The Proletarian Internacionalism Day

The Proletarian Internacionalism Day

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Workers and students rebel and demonstrate all over the world

The Proletarian Internationalism Day, or the Worker’s Day, was full of protests and violent rebellions in many countries. There was confrontation between the demonstrators and the repression forces mostly in France and Turkey.


In Paris, the French capital, more than 55 thousand demonstrators, thousands of them face-covered, students, youth and workers, went to the streets in a general rebellion day. Shop windows of the large stores and banks, vehicle shops and some other places were destroyed. The young workers have shouted slogans like: Everybody hates the police” and “Paris, rebel!” The protest was summoned by unions for celebrating May First.

The answer of the imperialist government was again the repression. More than 200 people were arrested by the police who used unsuccessfully tear gas and rubber bullets for scattering the demonstration. As an answer,  vehicles and other objects were used as flame barricades. The frightened French press monopoly qualified the protests as “a war scenery” and “a battle”.

Government facilities were also set on fire as a way to repudiate the policies of the reactionary French president, Emmanuel Macron. The French demonstrators repel Macron’s attempts to pass anti-people and anti-worker reforms as the labourite, educational and the social security ones.

In Colombia, students and young revolutionary militants marched along the streets of many cities in the country during the May First – The proletarian internationalism day. On their uniforms and shouting the slogans Combat and Resist! and It is just to rebel!, the revolutionaries attacked banks and government buildings in Medelllin. Those actions are also part of the international campaign for celebrating the 200 years of Karl Marx’s birth. The information has been collected in the democratic people’s newspaper El Comunero.

In Medellin, mostly – second largest city in the country – the young revolutionaries and students organized in the Students Movement at the Service of People (Mesp) marched along the streets doing activities and challenging the repression. The main house of an important national bank downtown was attacked with stones. Communist flags, with the sickle and hammer, were raised by the youth. Some of the young ones were dressing shirts printed with the symbol of the Poor Peasant League, from Brasil.

Striking back the electoral farse and as part of the boycott campaign, the young revolutionary activists have set fire to a symbolic voting booth with electioneering candidates photos and acronyms. A banner with the slogan: Election, no! Revolution, yes! was unfurled. A USA flag – the main enemy of the oppressed people all over the planet – was burned and an Israel banner as well, as a repudiation to the invasion and occupation of Palestine and in support to their people against the Zionist genocide.

In Ecuador, hundreds of activists from the Front for Defence of the People’s Struggles (FDLP) demonstrated in an organized way, celebrating the Proletarian Internationalism Day, May First, in San Miguel de Ibarra( Imbabura province), 72km from Quito, the capital. An obelisk – the main monument in the city – was occupied with a banner paying hommage to the 200 years of Karl Marx’s birthday. Pamphlets were launched with explosives to mark the revolutionaires presence in the city streets.

A huge mass with workers, youth, students and women crowded the streets in red. The groups carried banners with the sickle and hammer, the symbol of the Communist Party and the proletariat. Besides celebrating the Proletarian Internationalism Day, the militants and the mass repudiate the repression and unbridled militarization at the Esmeralda province, the precarious jobs, unemployment and against Lenín Moreno’s reactionary government, besides requiring better salaries.

It was also launched the Ecuadorian newspaper Nova Democracia ( Nueva Democracia, in the original). The FDLP named it as “a new tool for the class struggle, exploited peasants and poor masses” full of  “people’s democratic and anti-imperialist contents”. The launching of the first issue is part of the celebration of the 200 years of Marx’s birthday, emphasized the FDLP.

In Austria, in at least four towns, thousands of revolutionary activists and masses have celebrated the Proletarian Internationalism Day , the 100 years of the Communist Party of Austria and the 200 years of Marx’s birthday.

In Wien, around one thousand persons have participated in a mass demonstration. A red block composed of Austrian revolutionaries have paid hommage to Marx 200 years and celebrated the centennial of the Communist Party of Austria (founded in 1918). A banner had the consign Everything for rebuilding the Communist Party of Austria!

The militants have marched with a banner with the consign Everything for the Revolution! Everything for the Revolutionary Party! With the red block were also militants linked to the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) that leads the people’s war in their country.

Similar demonstrations have happened in Steiermark, Linz and Tirol, having, each one, at least one thousand persons.

In Brasil, there were many demonstrations organized by Unions. However, the combative march summoned by the Working League, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, on April 31st, was the principal. The event  have gathered many combative class entities, defended the need to prepare a vigorous General Strike for indetermined time and celebrated the Proletarian Internationalism Day.

The following entities have participated in the activities: the Revolutionary Front for Defence of the People’s Rights (FRDDP), League of the Poor Peasants (LCP), Struggle for Socialism (LPS), People’s Feminine Movement (MFP), Revolutionary People’s Students Movement (MEPR), Red Unity – Revolutionary Youth League (UV-LJR), Minas Gerais Union of Postal Service and Telegraph Workers and the Minas Gerais Unique Union of Workers for Education (sind- UTF) from Vespasiano.

At the end of the action, activists have lighted red luminous flags and shouted words of command like, among others: Go to the combat without fear, dare to fight, dare to win! against the electoral farse and against Temer/PMDB counter-reforms.

On May 5th , tens of workers, peasants, students, liberal professionals and revolutionary militants demonstrated in the central region of the same town, Vespasiano.

The demonstration sponsored by the FRDDP had an enormous banner with the design of the birth celebration of Karl Marx’s bi-centennial, big portraits of the communist leaders, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and chairman Mao Tsetung. Right after two large portraits of chairman Gonzalo and the Brazilian communist leader, Pedro Pomar, besides flags of the participant movements.

Among the banners, however, the red communist flag was outstanding with the symbols of sickle and hammer, in front of all the others.

In Santiago, Chile’s capital, a massive demonstration of the Workers International Day, summoned by the Workers’ Class Central Union, have crowded the streets in the end of the morning and faced with resolution the police repression.

Thousands of young workers have shouted words of command against the exploitation and oppression committed by the old State in the cities and countryside. They have also raised banners for Karl Marx’s 200th birthday celebration.

Around midday the repression forces started a raid against the demonstration with tear gas and water gushes  and the masses answered with stones. Several flamed barricades were raised through the Chilean capital streets and banks have also been attacked by the fair people’s revolt. The demonstration of the Workers’ Class Central Union was organized as an opposition to the CUT (Unique Central Union of Workers). Through the streets,  pitch smearing consigns were made by the demonstrators: CUT does not defend you!, denouncing the class conciliation role played by the entity.

In Turkey, there were large demonstrations and repression as well. In Instambul, the capital, a battle was engaged in the main square, Taksim. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s fascist government prohibited any demonstration to be done in that area but the masses have ignored the order.

The police have circled the square trying to prevent the activists to enter into it. At the shouts of Long live May 1st ! the activists, mostly young people, fought back. At least 45 persons were injured and 50 arrested.

In some other parts of the planet there have also been protests.

In the Philippines large puppets, among them one similar to the president of the old semicolonial State, Rodrigo Duterte, were set in flames in a symbolic act. In Palestine some activists gathered in front of the Labour Ministry, in Gaza, to require better life conditions and more jobs. In Germany, mostly in Berlin, the so-called reactionary ‘authorities’ have created a war operation to avoid combative demonstrations.

Maoists ruffle the drums

Besides the conjoint statement from marxist-leninist-maoist Parties and Organizations, several other  organizations have reaffirmed their revolutionary aims.

The Communist Party of Peru (PCP) have issued a message to the People’s Movement of Peru ( Reorganization Committee) – an organism for the international work – that has been published in, during the May 1st celebration.

The Peruvian maoists have saluted “ the people’s wars that have been developing in Peru, India and elsewhere” and have also saluted “ the people’s wars that will certainly start”. The Peruvian maoists have reaffirmed their decision “to challenge death, culminating the General reorganization of the Party”, embracing marxism-leninism-maoism-gonzalo thought and the defence of chairman Gonzalo’s jefatura.

The Committees for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party (Maoist) of Austria have also reaffirmed their decision for culminating their reconstitution and start the people’s war, urging the activists “to focus on the party” and place their commitment in the task to reconstitute it.

In The United States (USA) the Red Guards from Austin and Los Angeles have issued two statements up to the present day, exhorting and reaffirming their decision for “building a maoist Communist Party” and unleashing the people’s war against the Yankee imperialism from its womb.

Austin’s Red Guards have saluted the communist parties which unleash people’s wars and those which prepare the new ones: “Red salutations to those who firmly march with us towards the people’s war”.

“We must dare to fight, dare to win! We must prepare the road so that the proletariat and oppressed people follow our way towards the people’s war and communism”!, have exhorted the Red Guards from Los Angeles.

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