The chaste guardians of the Republic

The reactionary Armed Forces, with their high commands as leaders, make an envious propaganda of themselves. Their high commands try to show up as incorruptible, the vestals and the only ones with public and national spirit, therefore, the potentates of the republic by right and consequence. They despise the parliament persons and politicians, atributing all the Nation problems to the incompetence, corruption and their lack of public spirit and aim to exercise admittedly their role as guardians and tutors of the country. The Army, pioneer and big-shot among all of them, debits to itself the proclamation of the Republic, usurps the memory and heroism of the rebel Movimento Tenentista which imposed it fragrant and vexaminous defeat. It is proud of the coup d’Etat on April 1st, 1964 and its fascist regime that they shamelessly named “Democratic Revolution of March 31st” and it conceals the genocides against Canudos, Contestado and the oppressive and nefarious episodes of Porongos and Clevelândia, just to name a few.

It is enough to glance through the historical of this institution – past and present – regarding the corruption to understand they are – the reactionary Armed Force  and the whole rotten political system – the same heap of trash secularly accumulated, and the main responsible for the immorality of the latter. They are the ones who have been crushing in iron, fire and blood our people’s trials to accomplish the democratic revolution and the national independence, acting to maintain the system of exploitation, oppression and country’s subjugation.


Strolling through the green-olive mire

The history of the 1964 fascist military regime gives us abundant samples of corruption, at the high dome and other patents of the officers and other official ranks of that force. In 1970, it was clear the involvement of the Army officials and the smugglers, among them captain Ailton Guimarães Jorge, who had received a peacemaker golden medal because of his fight against the armed resistance. The police chief Fleury – although a civil person he worked with the military regime combatting the revolutionaries – was accused of being linked to traffic-dealers groups, besides the genocides he practiced with the “Death Squads” as a leader.

The large contractors as Camargo Corrêa – appointed by “Lava-jato” as exponents of corruption – were as well awarded by the generals’ government and only because of that they have become monopoly cartels generators of all this political indecency. In 1974, Delfim Netto, minister in several military governments, was accused of benefiting that contractor so that it could win the right to build  the hydroelectric power plant of Água Vermelha, Minas Gerais (MG). Later, as an embassador, he was accused of harming a French bank because it would have refused to provide 60 million dollars to build the hydroelectric power plant of Tucuruí, also linked to Camargo Corrêa.

Two years after, a new corruption scandal unvolving the regime, the General Electric admitted to having paid bribes to senior Geisel government officials to obtain contracts.

The public and notorious fraud of the generals even involved executions such as ”filing burning”. In 1982, the newspaperman, Alexandre von Baumgarten, a regime collaborator, was killed after publishing a dossier in which he accused general Newton Cruz of planning his death. Reason: the journalist knew complaints against the general and other employees on corruption cases in the military-run monopolies, the Agropecuária Capemi, that traded the timber from the Tucurui lake. More than 10 million dollars were diverted in the decade of the 1980, to benefit the agents of the National Intelligence Agency linked to the Army. The talkative general denies the charges, of course.

However, the cases did not stop in the past. Quite recently, Bolsonaro’s and generals’ military government spent more than R$15,6 million with condensed milk. The Defense Ministry justifies that such a purchase refers to the soldiers’ ration. The scandal is not there but in the fact that the unities per can have cost R$ 162, a typical case of overpricing for the robbery of the public money. Around R$ 31,5 million were spent with softdrinks and R$ 21 million with yogurt. With only the value spent with condensed milk it would be possible to purchase 8 thousand cyllinders of oxigen of 50 liters ( industrial pattern) evaluated between R$1,8 thousand and R$2 thousand per unity, what would solve the situation of  the horrible killing that endures in Manaus(AM). Is it a crime or not?

And there are more cases. Right now, a Federal Police operation investigates the use of planes of  FAB (Brazilian Air Force) in the international drug trafficking, in special in the Republic Presidency Office in a sector led by general Augusto Heleno ( The one that said, in a PSL convention, in 2018, that to ally to Centrão – called by him the ‘trash’ and that now became an ally of the military government in parliament – would be to open the doors to the general corruption). Ten persons and three companies have been the target of 15 search and seizure warrants and precautionary mesures. The case refers to the prison of  the Air Force sergeant, Manoel Silva Rodrigues, in Sevilla, June, 2019, caught with 39kg of cocaine in a plane that made up the entourage of Bolsonaro. The investigation points out to GSI military official, lieutenant colonel Piovesan as possibly involved, as he used to “lend money” very often to the sergeant who was caught and that, acording to his wife, did not have money enough to pay for  “the business” by himself.


What is behind the appearance

Those gentlemen are, different from what they seem to be, the perpetuators of all the disgrace that weighs over the Nation. Crushers of the people’s upheavals of democratic aim – upheavals that have searched to destroy the old order -, they are, in fact, the tutors and guardians of the rotten order of exploitation and oppression. Trained canids paid – and what a fat pay! – by the generals they fight for being the favourite soldiers of the Yankee imperialism, local occupation and fast intervention in the region. They are bigger brand bureaucrats, big-bosses specializing in leisure,  cheap patriots, homeland thugs wallowed in corruption and immorality.

The reactionary Armed Forces and the whole rotten system are parts of the pile of garbage to be burnt and swept away. Both for corruption – a nefarious practice of such an institution -, and mainly by the role it plays, as genocidal ones, who are brave to coerce and kill a disarmed and disorganized mass, what reveals, by itself, their cowardice.

Speaking of cowardice, even now, through the “Verde Brasil 2” Operation, mapping, encircle, clandestine incursions and aid to the offensive actions of military flocks against the peasant masses and the poor people that fight for a piece of land and against the landownership, thieves of the Union lands, have been occuring. Again, they defend the landlords’ class and, as a consequence, perpetuating the whole rottenness of the political system besides preparing, at short term, a large genocide with the preventive counter-revolutionary war to the rebellions that ferment all over the country.

Somehow, it is the same repetition of the performance this reactionary institution had during the Empire and the first days of Republic, when they took advantages in the most distant corners of the country, being chiefs and executioners of “settlement” expeditions for the west-centre and far north under the mission to muddy their boots in bones, blood and looting of thousands of human lives and natural richness.

It is a coping impossible to be faced. Some defend the exploitation and oppression system as their  guardians and direct beneficiaries; some others, the masses, submitted to all kind of humiliation and frustration, will only have their rights guaranteed with the end of this system. The result can only be under the strategic leadership of the proletarian revolutionaries, the imposition of the pending and backward Democratic, Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Revolution that will sweep away all of this and create a truly people’s government, emerged from the masses and with the Power exercised by them.

NÃO SAIA AINDA… O jornal A Nova Democracia, nos seus mais de 18 anos de existência, manteve sua independência inalterada, denunciando e desmascarando o governo reacionário de FHC, oportunista do PT e agora, mais do que nunca, fazendo-o em meio à instauração do governo militar de fato surgido do golpe militar em curso, que através de uma análise científica prevíamos desde 2017.

Em todo esse tempo lutamos e trouxemos às claras as entranhas e maquinações do velho Estado brasileiro e das suas classes dominantes lacaias do imperialismo, em particular a atuação vil do latifúndio em nosso país.

Nunca recebemos um centavo de bancos ou partidos eleitoreiros. Todo nosso financiamento sempre partiu do apoio de nossos leitores, colaboradores e entusiastas da imprensa popular e democrática. Nesse contexto em que as lutas populares tendem a tomar novas proporções é mais do que nunca necessário e decisivo o seu apoio.

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