The USA seeks to open chinese market for operating their monopolies

Medidas de Donald Trump contra Huawei aumenta pugna interimperialista; China pode retaliar
Medidas de Donald Trump contra Huawei aumenta pugna interimperialista; China pode retaliar

The USA seeks to open chinese market for operating their monopolies

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On May 15th, the Yankee president, Donald Trump, declared a state of national emergency to shut down the supposed espionage of one of the biggest Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei.

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It seems that the tense atmosphere btween the two imperialist countries is far from ending. According to the White House Trump’s motivations are “to protect America from foreigner adversaries who are actively and everytime more creating and exploiting the vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the communication and information equipments”.

Apart from this, Trump claimed “to give powers tho the Commerce Secretary to prohibit transactions that place inacceptably at risk the national safety”. According to the press monopoly. BBC, the USA has also restricted federal agencies to use Huawei’s products and encouraged their allies to do the same.

Trump’s measurement prevents the Yankee monopolies to utilize the “foreign adversaries” technology without the government permission, including the Chinese monopoly, Huawei. Nearly at the same time the Yankee Commerce Department included Huawei and its branches in the export special regulation by imposing surtaxes.

As a consequence, the Chinese social-imperialist monopoly may not receive the collaboration of several Yankee monopolies in internet as Google, Intel, Qualcome and some others. The end with Google colaboration has affected, in special, the Chinese mega company as long as, from now on, their merchandises cannot function with the Android system, prevalent around the world, which will have to be replaced by free versions of software without the used applications.

The Yankee attacks influence directly, economically and politically the enterprise which denies any spying relation in the country. Huawei founder’s daughter, Meng Wanzhou, had already been arrested on December 1st, in Vancouver, Canada, by request of the USA, under the charge of money laundering, bank fraud and theft of trade secret.

In the face of the charge of spying, the Chinese social-imperialists mocked: “ The North-americans are fighting the rest of the world just to see who is the winner of the Oscar best script and that is why the reports are becoming increasingly intricate”.

On the  Yankee modus operandi Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder, affirmed that “the USA likes to trigger sanctions to the others; when there is any problem they use this type of combat method”.

Those statements rise, from both sides, the countries’ commercial rivalry to a new level. Before the world crisis, the contradictions between the imperialist countries worsen continuously, searching for the full profit and market control.

To open the economy and to overthrow the regime

In the statement issued on May 1st, Marxist-leninist-maoist parties and organizations have analysed the “commercial war”: “ The Yankee imperialists, acting with an imperial and arrogant attitude, with their America first policy, unleashed the so called “commercial war” by means of which, under the threat of “raising the rates” to  the imports, had a goal to  impose more favourable rules to the Yankee financial capital in Europe, Japan, etc., and concerning China they objective to make it open its economy to penetrate more deeply and extensively its domain in the economy of the country. Everything under the banner of “liberalization” of the China economy, to push them into following the Western moulds of capitalism, propelling their tendency to the demo-bourgeois modality and the displacement of the bureaucratic fascist fraction. The decomposition process of revisionism moves forward into a final bankruptcy”, affirm the Maoists. And they proceed: “Against such measurements no rivals can do anything on account of the Yankee financial capital hegemony expressed in the prevalence of the USA financial system whose main banking and financial worldwide arena is New York, followed by London, with the dollar domain as the global currency. The economic sanctions imposed by the Yankee imperialists show the hegemony of the Yankee financial capital all over the others, supported by its huge diplomatic and military apparatus of global scope”.

That is why the Parties affirm that the “commercial war” boosted by the USA expresses its worldwide domination: “ The Chinese social-imperialists who develop the restoration associated to the Yankee imperialism foot nowadays the bill and are the main buyers of the Treasury debt of the USA, submitted to a humiliating submission before the Yankee imperialists; they were forced to establish a new law of foreign capitalists investments to permit a larger entry and field of action to the imperialists”.

The New Democracy Association Nuevo Peru, based in Hamburg, Germany, analysed the last Trump’s decree which prevents the Yankee monopolies to perform any kind of business with the Chinese monopoly without the Yankee government warrant.

“The last measurement – implemented under the pretext of a spying danger, practices against the intellectual property – has been directed against China’s commerce, mostly against Huawei. The attack is to show who is who, who may impose conditions and intends to oblige the Chinese social-imperialist government to permit the free access to the big Yankee monopolies in internet”.

The Yankee objective with the rates and sanctions “is to oblige the Chinese social-imperialists to push open their economy, in this specific case, so that they open the domestic market of Chinese consumers to the Yankee internet’s industry. All of this amidst the negotiations for a new commercial agreement”.

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