Single Party torn to tatters

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The long decline of the acronyms that compose the Single Party has been the most evident fact of the 2018 electoral farce.

Charge: Vini Oliveira

Just three months away for the election, that is, for the accomplishment of the fraud, the acronyms try to join themselves in a kind of embrace of drowned persons to overcome their despair.

Since this is a case of agremiations submitted to a pattern statute that imposes an adhesion to the imperialist policy of national subjugation either in a clarified or non-clarified way, their so-called ideological definitions remain for the sake of appearances.  

In fact, they are all in the right-wing for accepting the patterned statute and giving legal support to the people’s exploitation and oppression regime, for bending themselves to the market goals and for providing an honest appearance to the farce that repeats itself every two years since the imperial times.

The diferentiation speeches have been denied by the immediate practice as in the case of Ciro Gomes who, besides his reactionary path of life, has affirmed not to make alliances with ‘coup persons’ and next made arrangements with the ‘notorious centre people’.

The rats’ nest denominated ‘big centre’ prefered Alckmim, the ‘thin dog’, extracting the compromise from him to share power and support the cadidates indicated by the ‘big centre’ for vice-presidency and chairmen of the two Chambers of Parliament.

Not only this: in such a plight of cynicism and villainies anything may occur. It would become absurd that for Luiz Inácio, impeached to be a candidate, the salvation would be to play the game so that Alckmin could be elected? Of course not. Alckmin’s victory would mean the cast-aside polarization PSDB/PT, and a political life guarantee for both acronyms of the Single Party.

In the states, mostly, the nearly forty acronyms are shuffled as in cards and once more will provide substance to the statement that they are ‘brethren under the skin’.

What makes this electoral farce different from the others is the fact that they happen in a moment of a deep international and national crisis in which the solution for the contradictions tend to be headed by means of war.

It is enough to see the contradictions among half a dozen of nations submitted to the colonial and semicolonial exploitation. A crisis that also includes the inter-imperialist contradictions that have as main opposing sides USA ( hegemonic and single superpower), Europe superpowers and China. Those empires transform the colonies and semicolonies territories into a scenery of plundering war.

Brasil, as a semicolonial and semifeudal country, in which a bureaucratic capialism has been developed and that has the main of its natural resources and production drained to the imperialist basin, mostly Yankee, besides its endemic crisis according to its nature, has been totally submitted to the general crisis of capitalism.

Before the fragility of its institutions raised in formal basis, for being a nation demanding national independence and a real democracy, it is a prevailing fact the existence of a revolutionary situation sometimes motionless sometimes evident in development creating political crisis.

The political crisis unleashed in USA in 2008, worldwide spread, was hidden and made up here up to the time it surpassed itself at the end of 2014, potencializing the political crisis with Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. And with the raising of Temer’s gang all the Republic powers have been dragged to demoralization and leveling in their way the institutions which give them support, principally the political system anchored in the existence of the Single Party

As this is an election through a huge moral/political/economic crisis marked by the massive unemployment, the general fall of the petty and media industries, impunity of politicians and corrupt businessmen, revolutionary war against the poor people and the planning of a preventive military counter-revolutionary coup d’État against the inevitable masses’ upheaval – there is neither a speech nor a programme able to raise the people’s mood for one more edition of the electoral farce.

Rejection, disgust and aversion is what politicians receive when they appear on television and still more in their manifestations in the centres of the cities.

The opportunist ‘left-wing’ wallows in the quagmire with their shabby phraseology of low socialist stamp approved in their congresses to attract their militants, mostly the young ones. Among those who have been at the head of the Brazilian State, the assistentialist programmes remained so that they could appease the masses’s hatred, alleviate the class contradictions and serve to the salvation of the exploitation an oppresion system. By participation of these frauds they commit a crime against the people as they know this country will never change through one or several elections.

It is incumbent upon the revolutionaries, men and women alike, to unleash a huge agitation campaign, repeating  thousand of times that only the Revolution of New Democracy ininterrupt to socialism will be able to demolish the old order and build up the New Brasil.

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