The ‘give and take’ à la mode Bolsonaro

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The disagreement festival from Bolsonaro’s first days has disclosed one more “mith”, the one that there would never be in Congress the “give and take” policy. By passing the law that would grant fiscal incentives to Sudene and Sudam, causing damage to the National Treasury cash, Bolsonaro has cynically revealed that in case he would not pass it, the tax waiver would create difficulties for the approval of the “ Social Welfare Reform”.

What is all about then? Were the law not sanctioned, the deputies from two regions could vote against the approval of the Social Welfare changes. Therefore, to please the northern and north-eastern deputies, Bolsonaro has provided the fiscal waiver in order to have the deputies support on the Social Welfare voting.

In the course of his seven mandates – 28 long years under a maharaja’a life – Bolsonaro had a free transit around the “baixo clero” ( NT- people who do not have expression in the Congress), where the “bullet/ ox/ bible parliamentary benches” would conceal themselves. It was during his campaign that the “give and take “ agreements were closed in a mystified manner.

For the bullet-bench, whose parliamentaries received fianancial support from the stun weapons manufacturers and merchants, he promised to release the arms possession, i. e., confer the arms possession and receive the bullet-bench support.

With the ox-bench he has used the same indulgence, permiting UDR to have the Indigenous and Quilombola lands control,  besides affirming he would think over the demarcation of the Indigenous territories of Raposa Serra do Sol, in Roraima. He has moved the Funai to another Ministry and “will release” the landlords from Ibama’s unpaid fines that has also been mischaracterized. In return, he will have from the sturdy ox-bench and the land squatting support to his demands in the Congress.

With the bible-bench – besides the motto “ God above all” – he provided guidance for a relentless fight against what he has named “gender ideology”, “cultural Marxism” and “politically correct” besides some other foolish things that, according to the benches, would harm the relationship with God, the motherland and the family. From the evangelical pastors’ “give and take” he will have the return for his projects.

Therefore, such a form of negotiation with the “topical” benches is nothing less then the mystified manner to continue what cannot be changed in this rotten system from its medulla: the Legislative subordination to the Executive power through the support purchasing.

The bigoted anti-communist speech has been serving not only to feed the culture broth that has elected him and without it he could not be sustained, besides justifying his blatant anti-people stance by reducing the people’s rights and flattering the USA to shelter the military base in the motherland soil. It also serves to conceal the purchase of support and votes essential to administer this rotten machinery.

Bolsonaro is mistaken when thinks that the minority of the electorate who chose him has given him a blank cheque for defending the ruling classes ( great bourgeois and landlords who give support service to imperialism, mostly Yankee) and enlarge still more the exploitation and oppression on the masses of our people. That is it! It will not be long for the majority of those who ellected him in despair and lack of perspective to realize the new error they have fallen victims.

The state of affairs in Brasil is extremely serious, and a worldwide disorder has just started. Those who think the political crisis has come to an end are certainly raving. The high command of the Armed Forces – it was for no other reason – aware of the seriousness of the situation and driven by Uncle Sam, long before election day, had already put in motion a preventive military intervention plan to the inevitable people’s uprising against the increase of the exploitation, misery and oppression. By using Bolsonaro’s election, they tried to institutionalise the military coup to give it “ legitimacy”, aware of the fact that it is a matter of an explosive situation. They have imposed to the small Bolsonaro’s family clan the occupation made by them of the most strategic sectors of the management of the old State for carefully handling the shape of the counter-revolutionary coup. Unlike this caution, Bolsonaro has already added fuel to the fire.

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