The result of the PT class collaboration

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At the beginning of the 21st century, Latin America, mostly its portion from Venezuela to Uruguay, lived the development of a revolutionary situation. The imperialist system crisis, from the interior of the hegemonic unique superpower, the USA, with speculative bubbles on the Stock Market and with the large crisis in the real estate sector, launched the financial and economic crisis around the world.

The crisis that started in Argentina and spread to Uruguay, Paraguay and Brasil, affecting Chile and Ecuador, was part of the international economic crisis that produces permanently problems as the drops in Wall Street’s and Europe’s stock markets and the crash of gigantic enterprises as the WorldCom, among banking fraud scandals and so on. It was a crisis of the capitalist system on the whole.

In many countries as Venezuela, Argentina, Bolívia and Ecuador, the masses have raised in protests everytime more massive and violent and able to overthrow presidents. In Brasil, the unsatisfaction and indignation of the masses, about to explode in violent demonstrations, were deviated out of the struggle road to the electoral illusions preached by PT’s sparks of hope. The victory in the electoral farce took Luiz Inácio and PT to the condition of managers of the old and rotten Brazilian State, postponing for 12 more years the upheaval accomplished by the other South America peoples.

“When the economic crisis was unleashed all over the world, leading Brazilian people close to the general rebellion, it was the electoral opportunism which deviated it from its way”.

On its Editorial number 10, on June, 2002, under the title of “New government of national betrayal”, AND pointed out the class conciliation and collaboration with the PT national betrayal basis.

“The political-ideological syncretism which formed the PT elite is not so mechanic and immediate as it appears. The PT elite has not turned into it recently. It was not a few days ago that it concluded courses in the counter-revolutionary institutes led byt imperialism as Iadesil (American Institute for the Free Unionism), but it has deep roots in the feudal ideology and politics, the decadent capitalism of the classical fascism and the sophisticated fascism nowadays.

The PT elite, a scum originated of the technocratic petty-bourgeoisie, has been clearly absorbed by the experts in the government business and admitted mostly in the auxiliar administration of imperialism in our country, establishing a rigid continuation by means of the municipal government which submitted itself to the mainstream power. It is no accident that the PT leadership, when still rehearsing the grimaces of a beginner that would adopt in power, marked proudly its first measure, the one to render obedience to the international monopoly capital”.

Proceeding with the fascist pro-military regime management, the PT administration maintained all the harmful agreements to the Brazilian nation, as for instance, the IMF and the World Bank agreements, adopting the policies dictaded by the international financial system, designating Henrique Meirelles - an IMF agent – to the Central Bank. By accepting all the modifications accomplished on the 1988 Constitution review, from which many advances had been removed as the characterization of the national enterprise, and without providing the regulation of the pending rights as the right to strike.

His cowardiness before the extreme-right wing led him to agreements for the preservation of the regime’s whole repressive structure and the courses curriculum for the formation of the Army Forces officers, based on the infamous Doctrine for the National Security, elaborated and imposed by the Yankees. At the final courses the “Dictator Generals” were honoured as the patrons of every group. His services included the services to the landownership, the great bureaucratic bourgeoisie and imperialism; for asserting the masses restlessness he adopted a project combining the application of the “compensation policies” prescribed by the World Bank with typical fascist programmes on the poor masses corporatized structure for gathering the “voting fodder” and to manoeuvre the masses. He wrapped everything in and pompously labelled it as “ people’s development”.

Associated to the landownership, disguised as agrobusiness, he boycotted the timid agrarian reform at Cardoso time, the demarcation of the indigenous territories and the quilombolas’. He revived the battered development theories, already comproved as failed trials for saving the bureaucratic capitalism inherent to the colonies and semi-colonies. While bankrupting thousands of national enterprises, he elected half a dozen super contractors as the ones patronized by BNDES, giving them tax exemptions and subsidised interest-free loans.

“Bolsonaro’s government will fail and will be shaken by crisis on deciding which way will be followed: either the corporative fascism or the most reactionary and made-up demoliberal regime”.

Evidence of the insufficiency of his “developmentalism’ is that the Bolsa de Família program has not been conceived as an emergencial program while the market did not grow any longer. Conversely, this assisted “labour force” started having systematically an exponential growing. The PT members, capitalizing on the vices and prerogatives of the mean policy could only reproduce the old order, mobilizing more legislation to increase the repression on the masses.

The 2013 demonstrations, as the masses’ explosion, were the death nell of the PT opportunism. Their reconciliatory policy and class collaboration has obscured the real class character of the rotten Brazilian State and it was crystal clear in the last elections.Many were deluded with Lula and PT and this time they have been misled by a fascist. Bolsonaro is the best example of the collapse of this rotten political and economic system of exploitation and oppression of the people and the Nation subjugation. His government will be the coalition of the fractions of the ruling classes to increase the workers’ exploitation and the imperialist prey of the Nation’s wealth. It will also be, to a greater extent, the acutest combat between these fractions for which political system will be chosen so that it can try to save the bureaucratic capitalism mired in crisis: a corporative and fascist regime, or the demo-liberal so much demoralized and made-up, for which the Yankees have launched the Lava Jato Operation and imposed its “hero”, Moro, as a super ministry.

Our people, provided a hard and persistent people’s resistance fight, guided by the class line, in defense of the trampled rights and against the plundering of our wealth by imperialism, mostly Yankee, will, by the democratic revolution road, little by little, separate the wheat from the chaff on the political disputes in the country, to resolve the serious problems they suffer, with a new democracy and a true national independence.

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