Editorial - General strike against the reduction of rights and the ongoing military coup

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The fight for the repeal of the labour laws, the workers’ rights restriction and against the Social Welfare Reform dictated by the banks and in defence of the right and freedom for organization and demonstration demands, at a moment’s notice, the unity for action in the trade-union movement. With the end of the PT’s opportunism corporative policy in the management of the old State, the ground is cleared for the struggle for a trade-union movement which imposes the class line as a condition to take the fight to victory.

The shift management of the old State that will begin is clearly founded in the national subjugation to Uncle Sam, a subaltern condition expressed in the military salute given by the elected president to the Yankee imperialism staff. His anti-worker and traitor nature, announced by the complete dilapidation of the national patrimony, the liquidation of the Social Welfare and the withdrawal of the workers’ rights, the indigenous people’s, quilombolas’ and landless peasants’ can only be prevented by the widespread mobilisation led by class people.

It is still alive in the memory of everybody the truck-drivers’ strike as a thorough expression of the workers’ power union which has received the support from the population, emphasizing the fairness of their demands.

At that time, most of the trade-union movement was imprisoned to the fetters of the PT corporativism that has lasted 14 years, undermining the fair struggle of the workers. Some representatives of the non-underdog trade-unionism have acused the truck-drivers’ movement to be a real “creation of the right-wing”, an epithet they would label everything it was not related to them. Such a thing has prevented the merging of the movement with the boom of a national general strike that could have taken to another stage the political situation in the country. 

Temer’s gang did everything they could for settling the counter-reform invoices of the labour and social security laws, trying to take advantage of a moment the working class was demobilized and also the general frustration of the people with the bad policies; even though he was not able to let things done to his successor.

The greatest boycott to the electoral farce, of all times, was the fact that the masses of people are not in the mood for accepting the appalling exploitation imposed by the bureaucratic capitalism in Brasil, aggravated worldwide by the general crisis of imperialism.

It is not in vain that the planned preventive military coup towards the unavoidable mass uprising has taken the shape of the election of the extreme right-wing candidate. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory, since Bolsonaro was chosen by the minority of the Brazilian people and his governmen will be the stage of a heavy clash between the promises of the extreme right-wing with the right-wing itself and the centre-right-wing ( military and civil), proceeding and deepening the political crisis that will not be able at short notice to get the country out of the economic crisis. The “new thing” presented is the conformation of a management composed by right-wing generals, old foxes from the demoralized parliament and high position bureaucrats and economists trained at the Yankee universities in specialization course of national subjugation.

The trande-union movement under the class line has been challenged to vanguard a powerful national mobilization through the setting up of a national strike against the abolition of the workers’ rights, against the Welfare Reform as well and to prevent the ongoing counter-revolutionary offensive in the country.

Let us keep the General Strike banner for the national democratic resistance flying !

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