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It was mid-2002, in Copacabana, in a small room and with a computer contested by five people, that began the activities of the newspaper A Nova Democracia.

Contrasting with the small space occupied, the extensive Editorial Line focused its attention on the anti-imperialist struggle, arousing glimpses of world revolution and proletarian internationalism.

The September 11 sham in 2001 rigidly altered the relationship between imperialism and oppressed nations.

At the national level, yet another facet of the economic crisis demoralized the representatives of the ruling classes elligible for state management. Here, opportunism presents itself in order to save the bourgeois-latifundia state, servant of imperialism, with its management: Luiz Inacio ceased to be the “bearded frog” in Brizola’s expression, to be the “lulinha, peace & love” in his own words.

In this context, AND analyzed the monopoly press role: “By multiplying infinitely the resources extracted from the domination arsenal, the omnipresent and omnipotent imperialist communications network creates a kind of unique product, distributed in a single ‘Independent’ branch circuit, with the pretense of conceiving a society purified by mental colonization, tempered in fiction and cultural emptiness. Believing to be able to adjust the intellectual faculties of the masses, and to be developing the power to produce alterations in their consciousness, the New Imperialist World Order creates the world in its image and perfection; schemes perverted information in the form of dead news, perpetual depoliticization, astonishing stories, threats and insults to the people; abolishes all information about the Revolution and Science; expels the working masses from the literature more in account (the one of the newspapers) and throws them to the mercy of the TV networks “.

And we dared to re-establish the role of the revolutionary press: “It is the duty of the democratic press to gather in every edition of its publications the proof that the working masses are uprising all over the world aiming to end man’s exploitation by man and the oppression world system; people can and must govern. The organized masses are truly the most advanced sector of society, they cry out for new clashes that develops into political struggle on its higher level: true people’s power because it’s authentically democratic. “

While reactionaries, opportunists, and revisionists strife for votes, in order to maintain the old semicolonial and semi-feudal order, AND emerged as a trench to denounce the electoral farce and establish itself as a press to raise the subject of the Democratic Revolution.

Keeping its independence, supported by its readers and supporters, in increasing numbers, the AND evolved from bimonthly to monthly and then biweekly, following the development of the peasants, workers and popular masses struggle. Without neglecting the tracking of the people’s wars in progress in Peru, India, Philippines and Turkey, the national liberation struggles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Palestine and the proletariat struggles in the imperialist countries.

We have reached the age of 15 with the convicction that it is only possible to serve the people by keeping independence and close ties to their struggles, under the basis of class and anti-imperialist line.

Now with the new Web Portal, we seek to place technology at the service of the Popular and Democratic Press, always considering that man is the most important and technique is the complement. Looking at the peasants and workers, we value the paper edition with which we will continue to persist and use the virtual media as a complement.

Finally, we want to thank the people in struggle, the reason for our existence, and our readers and supporters, the guarantee of our independence.

Long live the Popular, Democratic and Revolutionary Press.


Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o jornal A Nova Democracia tem se sustentado nos leitores operários, camponeses, estudantes e na intelectualidade progressista. Assim tem mantido inalterada sua linha editorial radicalmente antagônica à imprensa reacionária e vendida aos interesses das classes dominantes e do imperialismo.
Agora, mais do que nunca, AND precisa do seu apoio. Assine o nosso Catarse, de acordo com sua possibilidade, e receba em troca recompensas e vantagens exclusivas.

Quero apoiar mensalmente!

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