The end of a rotten political system and the Pyrrhic Victory of a fascist

The end of a rotten political system and the Pyrrhic Victory of a fascist

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The end of a rotten political system and the Pyrrhic Victory1 of a fascist

In the whole history of the contemporary Brasil the farce nature of the elections has never been so wide open. Such is the advanced stage of rotteness of the whole political government system of the old State of big bourgeois and landlords, servants of the imperialism, mostly Yankee, in fast-paced decomposition. This has been demonstrated by the fact to be left, in the dispute of the second round of the presidential elections, two figures with an incredible rejection; besides the question that 42 million people have boycotted it and most of those who voted in one of the contenders have done it because they were against the other and not necessarily in favor of the chosen candidate. This has occurred due to the lowliness the campaign has been reduced to, besides the horror circus, corruption, aplomb, cynicism, cretinicism, lies, delusion and all kind of villanies that have always characterized the electoral farce.

The elections, happening in an atmosphere of prolonged political crisis, have not been seen as an objective for anybody in a deeper awareness. Even less it is time of  – as now have heralded the elected president, his followers and the media – “union, peace and calmness for the country”. The gravity of the political crisis, expressed in the stiff competition of the political forces, cannot be explained by the ideological passion of themselves, by themselves. It is a dispute everytime more violent between the power groups, representatives of the local ruling classes fractions for the control and hegemony of the machinery of the old State, for deciding which one will lose less with the serious economic crisis and how to restructure the old State for conjuring the crisis and boosting the bureaucratic capitalism that has been jeopardised by a colapse.

Such a dispute, formerly between PT and PSDB, and in this elections between PT and Bolsonaro, has been coated of an artificial polarization falsely characterized as righ-wing and left-wing and between left-wing and extreme right-wing, respectively. All those party acronyms and their candidates have been yelling mutual accusations and, as a matter of fact, they only oppose themselves in questions of society behaviour because all of them, with no exception, have been defending and practicing in the Executive and Legislative powers – with only slight differences – the same economic policy dictated by the Yankee imperialist recipe as well as the maintenance of the system of exploitation and repression over the people plus the Nation subjugation.

As an example in the election: Bolsonaro, who has done his campaign accusing PT to live on lies, has stupidly lied by labelling it as left-wing and, raving, has insulted it with the epithet of being a communist. PT has never been left-wing let alone communist. Neither are communist the revisionists from PCdoB that support it. As a false left, it has governed by 14 years applying the same economic policies that have essentially done PSDB – a policy that Bolsonaro will enforce more radically.

PT has governed coopting the people’s movements for taming them and submitting them to the class pact so that it would cushion the class struggle. For that it has used the misleading assistentialism and brutal repression against the combative class organizations. Everything was cheating and illusion and suddenly the capitalism crisis threw everything to the ground. The local ruling classes have used PT for braking the class struggle and spitting it out. Everything was also a big fraud: deception and illusion by waving to the people with an easy way to improve their lives without disturbing the least the interests of the scoundrels which have been sucking up the people and the Nation. And fraud because they meant to be “left-wing”, a trap fomented by the media monopoly and the fanatic anticommunist reaction.

PT and its government failure has occurred, in the long run, as PSDB and FHC ruling, only in a more serious way because it came afterwards and it would be the same with any of those parties. The debacle and the crisis will be stronger in the next governments. It has not been difficult for the reaction – led by Globo Network, with the people’s furious dissatisfaction and protests but mostly by serving itself the blind cries of the so-called middle-class and their civic demonstrations against corruption – to responsibilize PT for everything bad that has been accumulated by centuries, drawing the largest part of the PT “governability” basis – that, cornered by Lava Jato Operation and with the intention of suffocating it, has closed ranks for Dilma’s impeachment. Thus, the cultural aspects for the reactionary wave have been fabricated, later on transformed into bolsonarism, ideologically manipulated by the left-wing failure which turned into the electoral farce, opening way and legal suffrage to the military counter-revolutionary coup as again a new cheating over the people.

Just like the failures of the former governments, the same thing will inevitable happen with Bolsonaro’s government and with everything that comes from it. The election of the retired captain and a maharaj is a Pyrrhic victory won in a Itararé Battle2. His election has been a process engendered by the military intervention for showing off legitimacy in front of the nation. However, the basis of all the present crisis is the general crisis of decomposition of the bureaucratic capitalism, stuck on its rotten basis in the general crisis of imperialism. And more serious, because its centre lies in the decomposition crisis of the Yankee imperialism whose sismic quakes, as the New York Stock Market’s, is approaching the markets in the whole world, forecasting new and larger collapses. From the collusions and growing struggles inside imperialism, mostly the hegemonic Yankee and allies against the atomic Russian superpower and allies, the confrontation of its general crisis points out to a larger exploitation of the workers and bigger pillage of the oppressed countries. To face the serious general crisis of our country, the Yankee imperialism have adjusted with the local reaction to establish the force regime (military) – the most possible democratic disguised – necessary for imposing such a solution to the people and to the nation, so that there would be a larger people’s exploitation with the plunder of their remainder rights and the most unbridled looting of our natural wealth. Under these conditions, diferently from from 1964, the Yankees would not be able to dock any money for taking the country out of such an enormous economic crisis since they would only give military support to the counter-revolution as they have already started doing by sending to the reactionary Army hundreds of disused armoured cars out of their hordes. The inevitable uprising of the masses that has already begun will make it turn against the whole system of this old order of exploitation and oppression.

People’s revolt and preventive
counter-revolutionarymilitary coup

The country’s present history course, of an economic-social-political and moral crisis of an obsolete system, has been conformed by growing people’s revolts against the exploitation and violence of the bureaucratic-landownership old State. Although dispersed but intending to be unified – as for instance the insurrection of 2013/2014 – peasants’ revolts for the land, strikes of the workers and public employees as well as the truckdrivers’, have long switched on the red light alarm of the system guardians, the reactionary Armed Forces. Through their High Command they have launched the preventive counter-revolutionary military coup plan to the general gathering of the masses. Between colluding and internal struggles – divergences and extreme-right wing fights with the right-wing.- for defining  how to operate, ending up temporarily in the unification for facilitating it through the electoral farce to have General Mourão as a vice-president. By the historic and nature of this sector it is not any nonsense to understand Bolsonaro’s attack as a machination for creating commotion and justifying the suspension of the elections and the imposition of a military intervention. What one can see is that, from the result, the cure would be worse than the disease, since the fail of the attack has made Bolsonaro a victim and has propelled his candidacy.

Therefore, the crisis will not only proceed but will explosively worsen. No government that has come out of the failed electoral farce can stop the crisis as it cannot pull out the country of the black hole neither immediately nor at medium term. The crisis discharging at the formation of a reactionary military government, voted in elections, disguised in civilian clothes, has sealed the complete bankrupcy of the corrupt government political system but cannot supress the endemic corruption of the old State and inherent to this old semicolonial and semifeudal order. Such output, as the preventive counter-revolutionary movement, will position the Armed Forces in the centre and, therefore, the crisis will enter into its bosom, engendering a situation that could transform itself into a larger military crisis, larger repression and genocide and a consequent opposition to the reactionary violence for more revolutionary violence, that is, the revolutionary civil war.

To raise the people’s resistance to a new stage

Before a great danger situation of a violent people’s revolt, the imperialist Yankee’s plan of a larger militarization of the continent, furthermore the military basis in Peru and Colombia – as we can see in our own country the activities of high Yankee employees around the Venezuelan migratory problem and with the military objective hidden by “scientific cooperation” as to Alcantara’s Basis – combining with the ongoing military coup. As a long term strategy the plan is to stir and provoke frontier conflicts ( Venezuela and Bolivia in the future), to evolve them in military conflicts and future reactionary wars as a way for military immediate intervention through the “multilateral peace forces”, OEA, ONU,etc., generalizing such conflicts for concealing the class nature of the internal crisis of countries as ours, deviating the attention so that it can conjure the danger of the democratic revolution which is pending, necessary and indispensable. The flames of the people’s revolts turned into revolutionary fire that can spread themselves all over the South-american continent.

The true revolutionaries, men and women of our country, must speedily lift their activity level for the mobilization, politization and organization of the basic masses, piece by piece, and all the activists compromised with the people’s and Motherland’s interests must abandon their reformist illusions forever, and prepare themselves seriously for the revolutionary struggle, hard and protracted. So that they can combat the reaction by mesure basis,  raising constantly the masses’ and vanguard’s organization levels.

Down the reaction and fascism!

Yankees, go home!

Long live the New Democratic Revolution!

Notas :

1. Analogy to a historic event in which the winner loses as much as the loser.

2. The battle that has never existed.

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