The cutting in Education is a chantage to storm the Social Welfare

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All the previous governments to Bolsonaro have utilized the cutting of grants to administrate the Union’s budget in accordance with the inflow of funds of the Ministry of Finances and the priority in the payment of interests to the bankers.

Bolsonaro has decided to change the cuttings into a threat to all higher education institutions and even technical education. To start with, the minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, affirmed that the funding cuts would reach the universities in which “there has been a row”, that is, where professors and students are engaged in defending the right to a public university, free of costs and with quality. Later on, Bolsonaro extended the measures to all universities besides doing a survey on the scholarships offered by the research institutions, undertaking draconian cuts in their funds, reducing extremely the scholarships to master and doctorate degrees.

In a genuine attack to the scientific development of the country – which the Minister and Bolsonaro have considered unnecessary expenses – such a measure has served to stir a real wasps’ nest, provoking the mobilization of  million teachers and students on May 15th, in a demonstration that they will take all the consequences to prevent the destruction of the education, researching and scientific development in Brasil.

What is the reason of all this threat to education? Apart from the fact that Mr.Abraham has been selected to be the “exterminator of the future of the Ministry of Education and Culture”, following a programmatic determination from Olavo de Carvalho ( according to him the Ministry and the universities are a communist stronghold and they have been developing the “cultural Marxism” in all their departments), the blackmailing measure has as well the fingerprints of Paulo Guedes, the Chicago boy.

Paulo Guedes has been insisting in squeezing the amount of one trillion and three hundred billion reais from the social security people to hand them over to the investors and profiteers, leeches of the international financial system. The banker has affirmed that if the “Social Welfare does not pass” the way it has been proposed, there will not be possible to bear the costs of the Brazilian universities. He acts as if the Social Welfare would be the only collecting source of the Union. It is not without a reason he has hidden the PEC calculation basis of the “Social Welfare reform”.

Every three months the Central Bank throws down the growth rate perspective of the Brazilian economy, whose recession will be still more increased by the Yankee economy crisis that can already be foreseen. In case the government proposal is not approved for the National Congress, Paulo Guedes will responsabilize the new recession that is coming near.

Contrary to what they think, the crisis that unemploys around 30 million Brazilians will only give more impulse to the inevitable mass uprising.

Besides the huge demonstrations on May 15th, teachers, students and researchers will go on their movement and participate in the  national general strike with the workers from the cities and countryside.

What is at stake are the highest interests of the country, its independence and sovereignty.

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