‘Maracutaia’* in ‘Lava Jato’

‘Maracutaia’* in ‘Lava Jato’

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The disclosure of the messages between the former judge, Sérgio Moro, now the Minister of Justice, and public prosecutors of the Public Federal Ministry (MPF) during the “Lava Jato” Operation process has confirmed the analysis of the newspaper, A Nova Democracia, since it was launched. It was affirmed that it was part of a plan of the establishment nucleus composed by big bankers and the holders of the agrobusiness corporations, by the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA), by the head of the media monopoly, a select group of the prosecutors and the Federal Police trained by FBI linked to the Yankee imperialism plans for deepening the Latin America militarization. Thus, it was implemented a preventive military counter-revolutionary coup to the inevitable uprising of the masses that has been applied bit by bit within the legal system.

The “Lava Jato” Operation launched by the Yankee imperialism and in close contact with ACFA has been planned in face of the total failure of the Brazilian political system and its lack of credibility that favours the conditions for the mass upheaval; as the ones that have happened in 2013 and pointed at the danger of revolution for the guardians of the exploitation and oppression system. Such a situation putting at risk the monopoly of power of the ruling classes should be prevented and this was the function of the counter-revolutionary offensive unleashed with the Operation.

A small group of prosecutors qualified at the Yankee training institutes has been charged to put into practice the Operation for saving the old threatened order. Taking advantage of the anti-corruption feeling of the masses and concealing the landownership-bureaucratic-servant reactionary character of imperialism, mostly Yankee, the objective was to wound to the core the local ruling classes and the National Congress, arrest old party bosses entrenched in the power structures of the old reactionary State, giving the impression of clearance of the already discredited State institutions so that the masses could believe in them and present them for the 2018 elections with a ‘new face’ that did not represent the official political world, that could apply the necessary policies for the imperialism, mostly Yankee ( for whom PT did not count anymore). And also giving more favourable political conditions for restructuring the reactionary State and get out of the economic crisis, propel the bureaucratic capitalism and conjure the danger of revolution.

Amidst the fierce disputes of power groups, the Operation started in 2014 with the investigation on reports of corruption in Petrobras. There was very soon a reaction of those power groups headed by the old bosses, afraid of losing the share inside the old State apparatus and contrary to the “Lava Jato” objectives, taking the initiative to blame the crisis and PT corruption. They decide to place Dilma’s head on a platter with the impeachment process, diverting themselves as the target of the anti-corruption public opinion. In this regard, the clashes of the power groups and their gimmicks to maintain themselves in the State apparatus undermined the Operation.

Taking advantage of the raunchy PT administration and its “coalition presidentialism” with the handover of ministeries and state-owner enterprises to parties for the creation of  an ally basis, the MPF, properly instructed by FBI, started meeting the offensive directives.

After Dilma’s impeachment as a manoeuvre of the official politics world and PMDB taking over the presidency, the “Lava Jato” Operation aimed preferably at PT and its allies as well as its mess in the State apparatus ( a real camaraderie with half a dozen contractors accustomed to privatize the State shares). Thus, it was not difficult to the accusing bodies to collect evidences of the misappropriation of the Union resources in spurious acts.

The corrupt and spurious practices exposed by “Lava Jato” are actually the State modus operandi in a semifeudal and semicolonial country and they have always been the characteristic of the Brazilian State and its bureaucratic capitalism, at least since the foundation of the Republic. Beforehand, when disclosed and questioned, the National Congress would open the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee ( the famous CPIs) that resulted in nothing. Nevertheless,with “Lava Jato”, according to the offensive plan, things should be different. It was a matter of discarding the most demoralized characters of the rotten political system for maintaining the old order, turning still more reactionary the State, since it had the aim to recover the image of the so discredited old institutions to the point of disturbing the interests of the USA in the country, draining the bureaucratic capitalism and risking the beginning of a great explosion with the upheaval of the masses and the danger of a revolution.

In the course of the Operation, with recurrent trips to the USA, the ex-judge Moro as well as many members of MPF used to render account to and at the same time get instructions from the Yankees on new actions and directives. The talking between them has recently appeared through the scandal of the mobile phones leakage and it has disclosed all the machination, although their real bosses are still hidden, i. e., the Yankee imperialism through their agencies and the ACFA, that warrants everything.

It was this counter-revolutionary offensive, under a military coup shape, step by step, that has converged the whole hard core of the establishment on this undertaking of washing the old democracy façade and placed Moro and his troupe as the “Brazilian super heroes” providing them the right to be above the law. This way the institutional order has been distorted, under the mask of the “solid institutions”, as a part of the military coup.

The leakage, presumably, has been accomplished with the aim to expose the illegal machination against the PT ex-candidate and, consequently, pressed the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to decide on Luiz Inácio’s release from prison. However, the impact and its consequences added fuel to the flames in the fights within the ruling classes, their power groups and institutions.

During the whole month of June the Federal Supreme Court will discuss the implications of those audios referring to the PT members under various aspects, including being possible Luiz Inácio’s release. An eventual release would feed the bolsonarist rhetoric of a new edition of the military regime to save the old order in decomposition. Such a thing would shake all the civil fascist basis and in the troops as well, rising among them the propaganda of their corporate project that, in turn, makes the pression over the ACFA that fears to lose control over the troops and even the public opinion as well. That is why Villas Boas and Mourão, after the leakage of the audios, have tried to diminish the incident and refuse covertly the posibility of releasing Luiz Inácio, saying that who is behind the leaking is attacking and trying to empty the “Lava Jato”. The situation strengthen the military crisis as the centre of the institutional crisis of the old State.

The rhetoric, spread by the reaction, that unmasking the counter-revolutionary offensive and the “Lava Jato” only serves to the corrupts is an hoax and a way to accept that a class “justice”, dominated and orchestrated by imperialism has the right to dictate the conditions and destroy the remains of our sovereignty.

The ACFA, that since the beginning has been in the coordination and works with the different scenarios resulting in the political crisis, looking at the electoral process, although Bolsonaro is not their favourite candidate, decided to impose Mourão as the vice-president. Thus, ACFA spliced Bolsonaro  government taking Moro with him as the Minister of Justice as an example of ‘avenger’. But the dispute between right-wing (hegemony in ACFA) and far-right wing ( Bolsonaro’s group) will certainly have more unfoldings and will display still more how reactionary, anti-people and country-traitors both groups are.

The disclosure of the “maracutaias” of “Lava Jato” Operation comes to confirm the rotteness and failure of the old reactionary State and that only the revolutionary overthrown of all the old order and the building of a New Democracy will be able to bring justice to the broader exploited and oppressed masses in our country.

* Maracutaia – a ploy mainly in politics. Shady deals, illegal management. (NT)

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