of scientific socialism. These basis would serve Lenin in the edification of the Great October Socialist Revolution; and Chairman Mao Tsetung in the New Democracy Revolution uninterrupted to Socialism and in the Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution, both in China.

October 1917 aims to the overcome of the exploitation of men by men in human history by beginning the human emancipation. This is why the communists celebrate with honour and joy the centenary of the Great October Socialist revolution led by the Bolsheviks.

The same way it happened at the time of the launching of the Communist Manifesto, the reactionaries of all calibres dump a sea of garbage in the form of films, books and newspapers – not to speak of the bilious vomiting in the internet – against the greatest conquest of the proletariat of all the world. All this pretending that capitalism in its rotting phase, imperialism, do not keep the world in permanent state of reactionary and genocide war, decimating entire populations by pest, hunger and war

It is a reaction’s axiom that the first victim in war is the truth. By its own experience! Because the reactionary war of imperialism to prevent Socialism tries to rewrite history in the illusory will to steal from humanity its splendid future: Communism.

In this enterprise a Holy Alliance was formed between Hollywood, the media monopolies, the heralds of bourgeois ideology, the scholars for rent, swordsmen paid by reaction, all the social democrat opportunism, trotskyism, the bernsteinian, kautskist, bukarinist, zinovievist, khrushevist, brejznevist, tengsiaopingist and hohxist revisionists, the revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line and the “left” opportusist line (Peru), avakianists (RCPUSA) and prachandists (Nepal).

Since they cannot effectively deny the socialist accomplishments – achieved mainly with the Dictatorship of the Proletariat under firm and resolute conduction of Stalin – only the lies, falsity and concealment of facts remains to them.

The heralds of bourgeois ideology, trained in the Yankee and British academies, together with the regular resentful and opportunists, go as far as the delirium of denying the insurrection and even the revolution with the epithets “military uprising” and “coup”. The big newspapers of the media monopolies assemble their indigent articles on these fonts, always counting on the writings of “historians”, noticeably of trotskyists and/or ex-trotskyists. These articles are almost always deprived of any objective analysis, picking tittle-tattles, gossips, isolated facts in the eagerness of diminishing the great Bolshevik feat, given that completely denying it is too much stupidity.

The “O Estado de São Paulo” newspaper, for example, wrote: “in a short time, an agrarian, poor and illiterate state was modernized, defeated Nazism and became a nuclear power, present in the four corners of the world. It left a totalitarian and violent path in the way, 20 million dead by hunger, executed or internal conflict victims”. In a confession of the characteristic factionism of the reactionary press, nothing is said about the deaths provoked by the white Army of monarchists, landlords and bourgeois, about the deaths practised by the armies of 14 countries that invaded Russia, about the deaths of soldiers and poor peasants by the landlords and rich peasants denial to release the food reserves to attend them.

in the survey of the demonstrations on November 7 in Russia, the “Folha de São Paulo” newspaper reverberated the presence of Brazilian opportunists and experienced revisionists in the celebration, among them, Eliomar Coelho (state deputy of Psol-RJ) and Jandira Feghali (federal deputy of Pecedobe-RJ). Flaunting their shameless post-modern opportunism and senile revisionism, respectively, both exalted the “validity” of the Bolshevik struggle, as asserted by Coelho. And Jandira posted in social media: “the workers struggle is more necessary than ever.”

Well, these people – totally drawn down in this rotten Brazilian parliament, justifying the electoral farce, that serves as basis for the dictatorship of the big bourgeois and landlords, servants of imperialism – went there to traffic with the prestige of the great historical event. One signals that the Bolshevik revolution was valid 100 years ago and today the corresponding are the embellished reforms preached by Psol. The other emphasises that more than ever is the ass kissing of her party that is necessary.

However, even though some do not say openly, is certain that the common target to all this bunch is the Great Stalin, Brilliant Guide of the peoples, conductor of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the construction of Socialism in the Soviet Union.

The poisoned – however ridiculous – accusations driven to Stalin as the responsible for all the world’s disgraces even nowadays, are nothing more than a show of the decadency, the insignificance and spite of its authors.

All this falsification of history spread and propagandised by the bourgeoisie and other reactionary classes, all this bawling of their representatives in the means of communication, the cultural broadcast means, the academy, the official politics life of their master States, are anger growls against the proletarian revolution which 100 years ago started to take back the wealth accumulated by the sweat, tears and blood of the working class. In fact you are right in lying and growling!

Under the command and unravelling of the continuers of Marx and Engels, the leaders of the proletariat since the 20th century, Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao Tsetung and Chairman Gonzalo, the great events they led in person, among defeats and victories, brought the proletarian revolution to the stage of Strategic Offensive. This offensive is in correspondence with the foretold by Chairman Mao in asserting “within the next 50 to 100 years”, during of the epoch of the most advanced rotting of imperialism in which it will be, together with all reaction, swept away from the face of earth by the world proletarian revolution.

Capitalism, or imperialism, lives the sharpening of its general decomposition crisis, in it a storming mass movement is increasing: the Proletarian Revolution rises, and Socialism and Communism will inevitably win!

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