Wide open military crisis: General consulted Federal Supreme Court on the military intervention

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A report of the Veja magazine, August 9th , revealed and brought to the surface the deep institutional military crisis that exists in the country and exposed that the crisis has nearly burst open as a military movement that would breadkup the Armed Force in bolsonarist “radicals” and high commanders – characterized by the magazine as “moderated”. The report had an interview with the chairman of the Federal Supreme Court, Dias Toffoli, who explained the backstage of the crisis.

The minister affirmed everything occurred in April and May when the president, Jair Bolsonaro, was refusing to create an ”allied basis” in Congress to pass the “Social Welfare Reform”, affirming it was “ a  take and give “ and there was “ no way to negotiate”. Bolsonaro has accused Rodrigo Maia to be the representative of the “old policy” and the  parliament to function under changing votes by funds and positions. The “big centre”, on the other hand, to chantage the president, has threatened to present a project to set up a “parliamentarianism” that would  remove the fundamental of presidential power and functions. 

According to AND 222 Editorial, from April second fortnight, Bolsonaro’s movement based on his plan of “the more the crisis deepens in the county, the more chances will be for his project to gain the majority among the militaries”. In the article “The struggle between the government and the parliament proceeds”, AND same edition, we also affirm that, by denying to do the “take and give”, Bolsonaro in fact was seeking ”to reinforce his position that it is not possible to govern with the parliament, trying to gain sectors of the society for a fascist projec he has always defended ( the return of the pro-Yankee fascist military regime)”.

Dias Toffoli, according to Veja report, said that: “ In a wing of the Army one started discussing  the incapacity of the president for governing, while in the other, more radical and formed by low rank militaries, one talked about an insurgency against the ‘corrupt institutions’”.

Before such a scenario, Toffoli said that “one of the generals near the president had consulted a minister of the Supreme Court to know if it would be correct his interpretation of the Constitution, according to which the Army, if necessary, could make use of the troops to maintain the “the law and the order”. To make it clearer, the report synthesizes: “ In other words, the general was wondering if, in the hypothesis of a convulsion, he would have autonomy to use the soldiers regardless the presidential authorisation”.

The economical basis of such a deep military crisis, in accordance with the magazine, was so clear that Bolsonaro’s impeachment was discussed by “ businessmen from the industrial sector disturbed by the paralysis of the economic agenda”. According to the report, the big bourgeois wanted new elections but as it was not possible they would be glad to have Mourão. One of the entrepreneurs would have said, according to the article,:”If it is to change, it is better to be soon”.

 It is sufficient to recall that in March, April and May, General Mourão launched a series of lectures for the big bourgeois of the industry sector. On March 22nd , for example, he lectured at the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre. Two days before, another lecture, this time for the industrials of the Group of Entrepreneurs Leaders, in Brasilia. In May, another lecture for the industry businessmen, in Minas Gerais, Sesiminas. The subject of all the lectures was around which measures he thought necessary to impel the sector’s “productivity”.

In AND 220 Editorial (2nd fortnight of February and March 1st) we warned that Mourão, under the High Command of the Armed Forces’s orders (ACFA), was already trying to project himself for replacing the fascist Bolsonaro. We affirmed in the Editorial: “Such an extravagant situation [ we referred to Bolsonaro’s extremist statements] has been used by general Mourão to increase his presence in the government, dismissing the journalists’s attention and making corrections to Bolsonaro and his cronerie’s statements, in secret talkings with foreign correspondents. The former general Mourão of the Masonry statements – in which he preached the military coup, defended a new constitution drafted by outstanding people and some other nonsenses of reactionarism as, for instance, to support a military intervention in Venezuela – has all of a sudden given place to a moderate and cautious Mourão. Such a transmutation could only be understood as a product of an important orientation, or better, an order! It is one more offensive step towards the power usurpation of Bolsonaro’s government by the ACFA, a measure to minimize the damages that could wear out, sooner than expected, the developing government”.

The article of Veja journalist goes on recounting that, before the growing of the movement for Bolsonaro’s fall, the attacks from the extreme right-wing to the Supreme Federal Court have increased in the network, preaching violent actions against the institution and in defence of Bolsonaro.”The ministers have the conviction the attacks were implemented by the government”, the report proceeds.

The magazine mentions that the conflagration between Bolsonaro, the Supreme Federal Court, parliament and Armed Forces – which have signaled clearly a split – was deepening with the movement for constituting a Parliament Committee of Inquiry of the “Lava Toga” which would investigate judges for corruption. The explosion and evidence of this deep institutional and military crisis, the magazine admits, “had a date to happen: on April 10th, the day in which the Supreme Federal Court would judge the legality of the second instance prisons, what could result in the release of ex-president Lula”.

According to Toffoli, this explosion was aborted after more than 120 meetings with parlamentarians, entrepreneurs and generals ( the report affirms that, amid the generals, some were “important  and influential ones who questioned the authority of the president and preached his resignation”). The pact was  closed and became public as the signature of an agreement between the “three powers” for the approval of the “Social Security Reform”. The question now is – and ir is not dificult to foresee it in general lines – what will happen after the approval.

Struggle between the right-wing and extreme right-wing

The report and the interview of the Supreme Federal Court, in fact, reveal the acute and deaf fight in the government and the Armed Forces between two bands: the hegemonic right-wing of the High Command of the Armed Forces, against the civil-military extreme right-wing of Bolsonaro’s group. Both fight for deciding who will have the leadership of the preventive counter-revolutionary offensive. Such disclosure ascertains the existence of a coup on the go and the military crisis having the function to decide who will lead it and which political regime will prevail.

The counter-revolutionary offensive, as we have analysed before, has been unleashed because of the great social revolts from 2013 and 2014 as a prevention to the possible and inevitable general people’s uprising against all this rotten situation the present political system has reached. An offensive combined with the Yankee plans to deepen the militarisation of the continent for preventing a burning at “its backyard”.

The ofensive started with “Lava Jato Operation”, in 2014, unfastened by the nucleus of the establishment aiming at ‘washing the façade’ of the political system, seeking to save the system of exploitation and oppression threatened to collapse because of the failure of the corrupt and rotten political system before the complete lack of people’s credibility and no legitimity. The nucleus is composed by big bankers, industrials and corporation owners of the agribusiness, by the High Command of the Armed Forces,  the head of the media monopoly – Globo, Bandeirantes, Estadão, Folha, etc. – and by the select group of federal prosecutors and the Federal Police agents, trained by FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation, besides the “counselling” of the State Department (USA),  via Yankee Embassy.

The reaction to “Lava Jato” by the official political world of the big bosses of the party acronyms was to offer Dilma’s head on a tray and PT and Lula indictment for all the evils in the country as a way to deviate from them – official political world –the anticorrupt claim of the society, on the edge of hysteria. The whole counter-revolutionary offensive aims at preventing and anticipating the masses uprising which will burst against the anti-people’s measures enforced to save the bureaucratic capitalism and try to support the general capitalism crisis at the expense of more exploitation. Mesures that a PT government, despite being reactionary and opportunist, could not enforce as fast and as deep as the demands from imperialism and that is why their leader is in prison, under the High Command of the Armed Forces’ orders.

More specifically, the counter-revolutionary offensive has imposed itself as a need to carry out the three reactionary tasks to restructure the old State, replacing the demoralized and agonizing political system, to face the serious crisis of the bureaucratic capitalism, giving it a new momentum and conjure the danger of revolution, anticipating itself to the people’s uprising against the system.

Both counter-revoltionary forces aim at the same objective. But the core of the establishment headed by the anti-communist High Command, although leading the military coup, tries to take it within the constitutional milestones. This nucleus sees Bolsonaro’s project for the military regime as a dangerous adventure which will fatally launch the country into a civil war, something that they want to avoid to the fullest. It is very clear for the hegemonic military right-wing in the High Command the need of a regime of maximum centralization of power in the Executive but in the form of continuation of the constitutional regime, maintaining the Legislative and Judiciary branches functioning although submissive and subservient.The right-wing is convinced that the establishing of a military open and declared regime will unleash a large resistance in the society, raising a new wave of rejection to the militaries and the conflagration of the cilvil war in the country.

Bolsonaro’s group, however, - that has been mobilizing for years low rank militaries and the more reactionary sectors of the middle class basing in the anti-communist ideology, by winning accidentally the elections, - though not being the High Command preference started disputing the leadership of this counter-revolutionary offensive resisting to the tutelage exercised by the High Command which took possession of his government. Bolsonaro’s group will not renounce to his obsession for the military regime unless being subjugated by force. With the generals’ imposition of the “Haiti group” in the principal decision posts in the Planalto Palace – a High Command imposition –a government of permanent struggles has been conformed. Deaf disputes but increasingly sharp and tending to deepen whereas both groups want to apply their own salvation project for the system of exploitation and oppression.

However, what is right as a tendency, many times evidenced in our history is that the Armed Forces will remain united in the fundamental, since it is a corporation essentially joined in the anti-communism in a counter-revolutionary solution. But this will not pass unpunished and its quakes will be combustible material for the critical national situation. The corrupt Congress, on the other hand, attacked on all sides and only defended by the conservatives and the false opportunist electoral left-wing on behalf of the “defence of democracy” will not have support from the masses because of the crimes for decades against the people.

Bolsonaro’s group believes in the chaos and uses the events that aggravate the demoralization of the rotten institutions to stir up his basis in the troops and the reactionary public opinion, aiming at constraining a sector of the High Command to participate in his plan before the growing of his influence in the troops. Bolsonaro is a stubborn in his belief that his project “will save the country from communism”. In turn, the High Command tries to wear out Bolsonaro’s image before his fascist basis and the troops, accumulating forces to take him out of his post when perceiving there will not be strong reactions, especially of the low ranks and soldiers.

The opportunists and charlatans, that only see the danger in Bolsonaro, ignore the de facto government conformed by the High Command. They believe that in the present crisis in the country the main contradiction is between fascism and democracy. This is a false question, it is an old opportunist bait and by means of it they will end up uniting with all kind of rubish of this rotten and old democracy in the choir for the counter-revolution.

In the political field the principal contradiction, however, is between the inevitable tendency towards fascism and the new democracy. Only the Revolution of New Democracy will be able to stop at one time the fascist adventures, put an end to the endless circle of crisis, misery and genocide for the people. The masses of our people increasingly fighting for defending their trampled rights will, little by little, join the revolutionary path. Brasil has reached the time of very deep ruptures; they will be a painful long birth from where unparalleled heroism will blossom and at the end the masses of our great people will triumph and we will truly be a sovereign Nation.

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