The rot of an old regime

The situation in which the Brazilian people survive is very serious and grave. The working masses plunged into misery, and soon revolted, receive the ”shock treatment” of the reaction: more repression, militarization, denial of the most elementary rights. The amount of R$600,00, now converted into R$300,00 for four more months, can, at most, postpone the “bomb explosion” that will occur ahead because of the condition of the nation, ransacked by banks, does not allow the country to extend ad eternum the benefit, although it is absolutely necessary for more than 100 million Brazilians. This is the picture in which Brasil is immersed.

Let us see: there are nearly 50 million and 400 thousand unemployed ( considering the discouraged and under-occupied ones), according to the IBGE data, in June. According to the SCPC Boa Vista survey, the bankruptcy of small businesses, the ones that pay more taxes and in full employ more, went up to 95,8% in June, 2020, compared to the same month in 2019, all of them victims by the system of monopolies and financial slavery. It is  symptomatic that, in the opposite direction,  only the two largest local banks have profited together more than R$12 billion in the first quarter of 2020. And be amazed! They are lamenting because in the same period, in 2019, they profited R$20 billion! Let us remember that every year 42% of the Union budget, taxes paid mainly by the people’s masses, are destined for the biggest international bankers. It is a scandalous plunder of the Nations riches and the people’s sweat that have been sucked to the last drop.

Food insecurity in Brasil – read: hunger – affects 43 million people, according to UN. We cannot forget the 120 thousand persons killed by the plague Covid-19, abandonned by governments, whose families have been shattered and swallowed by the feeling of helplessness, while during the pandemic  complaints and cases of theft of public money - that should have been used for protecting the poor of the announced slaughtering - have been reported.

By the way, talking of money theft in the Health System… 

Let us address, for example, Rio de Janeiro. We often affirm that Rio de Janeiro is a sort of showcase of the country’s concentrated situation. Not least, the last governors of the state have been arrested and the current, aspiring Nazi, was removed from the office, accused of creation of criminal organization that embezzled public money through bribes with big businessmen who advance on privatization of the Health System. Everything was done through his wife’s law firm.

The power groups of the decaying local ruling classes, in their struggles, serving the honorable institutions of the old deteriorated State, tear their laws for their own benefit. Legal aberrations as of a judge autocratically removing a governor from his office, among so many in vogue, reveals, in these deals with morality and corruption, that there are no saints as there is not anything to be honorable to stand in defense of that governor and the reactionary political-legal mechanism, that he applauded so much and thanks to which he was elected.

Removed from “Lava Jato” style post, his road to prison has been paved. And the governor - protagonist of that odious scene, broadcast live to the whole world in which he jumps out of the helicopter celebrating the execution of a young man with mental problems -, complains he “had no chance to defend himself”. Come on! Those who have not had and did not have any chance to defend themselves are the thousands of young people murdered in the slums like pest dogs, helpless victims of the policy of deliberate genocide of the rulers. The difference, gentleman, is that those were slaughtered without any chance of proving their innocence, without democratic judgement as you claim for you and your corrupt peers.!Furthermore that, as rich persons, you and your cohorts end up under house-arrest as soon as the matter gets cold.

Nevertheless, this happens not only in Rio de Janeiro neither just with the fascist Witzel. The rot of this old State of big bourgeois and landlords – servants to imperialism, mostly Yankee - is such that R$1,48 billion is estimated to have been stolen; value that refers to what was allocated for prevention policies to Covid-19. The deviation is directly linked to the annihilation of 120 thousand Brazilians, men and women that, together with the government’s neglect and refusal of assistance from the government of generals and retired captain, constitute a crime against humanity. There are cases investigated as in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Roraima, Amazonas, Ceará, Rondônia, Acre and many others, highlighting the essence of this old order: corruption at the service of Health magnates and privateers.

The endemic corruption

In capitalism, in general, corruption is an inevitable phenomenon. The several monopolistic groups, seeking each to dominate a specific market or an entire chain, pay political authorities of the reactionary State for the right to receive advantages and benefits over competitors. The colossal economic power of these pachydermic monopolies makes it impossible for corruption not to exist in the capitalist system. They pay for the campaigns, so they submit the elected.

However, in semifeudal and semicolonial countries where the democratic revolution did not triumph, as in Brasil, its impetus of republic is nourished and reproduces in society the slave-like and feudal mentality of the powerful who can do everything. Not only those of the ruling classes but all the wealthy persons feel entitled and give themselves the right to use the State machine at their leisure and violate the very constitutional norms that they establish with pomp and circunstance.

In countries like ours, corruption is still more necessary so that everything can be reproduced; it is the modus operandi of the government political system. Let us see the example of the landlords: they maintain and increase their ownership of the land through their class control of the State machine, using it to legalize their hoarding actions on public lands and squatters as “grilagens”, taking them from small holders. They submit the notary, the Judiciary, the police, Army and the politicians. In what cities are concerned, whose big bourgeoisie is personally linked to the landownership, it happens essentially likewise.

Similarly, the politicians, from the very beginning of their dirty careers, know that, if they want to have a future in politics, they must submit themselves, from the beginning, to the local oligarchy that will leverage them to the highest position of the State bureaucracy; therefore they must be subject to the semifeudal authority. They are not statists, much less people’s representatives: they are paid servants, directly controlled, conforming to power groups, representatives of the ruling classes. Corruption oils the State bureaucratic-landowner machine in which elections are only a way to endorse the power of landlords and big bourgeois umbilically linked to those.

There is no way to eliminate the wound of corruption and the rot and misery of the masses through reforms. It is an iron circle in which the options that the old democracy gives to the people “to change the government” can only result in the same political programme, the same everyday problems, as they do not even scratch the surface of the bureaucratic-military structure – the old State -, guardian of the system of exploitaion and oppression of the landlords and big bourgeois, servants of inperialism, mainly Yankee.

The solution to all dramas of the people’s masses, including corruption that aggravates them, can only be reached by the New Democracy Revolution that, in turn, only advances through the Agrarian Reform that confiscates, part by part, all landowners’ lands, distributing them to poor peasants without land or with little land, accumulating forces in the countryside and in the city, uniting with the urban masses. Based on the worker-peasant alliance, the United Front will expand its programme that also defends the interests of the small and medium bourgeoisie; it will confiscate all big capital – the big local bourgeoisie – and the imperialist corporations. The People’s Republic of Brasil established throughout the country, all mandates will be elected in People’s Assemblies and will not receive any privilege. The broad masses, free from exploitation and oppression, will awaken from lethargy, exercise the Power at the local level and control their representatives, being able to revoke their mandates at any time they think necessary. They will finally stand up and all the rot will disappear from our motherland.

NÃO SAIA AINDA… O jornal A Nova Democracia, nos seus mais de 18 anos de existência, manteve sua independência inalterada, denunciando e desmascarando o governo reacionário de FHC, oportunista do PT e agora, mais do que nunca, fazendo-o em meio à instauração do governo militar de fato surgido do golpe militar em curso, que através de uma análise científica prevíamos desde 2017.

Em todo esse tempo lutamos e trouxemos às claras as entranhas e maquinações do velho Estado brasileiro e das suas classes dominantes lacaias do imperialismo, em particular a atuação vil do latifúndio em nosso país.

Nunca recebemos um centavo de bancos ou partidos eleitoreiros. Todo nosso financiamento sempre partiu do apoio de nossos leitores, colaboradores e entusiastas da imprensa popular e democrática. Nesse contexto em que as lutas populares tendem a tomar novas proporções é mais do que nunca necessário e decisivo o seu apoio.

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