Bolsonaro travels to USA to lick Trump's boots and hand over Alcântara's Base

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As President Bolsonaro did not have anything significant to mark his visit to the USA, he has taken the opportunity for crawling in front of the number-one enemy of the peoples of the entire world, signing a concession agreement for the Alcântara base, Maranhão state, for the launching of rockets, as a facility coverage of the Yankee imperialism in Brasil.

Many were the Yankees’ attempts to seize a strategic part of the Brazilian territory, including undermining the national initiatives, as for instance, the explosion of a rocket launching coordinated by a project of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisa Espacial de São José dos Campos, when the lives of 21 Brazilian scientists were put to an end.

Over the past six months a proliferation of high ranking authorities of Trump’s government made inroads in the reactionary Armed Forces echelons, mostly the in the High Command, in order to soften the way to reach their nefarious objective.

Bolsonaros’ subservience is so paramount that everything indicates that the traitor’s and his cronies’ intentions are to reduce Brasil condition from a semicolony to the condition of the Yankees’ protectorate. Their own agro-business supporters have already complained that, isolating Brasil from the rest of the world, principally its commercial partners who leave foreign exchanges with the import of Brazilian products – China, Russia, Arab countries and Africa – can generate serious consequences for the bureaucratic capitalism, mostly the agrarian one.

Bolsonaro’s obstinacy, however, ignores his own allies.He will inaugurate the Embassy in Jerusalem, even under General Mourão’s insistent questioning.

Besides Alcântara’s base, Bolsonaro and the reactionary Armed Forces, the imperialism’s servants, prepare the handover of our pre-salt and mineral reserves in Amazonia, overlooking the indigenous, quilombolas and poor peasants’ rights, apart from the sovereignty of the homeland.

Such very serious initiatives can only contribute to murder our people under mountains of toxic mud and pollute our stocks while the mineral resources are taken out of the country at a very low price, as for instance, the clearest case of niobium, besides the outrage of plundering the motherland.

Except for the military agreement accomplished during the World War II with the temporary establishing of a Yankee base in Rio Grande do Norte, even on its reactionary nature, the Armed Forces have never downgraded to such a shameful level for a foreign military occupation.
All the linkages considered as strategic collaborations with the Yankees aim – including the coward provocations against Venezuela – at the increase of militarization of the whole South-American continent whose explosive situation in Brasil is the worrying and relevant factor for them. More than move away Maduro, who now implores for a reconciliation, and even in the interest to stop mostly the Russian influence, the main objective is to increase the conflict for justifying a militarization which involves Brasil as ever before. As Russia has one of the largest oil reserves in the planet, it is a fact that the extension of its influence in the continent restricts the integrity of the subjection of the South-American backyard to the Yankee imperialism. Nevertheless, for the Yankees, the crisis situation that the bureaucratic capitalism in Brasil suffers, makes more threatening for their immediate domain.

Bolsonaro and the reactionary militaries, opening the precedent, wounded to death the national sovereignty and made public their statement of an open war to the Brazilian people.

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