The Parliament, most rotten than ever

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The Lava Jato Operation, instigated by the US Embassy to give a helping hand to the old and rotten Brazilian political system and to save it from the widespread demoralisation, has been innocuos as to the composition of the Brazilian ruling classes den, also known as the National Congress.

Dida Sampaio/Estadão
Patético espetáculo no Senado em sessão que elegeu o presidente

The last electoral farce has clearly testified that to renew persons do not mean political renewal, being similar to salt rotten meat. The proof of it is in the election for the Chairmen of the Board of the two Houses of the Brazilian Parliament who stayed in the hands of nothing more, nothing less than the Democratic Party, DEM. Its origin is 1985, a result of a split of PDS, Arena ( oficial party of the military fascist regime) being denominated Party of the Liberal Front (PFL), principal mouthpiece of the landownership. Among its entreprenerial mindsets one can detach José Sarney and Antonio Carlos Magalhães.

PFL has maintained a large bench in the period of Fernando Henrique Cardoso management through an alliance with PSDB but it shrank during the administration of Luiz Inácio and Dilma Rousseff when it was opposition.

With the banishment of Eduardo Cunha from the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, the deputy Rodrigo Maia, Dem’s new generation, could reach the chairmanship. Maia, who was quick in mastering the tricky ways and shrewdness of the place, has extended his reign through a thousand ‘stitches’ between the Single Party acronyms involving from the pseud left-wing as PT and PcdoB to MDB and PSDB up to the bolsonarist extreme right-wing that is present in several renting acronyms.

In Senate, where the most part of the oligarchical leadership is concentrated, the dispute was tempestuous when the House statute was torn under swearing, pushes, general cheating, displaying the mud their excellencies are made of. At the end of the comic opera, Davi Alcolumbre, DEM, was chosen the Senate chairman having as a reference two police investigations in STF – Federal Supreme Court.

This is the leadership the Brazilian parliament has for giving survival to the old democracy of landlords and great-bourgeois, servants to imperialism, mostly Yankee. And guaranteeing the policy for national subjugation managed by Bolsonaro, a government tutored by the Armed Forces and monitored by the US Embassy.

It should be pointed out that, by entangling in fight for guaranteeing “profitable places” in the Board of Directors of the two Houses in Congress, the pseud left-wing opportunism has given one more demonstration to be fully integrated in the old and rotten democracy of the ruling classes. It is not enough for them to be part of the electoral farce; they have to bend themselves to get greasy with the rotten leftover of the old oligarchy. They are nothing but deceivers and mystifiers of the masses and will end up shrinking since their practices are excessively well-known.

There is no renewal whatsoever of the policy that is not the renewal of the individuals who go after their own illegal moneymaking. There is no reform able to conceal the rotteness of such a political, bureaucratic and landownership system; no reform able to moralize it, let alone save it. The present government was elected by a ninority of voters and more than 42 million people have rejected such a farce. The necessary changes that the huge majority of our people aim at and seek cannot be reached by this system. Every action and every day of this government will make clear that, more than ever, the class struggle of our people will not go through this pigsty.

Those who think the resistance of the countryside and city workers will be restricted to this legislative den are totally wrong. The main place of the workers struggle will be in the streets for preventing the withdrawal of the rights conquered and for guaranteeing the right to the land for the landless or with a little land peasants, the indigenous people and quilombolas. And those stormy and inevitable struggles will unmask, little by little, the lies and betrayals of this landownering, anti-worker, traitor and obscurantist government.

That is why the conquering of a New Democracy that secures land to the peasants, rights to our people and a true national independence can only be possible by the revolutionary road, by the people’s rebellion.

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