The policemen invade trade union ‘at the behest of the Army’

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The Federal Railway Police (PRF) invaded the Education Labour Union of Amazonas (Sinteam), Manáus, during the meeting for the organisation of a demonstration against Bolsonaro and the generals government, in the afternoon of July 23rd. The agents affirmed they were there “ at the behest of the Brazilian Army”, according to reports from the educational employees.
In accordance to propagated reports in the newspaper A Crítica, the three policemen involved in the action were carrying rifles and asked many questions for around thirty minutes. At that moment, there were in the meeting people’s activists and workers. The policemen still asked: “Who is the leader?”

The finances secretary, Cléber Ferreira, declared to the press what had happened and affirmed: “We talked to the them [the policemen] very calmly and we declared that to protest is permitted in a free Brasil.They informed that they were fullfiling their role”. And proceeded: “ At the moment that we live under the present government, the presence of the police in a trade union is a clear intimidation”. The trade union chairwoman, Ana Cristina Rodrigues, said that “it is very worrisome because our right to express remains constrained”.

This operation happened amidst a counter-revolutionary military coup that has been developed step by step in Brasil and the process of growing tutelage of the reactionary Armed Forces to the institutions and to the society in general; generals are assuming key positions in the government and in the old State and having a a fascist as a President. Moreover, such a fact expresses the destruction of the democratic liberties and rights.

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