The State in the hands of the people to serve the people

The State in the hands of the people to serve the people

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The deplorable spectacle of bought deputies and amendments releases, voting “for the resumption of development and for the sake of Brazil” during the decision on the request of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to authorize the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to judge the criminal Temer, was another opportunity that the Brazilian people had to verify the bureaucratic-latifundia character of the imperialist, mainly Yankee, of the rotten and genocidal Brazilian state.


With his usual liar face, Temer still dared to attribute the filing of the PGR’s request to a “victory of the Democratic Rule of Law.” Soon he used all kinds of cheating to avoid the cancellation of the Dilma / Temer plaque in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) – which has manipulated the STF through friends for 30 years – and has vulgarized corruption to an extreme.

The vile vulgarization of wickedness has reached such a point that dictionaries do not have words to qualify attitudes and procedures made standard practice of the authorities of the country and of the whole world of official politics. Such practices could make the mafia bosses of the most brutal gangs in the world and of all times blush.

The bankruptcy of the institutions that give the façade of a “democratic state of law” to a banana republic, nourished by servility to imperialism and managed by classes as retrograde as the lackey big bourgeoisie and decrepit latifundia, is the acute symptom of the chronic disease that secularly corrodes The Brazilian Nation and society. Situation expressed in the current political, economic and moral crisis of an old order in an advanced stage of decomposition.


The fallacy that the state is above classes and that it watches over the good of all is contested in the daily routine of the people’s masses, when they seek to solve their most basic needs, such as health care, finding day care or school for the child ; When the peasant needs land to plant and support the family; When the youth seeks leisure; When the homeless are thrown into the street like trash; When others are forced to suffer at the margin of streams and rivers or on the slopes of hills, when they have nothing to eat or when they eat food that they do not nourish.

The class nature of this old state was once again imprinted with the recording of the bandit Joesley Batista with the gangster Temer. Here the private nature of this State, managed by power groups, was evident. It is a proof that these groups are only the representatives of the fractions of the local ruling classes who strife for hegemony in the control of the old state, the lackeys of imperialism who are the true owners of this state.

For the owners of power everything can be, buying presidents, STF ministers, senators, deputies, mayors, prosecutors, judges, change the Constitution, and finally sell Brazil.


In the old state there is only room for the people within a system of exploitation to wrest from their work and sweat to ensure the good life of landlords, big bourgeoisie, and bloodshed for imperialism, especially the Yankee.

With the uninterrupted Democratic Revolution to Socialism, led by the United Front of the exploited classes, based on the Workers-Peasants Alliance and under the absolute leadership of the proletariat through its Revolutionary Party, the overthrow of the power of the rich exploiters and the establishment of the Power of the Explored poor will happen, the New Revolutionary People’s State.

Historically the bourgeoisie, especially the imperialist, has always feared the power of the organized masses, especially when they, in the heat of class struggle, constitute their vanguard in the Revolutionary Party of the proletariat, the true Communist Party and in the construction of the United Front of the revolutionary classes and Its People’s Army, establishing the Program of Revolution.

It is under the direction of this Front / New State, the core consisting in the People’s Army, that the confiscation of the lands of the landlords will be done to give it to the poor peasants without land or with little land, the confiscation and nationalization of the banks, of the big industry, of the big trade and services industry, whether foreign or local, of foreign trade, of essential services, placing them under the control of the New Democracy State, and securing the property and rights of the small and middle bourgeoisie (genuinely national bourgeoisie). It will cancel the public and foreign debt, as well as all treaties injurious to the Nation, those of public knowledge and those secrets.


With these resources in hand, the New State can put into practice the complete realization of the Revolution Program, attacking immediately and on several fronts the problems that, among them, the great bourgeois and landowners, through the various fractions of the Single Party, demagogically promised in each election and did not comply.

Beginning with the agrarian program, the Revolution will liquidate semi-feudalism by concluding the delivery of land, providing credit, seeds, machinery and other inputs, storage, marketing, housing, education and health to landless peasants or those with little land. The liberation of the productive forces will be achieved through cooperation at ever higher levels, ceasing all exploitation and the hard work in the field.

To the middle class peasants who already own the land, the Revolution will give the same support and encouragement than to the poor peasants, as well as their integration into the cooperation system.

It is important to point out that changes in the relations of production in the countryside will have a great impact on the city, be it in the small ones with the increase of small and medium-sized commerce or in the large ones, with the inversion of the migratory flow from field-city into city-field, contributing to ease the metropolis of the urban chaos we see today.

With the industry under the direction of the New State the employment issue will be dealt immediately with the reduction of the working day to open vacancies for the millions of unemployed. Not to mention new industries that will be created to correspond the needs of peasants and all new employees. The massive incorporation of women in production will be accompanied by the construction of thousands of nursery schools and schools, public laundries, popular restaurants that will give more jobs and free women from the double journey. Major programs for building houses, schools, universities and technical institutes, hospitals and polyclinics; and all urban and rural infrastructure to ensure the wellbeing of the popular masses throughout the country and the promotion of a national, scientific and mass culture.

The end of the privileges for the rich and the consolidation of the people’s achievements, in addition to its expansion, in a General Declaration of the People’s Rights, highlighting the right to self-determination of indigenous peoples, the rights of the remaining traditional communities of quilombolas, Women, racial equality, religious freedom based on the right to believe and not believe, and a commitment to support the struggle of peoples and to serve the world revolution. This declaration, drafted by the People’s Power Assembly, will govern the country through its General Council, where the mandates will be elective and revocable at any time, according to the decision of the delegate.


All that is exposed above has already been thoroughly and irrefutably proven by the historical experience of many nations. The general decomposition crisis of imperialism is the basis of the New World Proletarian Revolution Wave that has already begun expressed in the struggle between revolution and counterrevolution throughout the world.

As we have said, what imperialism, the big bourgeoisie, the latifundia and all the reactionaries are most afraid of is the organization of the masses and their authentic proletarian vanguard. That is why the main role of the revolutionaries lies in the organization of the people through their mobilization and politicization, thus raising their conscience of the need to conquer power, for, as the great Lenin has categorically proclaimed, “Everything is illusory except power!”.

Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

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