THE 21st CENTURY AND THE MEDIOEVO: The historical and political failure of the imperialist system

THE 21st CENTURY AND THE MEDIOEVO: The historical and political failure of the imperialist system

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The present worldwide pandemic has disclosed in a few days all the historical failure and the abominable  political existence of capitalism in its monopoly, parasitic, decaying and agonic phase. It made clear how much the imperialist governments and their lackeys all over the world despise Humankind and how cruel they treat the people’s masses. Developed countries have dropped, as never before in history, their masks and in a pathetic way; this was clearly showed with the boastfulness of the best of the possible worlds, since they have never prepared themselves to face calamities of such an enormous magnitude but totally probable that were not of any of their concern and not convenient to them. They are in charge of the extraction of the maximum profit in all situations and by all means, mostly by squeezing the workers of their last drop of blood, launching prey wars on the oppressed nations, fostering the extermination of hundreds of thousands of lives under the shameless pretext of their old and corrupt democracy.

It is a sinister revival of almost ancient times of the Humankind history as, in the middle of the 15th century, the “Black Death” occurred, sweeping across Europe and Asia, killing 200 million people; or even with the Spanish flu epidemic and the deaths of tens of millions persons. Albeit it is appalling that, in the 21st century, with the achievements of science and technology, so many human lives are heartlessly cut short by the incapacity of this obsolete exploitation system to assist them. A thorough inability by nature of the exploiting class that shocks with the interests of Humanking and life as well. The Black Death and its consequences were a terrible tragedy; however it was understandable given the high degree of historical backwardness of that time. But the medioevo in the 21st century is a crime, an unacceptable crime against humanity.

All over the world the devastating coronavirus progress proves the decay of the imperialist societies and oppressed countries, as well as the putrefaction of its States and political regimes. It is a colossal wealth empire in the hands of  a handful of parasites achieved with the slavery and death of the worldwide people’s masses, mostly of the oppressed countries. According to the unsuspected Oxfam, 1% of the richest people in the planet has more than twice the world’s wealth possessed by 6,9 billion people; and the planet’s billionaries, who are only 2,153 individuals, in 2019, had more richness than 4,6 billion people. And nothing of that counts to combat a relatively simple pandemic but conversely  explains it. The governments allow thousands of people to die a day – that will soon represent millions of people  all over the world -, just for not reaching the big tycoons of the financial capital et caterva.

The situation, therefore, around the world is a growing revolutionary one, an uneven development, and that converges with the general crisis of decay of the imperialism that it does not show proper signs of recovery with the bitter policies implemented. Conversely, its overproduction crisis has been worsening. The bursting of people’s uprisings worldwide, as a reaction to these policies of disrespect to rights and restrictions of the democratic liberties, has heralded the development – still uneven – of the revolutionary situation to the global scale. Coincidentally, it comes up the cornavirus as a pandemic.

As a result either of a natural biological evolution or a machination of the Yankee imperialism ( a hypothesis that one cannot ignore at all since it fits the criminal Pentagon “war games”, a fervent believer of Malthusianism *), the coronavirus acts as an invisible small atomic bombs in another form of a world war. One cannot forget the atomic artifacts that the imperialist States and some of their lackeys possess, in large scale and great quantity in their arsenals, aiming at intimidating permanently the Earth peoples. The issue is, with the pandemic the governments negligence they will eliminate populations considered by them  as surplus populations, especially the aging and sick people. On the whole, it means to destroy productive forces to justify new and miraculous “Marshall plans” to recover the economy for a new expansion. The negligence is intentional, resulting of the imperialism nature but twisted with adjustable doses of dramatization by the press monopolies – Globo Network, a leader in Brasil – to mitigate the masses uprising. It is the imperialism law: the crisis in the system is only partially eradicated with the destructiuon of the productive forces, killing of workers and “surplus” populations, concentration/ centralization of capital and the conquering of new markets ( war with weapons arsenal).

The fundamental contradictions between nations and oppressed people have worsened, this as principal one; between superpowers and powers in the inter-imperialist dispute and between the bourgeoisie and proletariat in the imperialist countries. The masses will be, in what the imperialists are concerned, in their own countries and all over the world, helpless victims of the virus and then the mercilessly exploitation with dismissals, lowering of pay and disregard of rights, while the monopoly corporations will have their losses compensated as it happens in many countries, including in Brasil. In the whole world the reaction raises the head imposing the “curfew” and the state of siege to maintain its reactionary order of hunger and death.  The imperialist plan to launch everything on the back of the oppressed people and workers of the First World will certainly stumble upon the daring decision of the masses to combat for their rights and the end of the old order. There is no possible solution but the advance of the World Proletarian Revolution in every country.


The national political situation, in turn, is quite serious, with the political isolation of the fascist Bolsonaro and open conspirations of the coup-oriented generals as an envisioned possibility and made public by the generals to replace Bolsonaro by Mourão, a chantage  to keep the “president” under control even being outraged.

The fact is that Bolsonaro collects failures, one after the other, in his attempt to take the leading role of the military coup. He is isolated in the Planalto for imposition of the real military government, the one of the generals’, representatives of the reactionary High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA). But using the legal power of an authorised representative of the nation, Bolsonaro has been trying to gain support of the public opinion pleading, as the “the saviour” of tens of millions of poors that live aside from the economy, to the small and middle desperate businessmen to join his hordes of followers and disobey the ‘impositive isolation”. He is nearly completely isolated,  and everytime more he loses the support inside the ruling classes and groups of power, Parliament and the Judiciary Branch. Evidence of this is the disengagement of Ronaldo Caiado, the estrangement of the landlords’ bench in Congress and even Paulo Guedes’ statement which corroborates with the generals’ policy.

The political isolation is so large that Bolsonaro felt compelled to diminish his excitement of spreading that the social isolation is nothing but a conspiration to paralyse the econmy and overthrow him at the cost of the population misery.This aims to accumulate strengths and political capital as a “persecuted” and “wronged” person to obtain more power and pressure on the generals when the nation situation results in the inevitable disorder. His plans go downhill and the generals’ leadership with the counter-revolutionary coup pushes forward. The stamp of “operational president” given to general Braga Netto is one more step to transform the de facto military government into a de jure military government.

The bureaucratic capitalism crisis, all the more aggravated, will plunge in a short period of time new million people into poverty. The old State which provides generous billion “stimulus package” to some tens of financial monopolies is the same that offers new crumbs to the ten million masses. And who knows how much longer it will be; it is just for trying to delete the wick of the explosion of the people’s uprisings that has been switched.

Why does not this bunch of reactionaries dedicate their efforts to deliver the masses of the country the necessary protection materials against the risk of contagion – alcohol gel, masks and others? Why do not oblige the health monopoly nets to open their structures to assist the whole population, helping the limited and scrapped public system? The lives of the rich people are worth more than the poor ones, is not that so gentlemen? Why, instead of threatening to arrest and repress the masses, the rascals that rule the country do not allow all the Armed Forces doctors and their hospitals operate for the miserable people put to death, having no rights to anything and having no conditions to remain isolated because they live in overcrowded and tight huts? Those are the criminal exploiters, negligent and directly responsible for one more genocide of the people’s classes.

All facts point out to the situation in which the masses are disheartened and entering into a spiral of despair. They require a solution to their problems and the duty urges the genuine democrats and revolutionaries to take actions. To engage the masses in small groups, by streets, buildings, districts, villages and slums, as well in the countryside, in sanitary committees for the people’s defence. To demand from the government the emergency equipments for prevention, treatment, catering of food and emergency goods. Furthermore, to fight to establish nets aiming at the bases of a future people’s sanitary system under the control, administration and direction of the people’s class organizations.#


  • Reactionary bourgeois theory that considers the population growth as responsible for the the world’s evils and not the capitalist system of exploitation and oppression. It advogates that it is impossible for the human society to provide for all harmoniously. Such a theory was contradicted with the Marxist scientific criticism to capitalism and the socialist building last century.
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