Editorial – The usual Puppets of the usual Puppet-masters

At July 26th, 1964, the Brazilian ambassador in Washington, Juraci Magalhães, was making the famous speech, according to which “what is good for the United Stets is good to Brazil”. Even in the plagued environment of the military regime, his statement resounded in a very negative way in the remaining popular and democratic press. After all, did the coup not take place under the glaze of “patriotism” and defense of “national honor”?

After five and a half decades, history repeats itself as a sham of the secular tragedy of our people. An article published in the “A Pública” portal, with incontrovertible names and indications, prove the intervention of the FBI in the Brazilian matters of inner politics. Many agents, many using code names, acting clandestinely in the Country, have guided the pari passu [simultaneously] the unfortunate “Lava Jato Operation”, led by some Leslie R. Backschies character. Beforehand, they have acted in the repressions at the Cup in 2014.

Strongly confirms what was reported by AND, in the editorial The inevitable social upheaval and the need for revolution, issue no. 186 (March 2017), in which many saw a “conspiracy theory” instead of the accurate report of intended Yankee interference. In the editorial, we affirm: “The ‘Lava Jato’ obeyed the ‘Greater Plan’ of the establishment and interests of the USA, concerned about the degree of demoralization in the country that had reached official policy and the institutions of the ‘Democratic State of Law’, so highly praised as the ‘democracy’ and ideal system of government. Behind it are much more powerful hands than one might imagine.  Let's say that all the planning of the investigations, their structure and method, were prepared by the FBI, having selected sectors of the Federal Police to operate under the military high command of the Armed Forces as a de facto operation. It was prepared as a legal front, a team of public prosecution 'imbued' with the cause of moralization of the political and public life of the country. Otherwise, how would such a plan be initiated and, above all, how could it get to where it has been? The political history of the country knows many similar attempts architected in this objective that were crushed before even taking their first steps”.

The same foreign power that articulated the fascist coup elects and overthrows governments in the “democratic” regime. Certain military circles, extreme for the defense of bolsonarism, who accused on the “invisible hand” of China even on secondary issues (several times through the most extravagant logical connections), went silent faced with the explicit hands and arms of the North-American police, caught on flagrant, when intervening in the domestic politics of this poor semicolonial Brazil. To complete the shameful framework – for them, of course – not only these revealed facts has not deserved any rejection or any request of a public clarification and counted with the cumplicit silence of the press monopolies, as in the same week they come to surface, Bolsonaro goes together with the general Minister of Defense to celebrate the national date of the USA in the embassy of that country. That is a scandal.

This proves that, on the contrary to what their ideologues censor, the “Army of Caxias” serves not to Brazil, but to imperialism. At the times of its bloody patron until the British pre-imperialism; from 1945 forward to Yankee imperialism. The coup of 64 was actually made to interrupt an ongoing process to broaden the people’s mobilization and democratic reforms that threatened the absolute subjection to the master of the North; now, it is as the counterrevolutionary offensive preventive to the inevitable people’s upraise, given the seriousness of the general crisis that the country was led into and due to this semi-colonial system of exploitation ans oppression and against any possibility of national independence that they threat with such “rupture”. Deep inside, its national project, inclusively the Amazon forest, is that Brazil continues to be , eternally, a big engenho [agricultural property for the sugarcane and other cultures]. or a big pasturage.

Defeatists! Sell-motherland! Just as well said by the great Nelson Werneck Sodré, these olive-green generals are nothing but puppets of other general, those actually with real command power, who are General Electric, General Motors, etc etc. Villas Bôas, Mourões, Helenos, Azevedos, Ramos, Bragas Pazzuelos, they are só brave in threatening their own people as docile when fondling their master. The handing in good will of Alcântara Base is there, as irrefutable witness of such times. In the end, those who despise the central element of any Nation which is its people can not be patriots. In addition, the brave even complete their caste privileges with the salaries and the benefits of the first federal echelon, to which other 2,9 thousand more military men were lifted. If there was any endeavourism, in aspect, at our time was this. Furthermore, in the midst of pandemics (one of the most shady episodes of our history), the Public Ministry together with the Audit Office of the Union (TCU) see indications of over-billing in the production of cloroquine by the Army Lab. A substance that will have the thrash bin as the only destination, because it is innocuous to the treatment of corona-virus.

These gentlemen fool themselves, however, if they think that this situation will continue forever. The sanitarian, economic and political crisis will produce leaps in the people’s mobilization in short term and they will trample not only Bolsonaro, but the whole office of generals that are the military government in fact. It is your fault, above all, the likely more than 100 thousand dead by Covid-19 and the millions in hunger and unemployed. For those crimes, that surpasses the ones committed between 1964-1985 will not have a second amnesty.


NÃO SAIA AINDA… O jornal A Nova Democracia, nos seus mais de 18 anos de existência, manteve sua independência inalterada, denunciando e desmascarando o governo reacionário de FHC, oportunista do PT e agora, mais do que nunca, fazendo-o em meio à instauração do governo militar de fato surgido do golpe militar em curso, que através de uma análise científica prevíamos desde 2017.

Em todo esse tempo lutamos e trouxemos às claras as entranhas e maquinações do velho Estado brasileiro e das suas classes dominantes lacaias do imperialismo, em particular a atuação vil do latifúndio em nosso país.

Nunca recebemos um centavo de bancos ou partidos eleitoreiros. Todo nosso financiamento sempre partiu do apoio de nossos leitores, colaboradores e entusiastas da imprensa popular e democrática. Nesse contexto em que as lutas populares tendem a tomar novas proporções é mais do que nunca necessário e decisivo o seu apoio.

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