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The armed action performed by the neo-nazi paramilitary gang, self-appointed “Nationalist People’s Insurgency of the Brazilian Family”, in the early morning of December 24th, with three fire bombs against the head-ofice of the production company of the channel “Porta dos Fundos” (Back Door) is a clear sign of the times of exarcebation of the class struggle that occurs in Brasil. 

In the video in which the group assumes the responsibility of the authorship and displays the filming of the moment, the fascist spokesman uses jargons of Bolsonaro’s followers. The expression “cultural Marxism” or the version “cultural war” ( the irracional delirious motto of Olavo de Carvalho) was uttered at least twice. At the home of one of the nazi persons identified (Eduardo Fauzi, who escaped from the country) a book from the “guru” was found. In the video the Brazilian imperial flag, so popular to the most bestial and extremist wing of the government, was present. At the end of the video one can listen to the lemma “God, Homeland, Family” used by Bolsonaro to spread his poorly finished Phalangist project named “Aliança pelo Brasil” (Alliance for Brasil) which was the motto of the Brazilian fascists, the “green hens”, who failed their coup attempt, in 1937. During the campaign for the electoral farce in 2018, the same fascist “command” invaded a university in Rio de Janeiro destroying and burning the anti-fascist banners, to benefit Bolsonaro’s campaign. These are the facts. 

Generated in the somber bowels of intolerance, reactionarism and obscurantism, it has always been nestled in the Armed Forces and police, and growing valiant with Bolsonaro’s election to presidency, this tiny group keeps proclaiming what has been everyday the preaching of the captain and his ideologist, Olavo de Carvalho. Furthermore, Bolsonaro’s origin is the same; he came from the same bowels, the beast of fascism, outstanding in the military 1964 regime. As an Army officer the president belonged to reactionary phalanges and circles that tortured and murdered in the bunkers of the dictatorship, threw bombs in theatres, bookstores, newpaper head-offices, planned to explode Rio de Janeiro gasometer plant and, only for an accident, they did not slaughtered, under bombs, panic and trampled down, hundreds of thousands of young people in a show on May 1st, 1980, at Riocentro sports hall. 

One must still emphasize that Bolsonaro, making public his plan to explode military facilities, in the 1980s, was prosecuted by the Military Justice. In case the Statut of the Brazilian Army had been applied, he would at least be expelled under dishonor. This has not occurred due to the criminal cumplicity, historically practiced by the military summit, with the fascist groups in its ranks. Gifted with acquittal and operating as an electoral gigolo among the families of the militaries (sargeant, corporal, and soldier, whom he betrayed shamelessly with the cruel “Social Welfare Reform”), Bolsonaro spent more than 28 years in the Parliament where he became rich defending all the crimes of the fascist military regime. 

The ‘reason’ for the attack 

The reason for the attack has been presented as the video published by “Porta dos Fundos”, in the end of the year. It was named “Special for Christmas” with satires of the characters and episodes of the christian faith. In spite of the humour group present a critical stance to the reactionary wave that devastates the country, there is nothing progressive in the video, due to the fact that its direct effects sound like sarcasms and grievances to the religious feelings of the people. Such a thing has contributed indeed with the odious speech of the extreme right-wing to the eyes of the large majority of our population, impoverished and oppressed by a secular exploitation system of the big-bourgeois and landlords, servants of imperialism, mainly Yankee (United the States). 

Taking advantage of the situation, the extreme right-wing used the video as ammunition and subterfuge for the attack, under the false banner of “family”, “christian values” and demagogy. In brief, it was the pretext used by the far right-wing so that, from the bottom of the sewer, could come out the neo-nazi rats, excited with the sinister dream to impose by terror their fascist empire of exploitation and oppression. 

The dying Brazilian Integralist Front, a left-over of the 1930 decade, tried to be evasive and deny the authorship of the attack. Citing their führer, the deceased Plínio Salgado, they affirm that “ we do not need any mask” and that, therefore, the attackers would not be members of their ranks. Of course! 

The fear of the reaction 

The media monopoly, the centre right-wing and even the right-wing (military-civil) are compelled to shout “no to radicalism!” They fear that the violence in the light of day of those bastard groups of the counter-revolution will unveil, in front of the masses, submitted to the worsening of life conditions and growing violence of the State, that this system of exploitation and oppression is unstable and has clay feet. 

As part of the ongoing preventive counter-revolutionary offensive, this fascist plan fulfills tasks in the fight for the leadership of this offensive, disputing with the hegemonic fields in the government composed by the right-wing High Command of the Armed Forces. The spectre of a new wave of massive people’s protests, as in 2913, 2014, (protests that have turned on the red light of the danger of revolution for the old State and Yankee imperialism, pushing them to plan the preventive counter-revolutionary offensive) more radical and violent is what haunts the ruling classes, their shift government and imperialist bosses. 

The peasant, indigenous people and quilombolas’ fights for the land that has been denied to and stolen from them; the struggle of the factory workers and other workers against the unprecedent withdraw of the rights so hardly conquered; the student in defence of the public university and school; the fight for housing, health and transport; the resistance to the growing national subjugation, etc., make unavoidable the people’s rebellion. The fear of the ruling classes and coryphaeus of this decrepit “Democratic State of Law”, including the fake left-wing, opportunist and electoral-oriented, is that the masses start behaving with their revolutionary violence as well, aiming at destroying the bases of all the everythey disgraces the make them unhappy. Still more, from this practice on, they become definitely engaged in the struggle for the destruction of this whole old order for the building of a New Brasil. 

The main objective of these fascist paramilitary groups is far from combating those who are labelled by themselves as “cultural Marxists”, but, as part of the preventive counter-revolutionary offensive combat and conjure the pending, necessary and inevitable Democratic Revolution. This great Revolution, so yearned and that everyday becomes nearer by the democrats and people’s masses from the countryside and cities, makes the reacion tremble! The attacks of those groups engendered in the sewers of the counter-revolution to their secondary targets are just propaganda actions to indimidate. Their insane minds and their dreams are turned to the real Revolution and it is to combat it furiously that they play their drums, rendering themselves to the filthier job. The fascist rats will fail and other more that will come up! 

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

Quero apoiar mensalmente!

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