Reactionary war present assault to the land and labour

Ministro da Justiça envia Força Nacional contra indígenas em Hidrelétrica no Amazonas, 17/10
Ministro da Justiça envia Força Nacional contra indígenas em Hidrelétrica no Amazonas, 17/10

Reactionary war present assault to the land and labour

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The crisis Brazilian bureaucratic capitalism lives – that is direct cause of the political and moral crisis of failing of the old State political system – will let the country to ruin through even more brutal policies imposed by imperialism – in its protracted depression – to the colonies and semicolonies. This exploitation and unstoppable plundering is the background of the attack against the labour rights of the labouring classes, the rights to territory of the indigenous peoples and land to the poor peasants.

The monopolies, for its survival seeking maximum profit, need to rise the surplus value rate to counter the law of falling tendency on the profit rates. To do this they need to transfer even greater portions of what belongs to the workers to the owners of the capital, in the production process. This intensifying of exploitation can only be realized with the rampart increase of oppression over the masses and dominated nations. However, all the exploitation and oppression even though comes out to be insufficient and the contends for a new division of the world to open a way out ahead for the general crisis of imperialism are being radicalised, leading to a greater enforcement of the aggression and plunder wars.

It is a law of the historic development that wherever is oppression, there is resistance. So, the crisis in the class society reveals the class character of the ones involved in the process. Meanwhile the proletariat and the exploited masses generate their organizations and their revolutionary vanguard party, creating its leaderships and the great leadership who will guide them through the path of liberation, the ruling classes produces the most sordid, abject, inhuman and despicable characters aiming to saving the exploitation system and keeping the old order.

Let us take as an example Michel Temer the prominent unburied political corpse. He need to make a really almost supernatural effort for the puppet performance. Actually, this role is taken by Henrique Meirelles, the international pimp and lackey to the banks, the big bourgeoisie and landlords, servants of imperialism.

Stepping on its own foot

The avalanche of constitutional amendments, laws and decrees removing consecrated rights of the workers, peasants, indigenous peoples and quilombola1 is its work and under its control.

It is a devastating combined action of the executive power eager to destroy everything, steal everything and kill everyone, taking advantage of the parliamentary mess, thirsty for prebendas (ecclesiastic wage) and privilege insurances and as a law federation of the ruling classes in contends and colludes, ensuring the enforcement of the absurd legislation created under order of imperialism, mostly Yankee and the lackey ruling classes.

It would be unnecessary to affirm that, in the end, such policies will imply in the advance of barbarity among us, just as the reactionary war unleashed against the poor. Until the moment the people generalises its insurgence to commend and impose the path to revolution.

Picking a fight

For the indigenous and quilombola movements – that faces the action of the landlords daily, who now has legal cover to take their lands and reduce them to the condition of marginals – it only remains to take aside all the institutional illusions, paint the faces with other colours and change from war dancing moves to its actual preparation.

To the peasant’s movement, who faced the sabotage of the struggle for land during the almost 14 years of opportunist PT/pecedobe2 management and now faces the devourer hate of its former ally and successor – handing the public land to the landlords and enforcing mass displacement actions – is about time to turn its defensive resistance against the attacks of the landlords with their goons and the repression apparatus of the old bourgeois-lantifundia State into active resistance in waves to seize all the lands from the latifundia, potentiating the Agrarian Revolution.

To the worker’s movement, imprisoned for the last 15 years in the cage of subserviency and corporativism, it only remains to break the chains that bound them to the old State machinery and to organise themselves in the factories, construction yards and other working areas, strengthening the classist and combative movement. The teacher’s movement – which already and still have given shows of great combativity, mainly when allied to the combatant youth – should follow the same path. It is time to break with the addictions of economiscism and illusions of the electoral sham and to follow the advice of the Great Lenin that: “everything is illusory, except power”.

To the masses living in favelas and periphery neighbourhoods – who have already lost the faith on the people’s representatives and show their demands written in bulwarks and burning tires – it also only remains to transform the popular protest in their struggle for health, education, transportation, employment etc. into political struggle for Power.

Open bourgeois dictatorship

The ruling classes, facing a revolutionary situation in development, – Having no more way to disguise its dictatorship under the battered veil of “Democratic State of Law” – contend on how to keep their exploitation. They believe that enforcing an increasing reactionarization process they will manage to stop the wrath of the rebelled masses of the countryside and the cities.

Without parties or leadership that could fool the workers and broad masses, it only remains them the reactionary civil war.

Ongoing democratic revolution

Meanwhile, the peoples from the countryside and the cities enforces their rebellion. It opens a new time for the Revolution which will transform the reactionary civil war into revolutionary civil war. Time of the Revolution of a New Democracy, Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Revolution, of handing the land to the landless peasants or with little land, confiscating and nationalizating the banks and monopolies, increasing production generating employment and immediately improving the life conditions of the broad masses.

Our people will benefit from a new politics, new economy and new culture in the construction of the New Brazil, like never before in its history.

1 From quilombo, people from the former slaves, runaway from the slave system and resisted in quilombos.

2 Alliance between PT (Workers Party) together with pecedobe (Hoxhist Communist Party of Brazil)

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