Bolsonaro issues new ‘Guarantee of Law and Order’ (GLO) in Amazônia

In the meantime, a permanent land use plan in Amazônia is leaked

The presence of militaries from the Army in Amazônia, under the flames that conceal its territory, will be extended. With the new decree of “Guarantee of Law and Order” (GLO) assigned on September 20th , the fascist Jair Bolsonaro allows more time for the advance of militarization in the region, besides admitting the possibility of further extensions. The new issue endorses the advancement of the troops over the indigenous territory, environmental preservation areas and operate ostensibly in the frontiers “to fight the fires”.

At first, the occupation would have finished on September 24th, when the activities would complete one month. Now, the deadline will be on October 24th . According to official sources of the government there is an idea of extending it until November. During this period of time, the operation of the forces will be allowed all over the so-called “Legal Amazônia” which comprises nine states: Mato Grosso, Rondônia, Acre, Amazonas, Roraima, Pará, Amapá, Tocantins e Maranhão.

The daily costs of the GLO maintenance in Amazonia reach around R$1,5 million. Half  of a billionaire fund from Petrobras – around R$2,6 billion –was transferred to implement the measure.

Smoke curtains

Simultaneously to the announcing of the measure, in an extra edition of the Official Diary, the portal The Intercept released informations on a permanent occupation plan of the whole Amazon region named Barão do Rio Branco Project that is in full swing since February this year.

To proceed with the militarization of the region in a continuous form, the focus of the justification would not be the fires anymore but the presence of Chinese persons, NGOs and the Catholic Church in the region.

Meetings’ audios and illustrations presented for the project, released by the Intercept, show the objective to start works of great dimensions in areas of well known agrarian conflicts “ to guarantee the preence of the State in the region”, as, for instance, the building and enlargement of highways and hydroeletric plants, mining exploration and soil preparation for planting, This will cause an exponential growth of the population in several locations.

Consequently, according to those present in the meetings of the “Rio Branco Project”, including the Army general, Maynard Santa Rosa, from the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs, and that has been trained in the US Army War College, the “national sovereignty” on the interests of these “three enemies” will be taken for granted.

Counter-revolutionary offensive measure

As a matter of fact, GLO and the project are parts of the counter-revolutionary offensive, specifically on its third task which consists of militarize the countryside and propel undertakings that justify the military presence. The plan of the reactionaries – and the fascist as well – is to overlap in Amazônia a huge repressive apparatus to inhibit the peasant struggle and try to repress it.

The far right-wing demands permanent military occupation

Jaílson de Souza

Persons from the far right-wing have demanded a larger and a more comprehensive military occupation in Amazonia. Among them is the bolsonarist guru, Olavo de Carvalho.

“In Amazonia nobody knows what is going on”, he affirmed. And proceeded, suggesting:”The only solution is what Bolsonaro says: to send in the Army there. Other things do not work”. “Everything has to be occupied militarly”, he concludes.The fascist ideologist speech happened during a homage to him promoted by the Brazilian Embassy on August 29th. 

The reformed military and federal deputy, PSL, Rio de Janeiro, the bolsonarist Joziel Ferreira, after claiming for a military coup d’état has also affirmed: “ The Army must occupy the whole Amazonia and expel from Brasil all the international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that take our natural resources and leave us rolling in the mud”. He also said that “the Army has to takeover together with the Armed Forces the protagonism in the Nation”. The speech was made during an intervention of the deputy in the National Congress.

The statements confirm AND analysis in the 226 edition according to which the fires in Amazonia, caused by landlords, have a direct link to bolsonarist and far-right-wing groups whose gravest objective was to justify and impose the military High Command to boost the militarization in the Amazonia. The fights for land and the combative peasant movements are concentrated in the region.

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