Middle businessman commits suicides in front of the Governor in Sergipe

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In the morning of July 4th, the middle entrepreneur, Sadi Paulo Castiel Gitz, from the ceramics sector, commited suicide shooting his head, during an event that took place in Aracaju, in the presence of Sergipe governor, Belivaldo Chagas, and the Mining and Energy Minister, Bento Albuquerque. According to information, Sadi Paulo got up and said: “Belivaldo, you are a big liar!” and shot himself.

Sadi Paulo suicidou-se em protesto por alto preço do gás, que encarece a produção de cerâmica

The businessman was the owner of Ceramica Sergipe S/A, better known as Ceramica Escurial, and the event had been promoted at Hotal Radisson by the governor of Sergipe. This event would discuss questions related to gas production and offer in the state, the strategies of the government for the areas and opinions of the involved entreprises.

The governor profile on the social network was performing a live transmission when Sadi commited suicide, touching the participants of the Opportunity Symposium in the natural gas branch.

The problem of the national bourgeoisie

Such a despair attitude by Sadi Paulo shows the deep economical crisis that Brasil has been suffering and affects mostly the genuine national production (a capital that is not linked to imperialism or to the bureaucratic-landownership block). The reason for his suicide was the fear of bankrupcy before the high price of natural gas, indispensable for the pottery production, becoming impossible to compete with other branches and monopolies of the industry on the dispute of the same market.

As one of the representatives of this national bourgeoisie (middle bourgeoisie), the entrepreneur, as many others, saw his business risking to be ruined because of the crisis and under the frequent and unequal competition with the monopolies of the great bourgeoisie and imperialism that have the State as guardian of their interests. That is, if for one side it is real that the national bourgeoisie aims at growing, it is also a fact that it foresees itself in constant danger of ruin, thanks to the dominance of the national and international monopolies in Brasil.

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