The Poor Peasants League answers to Bolsonaro: 'The peasants will struggle with arms in their hands'

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At the opening of the Agrishow, in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, April 29th, Bolsonaro defended that the landlords who would murder those who invade their lands could neither be sued nor convicted for their crimes. He also promised to send a draft bill to the National Congress characterizing the struggle for land as terrorism.

Enquanto dá cobertura para crimes do latifúndio, Bolsonaro amplia benefícios para grandes fazendeiros

Bolsonaro announced for the thieves of the public lands and the poor peasants’ lands, the landlords, and more specifically to the agribusiness barons that the rural insurance will be of 1 billion reais ( an increase of 125%) during his first year as a president. He also asked the Bank of Brasil to provide smaller interests on the loans for the landlords, one more spree for those parasites who only export and do not contribute with beans for the Brazilians to eat.

Previously, he had renewed the privileges of those sharks with the exemption of 40 billion reais in taxes on the agricultural input, most of them sold by cartelized multinationals.

On his speech in Agrishow, nothing concretely new, besides the open defence of the shooting and genocide in the countryside. Subservient, bloodhound and brazen-faced, he spoke what he really thinks it could please the party owners.

The billionary tax exemptions for the barons of the agribusiness and the transnational of the agricultural industries, with the trillionary rates of interests paid to the bankers and the remittance of profits sent abroad, from the large enterprises, have never stopped being practiced by none subsequent government in the last 30 years, just to exemplify for those who like to talk about the “State based on the rule of Law” of this old order of exploitation and oppression. This is what has ruined Brasil and not the expenses of the State with health, education and retirement, as those who plan to storm the Social Welfare have proclaimed to the whole world.

Impunity to kill peasants, indigenous people, quilombolas, lawyers, priests and proletarian activists who have been fighting for land, bread, work and justice is nothing new, it has always been like that.

To treat as a terrorist the consequent struggle of the people for their right and demands and the people’s protests against abuses and injustices of this old State of landlords and big-bourgeois, Bolsonaro’s predecessor had already done it, with the Anti-terrorist Law, after the awesome youth rebellions in 2013/2014. And the imperialism, mostly North-american, has been operating with this mantra in the country since the military civil coup, in 1964.

What is new among all these things, always practiced and never spoken out, is that all this has come out of the Republic President’s mouth who was elected only with 30% of the ballots of the Brazilians who were in condition to vote in the most demoralised of all the editions of the electoral farce in the last 30 years.

And to try to save this brutal system of exploitaion and oppression of the land’s and finances’ sharks, serviles to the North-american imperialism, of its agonic crisis, amidst the general world crisis of imperialism, the genocide and rotten State has unleashed a preventive reactionary offensive against the people and against Brasil.

Excluding the banks, since the imperialism is the stage of capitalism of the predominance of the financial monopoly capital, the best business in the world is to be a landlord in Brasil! They take possession of public and private lands, use slave labour, do not pay taxes, have insurance against losses (guaranteed profit) and can kill with impunity. So many absurd privileges, so much liberalism, so much “modernity” and so much fascism!

With his shameless statements, Bolsonaro - who disputes with the generals the kind of regime of the counter-revolution that will save the system of the leeches of the people and nation – proclaims as a big bully boy the daydreaming of terror of the landownership, big bourgeoisie and imperialism to drown in bloodshed the secular and sacred struggle for the peasants’ land in our country. He will be defeated!

Bolsonaro and his statements and provocations is only the iceberg tip of fascism in Brasil that is raising its head again all over the world. Bolsonaro has been urging his fascist, fanatic and obscurantist followers to stir the civil war towards the genocide of the poor people in the country. However, the peasants in Brasil have been struggling in the course of  centuries for a piece of land for planting and raising their families and building with their brothers, the workers, a nation and a new Brasil.

Like the indigenous people, slaughtered in our country, the peasants have fought in hundreds of armed conflicts and have never stopped struggling. If there have been defeats during these centuries, either by lack of objective conditions or by lacking of an enlightened leadership, this does not condemn them  eternally to an overthrow. Conversely, it has been exactly their persistence in the struggle, despite the defeats and learning with them, that they could learn the road to victory. The reaction thinks they will defeat the masses, but the peasants have learned a lot and will fight not according to their enemies provocation but on their own way and when the most convenient moment comes they will make the fight with arms in their hands.

And for the peasants to survive is to have a piece of land to work on!

Long live the sacred struggle for the land!

Land for those who work in it and live from it!

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