GLO in the countryside: Bolsonaro and generals want to use the Army to attack peasants

GLO in the countryside: Bolsonaro and generals want to use the Army to attack peasants

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Speaking on November 25th, the fascist Bolsonaro affirmed that intends to create a “Guarantee of Law and Order” (GLO) for repressing the peasant movement and reestablish the landownerships that have their lands taken over ( “ ownership repossession”) by the peasant moviment.  

The proposal  consists of the Executive chief authorization for the Armed Forces to repress the lands’ takeover in an immediate way after the court decision. In brief, it allows the use of the Armed Forces as a regular repression force against the peasants. 

Nowadays, to apply the GLO the request is made by the state government and, subsequently, it is necessary the signature of the president.”It has to be something urgent. And giving an urgent answer one inhibits those who want to do it. And pay attention, everything passes through the Parliament”, affirmed Bolsonaro. 

In his social networks, he proceeded: “ GLO troop is not to have public relations; it works to impose, suppress terrorist actions, depredation of assets, the burning of buses, avoiding innocent people to die, etc.”, he says, labelling as “terrorists” the peasant struggle. And concludes: “Furthermore, that is why the excluding lawfulness condition is necessary so that it can face those outcasts”, defending the open genocide against the workers who fight for their rights that should be ensured by the government, according to the Constitution. 

In accordance with Bolsonaro himself, the measure should target the peasant movements like the Landless Workers Movement (MST). “The private property is one of the pillars of democracy. You purchase a property in the countryside or in the city and suddenly somebody takes possession of it, invades it. This is not democracy. The private property only exists in socialism, in communism. We have not arrived there yet”, he said. He omitted the fact that the peasant movement takes over the land only from landlords and that many of them have enriched by accumulating estates through the robbery, slave work practice and land grabbing. 

The Army repression already happens 

Bolsonaro and the generals’ government, however, have been putting into operation the use of the Armed Forces to repress the peasant struggle. 

In Amazonia, in September, covered by GLO for the supposed combat to the fires and by the “Verde Brasil” Operation, the invasion of the militaries to the League of the Poor Peasants (LCP) campsite occurred. 

According to the note issued by the LCP National Commission, “the peasants in the area have reported that during a week the militaries of the reactionary Armed Forces did all sort of intimidations, threats, abuses and humiliations”. 

A LCP representative, during a debate at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Uerj), on October 22nd , denounced that the military siege is not restricted to the Enilson Ribeiro area. “Now, every LCP campsite has been surrounded, troops were stationed in regions where there has not been any fire outbreak! Just to show they are around to fight those who combat for the land”. He also affirmed that what this landownership-oriented government is afraid of is that the peasant resistance and struggle in Seringueiras can serve as an example and that is why the government deploys the troops against the peasants.# REV. 

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